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Holiday Marketing Strategies to Propel Your B2B Brand

Holiday marketing Strategies
For most people, the holiday season may be about taking our foot off the gas, unwinding with friends and family, and savoring delicious food. However, for B2B marketers, this is when they start thinking about holiday marketing strategies. It is never too late to leverage holiday fever and planning campaigns to maximize the impact of their marketing efforts.

Customers start looking out for exclusive offers, gift cards, and coupons for the products and services they want to purchase during the holiday season well in advance. During holidays B2B clients research specific services or products or prepare for the coming year. Therefore, businesses must ramp up their marketing campaigns during holidays such as Black Friday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

While the holidays may bring fierce competition, they also allow companies to skyrocket their sales and lead generation. Whether you run a brick-and-mortar store or manage a B2B website, an effective holiday marketing campaign to bring in new leads and retain customers by strengthening relationships with them is a must. Being on top of their minds during the holiday season will give you a definite edge over your competitors. 
If your B2B company does not have a holiday marketing strategy yet, this is the right time to start browsing holiday marketing ideas! This article will show you how to reap the best of the holiday season to bring the best ROI for your B2B business.
Here are some holiday marketing statistics that speak for themselves:
  • Marketing-Strategies-For-Holiday-Season-bullet.png
    Adobe estimated that total holiday season online spending in November and December would reach $209.7 billion in 2022.
  • Marketing-Strategies-For-Holiday-Season-bullet.png
    2.29% of holiday shoppers plan to spend more than last year, based on an NPD survey.
  • Marketing-Strategies-For-Holiday-Season-bullet.png
    An Inmar intelligence survey found that 91% of people admit to making holiday purchases at the last minute. 

What is a holiday marketing strategy?

A holiday marketing strategy is a process wherein a marketer conducts intensive efforts through multiple marketing channels to increase consumer attention during the holiday season.

A well-designed holiday marketing strategy can help improve search volume, traffic, and sales. Implementing the right marketing strategies at the right time can help your company stand out from the crowd, maximize the campaign’s impact, and skyrocket your profits.

Why is holiday marketing beneficial for B2B companies?

For small companies, the holiday season comprises the bulk of their annual sales, so preparing holiday marketing campaigns early and thoughtfully can make a significant difference. A successful holiday marketing campaign can drive sales during the holiday season, spread brand awareness, increase lead generation, and lay the foundation for future B2B sales. Therefore, promoting holiday-focused products and services allows a B2B company to attract more potential customers into its sales funnel.

And since B2B professionals usually work during the holidays, you can take advantage of your client’s quiet time and try to catch up with them. Consequently, well-executed holiday-themed email marketing campaigns can yield impressive results and bring significant revenue for your brand. It’s a win-win situation for both as the companies can enjoy a higher inflow of sales while clients get an advantage of holiday offers and deals.
Holiday marketing should not be just a seasonal activity as it offers excellent opportunities for brand building that can support the brand throughout the year. A well-thought-out holiday marketing campaign will aid a B2B company retain customers by improving relationships. The marketing ideas, when executed correctly, can provide your target audience with a positive shopping experience and entice them to make more purchases.

“It’s not what you sell that matters as much as how you sell it!” — Brian Halligan

To get the latest updates on more such exciting marketing strategies to upscale your business.

Top 8 Holiday Marketing Strategies

Personalize your website with holiday elements

Personalizing your email or social media campaigns is among the most practical holiday marketing strategies for small businesses. Personalized landing pages can create a customized experience for your B2B target audience. The main goal of website personalization is enhancing the customer experience and building customer relationships. Therefore, optimizing landing pages for your holiday shoppers can lead to higher engagement and brand awareness.

This strategy will be ideal if your brand tries to achieve efficient communication, boost customer satisfaction, repeat visits, increased conversations, and higher loyalty with prospects. You can spruce up your web pages by adding holiday elements or by changing the theme based on the holiday. One such holiday marketing example is when you personalize your website for Christmas, you can include design elements and colors representing Christmas, such as reindeer, gifts, and a Christmas tree.
Other tips for personalizing your website during the holiday season include:
  • Marketing-Strategies-For-Holiday-Season-bullet.png
    Add holiday-themed CTAs by customizing them to the right content and color
  • Marketing-Strategies-For-Holiday-Season-bullet.png
    Ensure the messaging is clear and expressive
  • Marketing-Strategies-For-Holiday-Season-bullet.png
    Design banners or pop-ups with personalized holiday greetings
  • Marketing-Strategies-For-Holiday-Season-bullet.png
    Increase the website loading speed during the holiday season


Launch a video marketing campaign
Video marketing is among the best marketing strategies for boosting sales, given that consumers spend an average of 100 minutes every day watching online videos, per a Statista study. Videos are user-friendly and can bring tremendous benefits to your company. A well-detailed video can aid prospective customers in making a purchase decision or educate them about your brand. This strategy is the best for delivering holiday messages and familiarizing your target audience with your products and services.

All it takes is adding a video to your website, email campaigns, or social media postings. Provide holiday-related content, design, and motion graphics based on holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, Cyber Monday, or Black Friday. Videos can convey a marketing message in a shorter time span and make increase promotional content engaging with entertaining visuals. One tested and proven method of video marketing is creating videos and uploading them on YouTube. This is one of the social media platforms that allow marketers to discover new products and new businesses. Holiday-themed marketing videos can add a start by adding some creativity.

Tips for a successful video marketing campaign are:
  • Marketing-Strategies-For-Holiday-Season-bullet.png
    Showcase your products and services in the best light by highlighting their pros
  • Marketing-Strategies-For-Holiday-Season-bullet.png
    Highlight any discounts or bundled deals you are offering
  • Marketing-Strategies-For-Holiday-Season-bullet.png
    Feature customer testimonials about any positive experience with your business
  • Marketing-Strategies-For-Holiday-Season-bullet.png
    Make sure to get creative with a video and spread the holiday cheer
  • Marketing-Strategies-For-Holiday-Season-bullet.png
    Shoot high-definition videos and test them before uploading


Work with B2B influencers
Partner with influencers catering to a similar target audience from your niche or industry. Influencers often have an established community and only engage with them. Therefore, reaching out to them can aid you in increasing your brand reach, generating qualified leads, and building relationships with potential customers. The holiday season is an excellent time to partner with influencers, as you can share seasonal promotions and holiday sales.

Collaborating with the right influencers can create a buzz around your upcoming products related sales or event. Numerous influencers specialize in specific verticals; consequently try to build connections with influencers that help any company gain recognition among its target audience. Influencer marketers have the potential to boost ad opportunities for brands and increase website traffic, revenue, and ROI. This marketing strategy will assist in reaching new markets and developing trust in the minds of your prospects.


Offer holiday-themed incentives or rewards

The holidays such as thanksgiving or Christmas, are a time of giving, and customers, whether B2B or B2C, receive end-of-gift giving when it comes to the holidays. They look for free shipping, massive discounts, free products, or coupons while shopping online. This strategy showcases your care by sharing the holiday spirit and is the perfect time to amplify your sales. Develop an attractive deal to reduce prices below your top competitors to win more clients.

Offering product packages are innovative as they add more value than single-product solutions. However, you must choose combinations carefully, including best-selling goods with complimentary items, as it will give your prospective customers more value. Another option is to run a limited-period holiday sale which lasts for a week or two to show limited stock of a particular product or service. One of the best holiday marketing tips is to create a sense of urgency with limited-period offers to give your holiday shopper a last-minute rush. 

Some ideas for this holiday marketing strategy are:
  • Marketing-Strategies-For-Holiday-Season-bullet.png
    Host a gift event
  • Marketing-Strategies-For-Holiday-Season-bullet.png
    Add gamification banners on landing pages with games like spin the wheel
  • Marketing-Strategies-For-Holiday-Season-bullet.png
    Provide gift discounts for the purchase of a certain amount
  • Marketing-Strategies-For-Holiday-Season-bullet.png
    Partner with other B2B businesses for packaged holiday deals
  • Marketing-Strategies-For-Holiday-Season-bullet.png
    Offer exclusive deals for existing customers


Intensify your email marketing efforts

Email marketing may be an old strategy, but it is still among the most effective channels. B2B clients rely on email marketing strategies to get promotional emails from retailers about upcoming offers or deals. Pay attention to engaging with your target audience during the holiday season by emailing about newly launched products, discussing new features, or highlighting seasonal sales.

A well-drafted email can make a difference in educating and encouraging prospective customers to purchase. Holiday email campaigns can drive your holiday sales as this is the time when customers research products and scout out deals. Try to highlight worthy causes, including seasonal greetings, and invite customers to holiday events. A readymade contact database can help save your time building a email list from scratch and focus on implementing the right email marketing strategies.

Tips for developing a robust email marketing campaign:
  • Marketing-Strategies-For-Holiday-Season-bullet.png
    Send an email about the holiday exclusive discounts or offers
  • Marketing-Strategies-For-Holiday-Season-bullet.png
    Create a holiday referral program and promote it through emails
  • Marketing-Strategies-For-Holiday-Season-bullet.png
    Send out customer retention emails with specials holiday deals
  • Marketing-Strategies-For-Holiday-Season-bullet.png
    Keep the email short and add an eye-catching subject line
  • Marketing-Strategies-For-Holiday-Season-bullet.png
    Design your email with holiday-themed graphics


Leverage social media for your holiday contest
This is an effective holiday marketing strategy as social media is integral to peoples’ holiday shopping experiences. Use social media platforms to plan giveaways or contests because it is a low cost to gain new followers or generate excitement for an upcoming event. Most companies hold a contest and ask their followers to comment, post, and like to increase participation. They are the perfect channel for the holiday marketing strategy to drive interest and boost sales of their products or services. Since B2B customers tend to use social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, your team can launch campaigns on these channels.
A compelling holiday marketing campaign idea is to plan your social media campaign based on the size of your team and budget. Therefore, you can utilize these platforms to quickly reach your target audience faster and get them interested in your brand with the help of holiday marketing ideas for social media.
Running a festive quiz with special holiday offers is the most common method that can be used to grab the attention of B2B leads. Remember to create a branded hashtag that incorporates your company’s name to rank on social media search feeds.
Some of the top holiday marketing ideas for social media are:
  • Marketing-Strategies-For-Holiday-Season-bullet.png
    Starting a hashtag contest or a photo caption contest
  • Marketing-Strategies-For-Holiday-Season-bullet.png
    Highlight any event your brand is hosting or participating
  • Marketing-Strategies-For-Holiday-Season-bullet.png
    Posting your holiday-themed deals and specials
  • Marketing-Strategies-For-Holiday-Season-bullet.png
    Design your posts with creativity and relevance to the holiday


Start your holiday sales promotions early
Many marketers procrastinate when it comes to developing their holiday marketing strategy. However, planning your holiday marketing campaign or sales promotion well in advance to reach a wider audience is imperative. People also tend to do their holiday shopping one or two months before the holiday. Several MNC companies start their holiday campaigns as early as August or September.
A company can launch a seasonal marketing campaign by the first week of November to capture your target audience at the right time. Do in-depth research on your target audience to coincide your campaign with your prospects spending patterns. With this approach, you can motivate early shoppers, capture last-minute shoppers, and make them purchase your products or services. It is also wise to ramp up your gradually so that you have something new to offer weekly.


Webroom your products and services
Webrooming is where customers visit online stores to research products before going into the store for a final evaluation and purchase. This strategy is the exact opposite of showrooming, where a client would first visit a store to get a better feel of the product and then purchase it. Webrooming, however, grew in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, where the customer’s only option was to research products on online platforms.
Adding your products and services in a webroom can give your B2B clients the best of both worlds, as they can shop from home and get the product immediately. Webrooming can eliminate a customer’s shipping costs and the required waiting time. It allows customers to explore a product from every angle by giving them an in-person showroom experience. Remember, building a webroom may require a team of developers and marketing professionals. Therefore, it will be beneficial if you start creating your webroom early.


With some research and planning, your team can develop a one-of-a-kind holiday marketing campaign to drive your seasonal sales upward. A well-made holiday marketing plan can aid a company in building build stronger relationships with its customers. Your sales and marketing teams can also use email marketing tools like ReachEngine to create automated holiday marketing campaigns and save their valuable time.

There are a variety of options you can choose from for promoting your business this season. However, whatever strategy you choose, it should be able to form an emotional relationship with your target audience. We hope these strategies boost your sales and revenue and propel your B2B brand to new heights.
Want to leverage the holiday fever but don’t have time? Run your holiday marketing campaigns with an accurate B2B contact database to maximize the impact of your marketing efforts.


You can attract customers by creating a well-planned holiday marketing campaign, starting a gift event, or even sending a holiday-themed drip email campaign.
Any good marketing strategy must allow you to ramp up your marketing efforts and will enable you to share special offers or holiday-themed promotions. It should also help your brand reach a broad audience and spread awareness about your products and services.
The best form of holiday marketing is influencer marketing because it allows you to increase your brand reach, generate qualified leads, and build relationships with potential customers. Collaborating with the right influencers can create a buzz around your upcoming products related sales or event.
Marketing on holidays requires your team to implement strategies such as:
  • Leveraging social media for your holiday contest
  • Webrooming your products and services
  • Intensifying your email marketing efforts
  • Offering holiday exclusive incentives or rewards

You can increase your holiday sales by:

  • Working with B2B influencers
  • Personalizing your website with holiday elements
  • Launching a video marketing campaign
  • Offering holiday exclusive incentives or rewards

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