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Generate Leads for Franchise Business Opportunities with DataCaptive

lead Generation For Franchise Business opportunity

Read the case study to Generate Leads for Franchise Business Opportunities with DataCaptive in solving their pain points and successfully Increased number of leads and conversion rates.

Company Overview Franchise Consulting Company

The Franchise Consulting Company (FCC) is one of the world’s leading franchise experts. The company works with entrepreneurs or small businesses seeking to achieve their franchise goals. The main aim of the FCC is to aid companies in navigating the complexities of modern franchising. It has a structured franchise strategy that aids its clients in attaining their goals and helps them avoid costly mistakes.
FCC has assisted hundreds of franchise companies with the highest quality advice possible. The company offers a multitude of industry experts, from legal advisors; to financial advisors. Its consultants have experience and years of expert knowledge in bringing significant insights to the investigation process.

Challenges Faced by The Franchise Consulting Company

Generate Leads sales pipeline

Build its own sales pipeline

Bill Stark (a consultant of FCC) explained the challenges faced by the company. Mr. Stark expressed his wish to build his own sales pipeline as a franchise consultant. Building a leakproof sales funnel as a B2B company is strenuous. The steps begin with an initial interaction with prospects and usually end with a conversion.

It also requires marketers to manage the pipeline, update it weekly, and track prospects as they move through the buying process. Firms lack the necessary tools and strategies to generate the leads, sales conversions, opportunities, and business growth they want. FCC is new to the market and found it challenging to achieve a predictable flow of sales leads.

Generate Leads target audience

Reaching out to right target audience

The Franchise Consulting Company faced difficulties reaching out to C-level executives such as managers, directors, vice presidents, COOs, CEOs, CFOs, and other prospects looking to start franchises. C-level executives play a strategic role within every organization, and communicating with them requires personalized email campaigns per their needs.

Finding their contact information online is time-consuming and labor-intensive. These executives have hectic work schedules; thus, reaching their inboxes can be challenging. Although a company has a contact database, it still has to segment the data based on professional backgrounds and industries, which is cumbersome. FCC needed assistance with a contact database to connect with its target demographic.

Solutions Provided by DataCaptive


Guide to creating a perfect B2B sales funnel

An effective B2B sales funnel crucial for brand awareness and improving conversion rates and ROI. Since FCC is a new line of business, it needed expert guidance on the proper steps to be taken while creating a B2B sales funnel. The DataCaptive team advised the company to follow the AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action) buyer's journey model.

The suggestions included establishing trust and friendliness between the buyer and the FCC salesperson by doing product tours or walkthroughs, live demos, newsletters, email marketing campaigns, and special discounts. Targeting the most valuable leads and engaging with potential customers to provide FCC with the required information is another effective method to maintain a strong sales funnel.

DataCaptive recommended the ReachEngine services to help create and roll out responsive email campaigns. These tips were beneficial to the FCC's sales team to interact with its leads and increase the engagement rate. The above-mentioned strategies helped the client improve its sales funnel.


Build connections with the right target audience

Bill Stark first learned about DataCaptive through a referral. He was looking to connect with C-level executives, managers and general managers, directors and vice presidents, as that was the client's target audience. Once Mr. Stark exemplified his requirements, DataCaptive reached out to him to understand his pain points and the company's target audience.

The sales team deduced that the most suitable contact database for FCC would be the C-level executive email list. Constant communication or meetings were scheduled to keep him updated on the process and ensure DataCaptive delivered the most targeted data. DataCaptive was able to meet the company's needs with a suitable contact database at a reasonable price and also aid the company in reaching out to qualified leads.

With the C-level executive email database, FCC increased its email campaigns' open and click-through rates. DataCaptive contact databases are constantly updated and undergo a 7-level verification process allowing a marketer instant access to accurate data required to run a highly targeted and successful email marketing campaign.

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The Franchise Consulting Company instantly noticed positive results after implementing the C-level executive mail list. The contact database was able to aid the company in generating a higher number of qualified leads and increasing its sales and ROI. The company has now set up a sales funnel that syncs with its products and services.

“I have been using DataCaptive contact databases for 3 to 4 years now, and I plan to continue using them in the next several years.” – Bill Stark (a consultant of FCC).

When asked if he would recommend DataCaptive services to others, he mentioned, “If you are looking to build a database of prospects for your own business, then I highly recommend DataCaptive; they have been a great partner. They are great at listening to my needs, and I just can’t speak highly enough about them!”


When getting in touch with a target industry’s key decision-makers, get a verified contact database and boost ROI marketing campaigns. Choose database providers that offer companies the option of customizing a database on their terms or requirements.

DataCaptive’s B2B custom segmented database allows its clients to customize a database based on a particular geographical location, job title, industry, niche, and type of company. This way, any company’s sales team will be able to reach out to the target audience and generate qualified leads right away. It is also beneficial for other consulting companies to analyze their business requirements and use customizable contact databases to build an efficient and powerful mailing database.

ReachEngine is another fully featured email marketing application that can enhance email campaigns, grow email lists, and create or modify templates. This tool allows its users to track and follow up with email campaigns and has numerous website tools at their disposal.

The DataCaptive blog site offers resources such as industry-based email templates that will enable its users to create innovative email campaigns designed to impress and bag that business deal. These templates are easy to use, professionally designed by experts, and only require replacing the content in certain areas.

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Generate Leads Boost conversion rates
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