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How Data Helps You Improve Your Marketing Campaigns?

How Data Improves Marketing Campaign

Experienced marketers will always tell you that the campaigns they create are heavily relying on collected data and analytics. This is simply because building any marketing campaign with adequate research will increase profitability and productivity rates.


Data-driven marketing is a thing now because it works. However, many do not understand exactly how data can be effective to build campaigns. In order to help out, let’s think about some exact ways in which data will improve a marketing campaign.

Better budget management

Marketing managers often have problems with budgets. It is hard to stay within limits and the goal is always to maximize results. Gathering enough data allows marketing to be much more targeted and focused so staying within budgets is easier. For instance, you can use social user profile data in order to see what marketing efforts have a better possibility of engaging your target audience.


When using a large chunk of the budget to create a video and the views you get are low, with little engagement on social media, you messed up. Using user data helps to avoid this by knowing what type of video works best, together with many other facts that would become visible.

Improved user-experience

All smart marketing specialists focus on user experience because increasing it automatically means there is a much higher possibility to improve results. Most potential customers will end up on a landing page after interacting with created content like social media posts or ads. You want to focus on the ad itself but the user experience after the initial CTA converts is equally important.


You can use website heatmap data in order to create landing pages that convert. In this case, data helps you to see web page parts the audience clicks or simply what areas should be improved. Complex website heatmap options are nowadays available, including some that tell you when people stop to read, where their mouse is placed, and more.

Improved lead nurturing

Ending up with loyal customers is important for any business since it stabilizes income and offers a level of stability for future growth. Data-driven marketing makes lead nurturing much simpler than it used to be, allowing you to nurture the relationships you have with current customers.


This can be as simple as customizing emails sent with the name of the receiver but it can get much more complex. As an extra related tip, never forget about how effective remarketing can be. This can offer some extra converted leads and the entire process heavily relies on data gathered during interactions with potential customers.

Better content

The content that you use in a marketing campaign should always be valuable and relevant for the reader. If this does not happen, time and effort are lost. Marketing data allows you to figure out what content piece should be created next. This is actually the most common use of data in marketing. You learn as much as possible about the pressing needs and problems of a target audience and you create content that helps.


At the same time, you analyze previous content created and you can see what worked and what did not work in the past. This also makes future content creation better.

Knowing where the audience is

You can have a great marketing campaign set up and end up with really low ROI when you are not advertising where the best audience spends its time. Knowing where the target audience stands out is a vital aspect of modern marketing. You use data in order to assess this, gathering information ranging from geographic location to preferred social networks. A simple example is creating a video for YouTube.


Through the use of YouTube analytics, you quickly see where in the world the video is popular and what devices are used when viewing. By using such information you can create more effective videos and promotion campaigns. For instance, if you see that most of the views come from Twitter, this is where the future video should be promoted more.

More marketing opportunities

No matter what you might think, as a marketer, you always have to improve the marketing campaigns you manage. You do this by using data to your advantage. It does not matter what type of campaign you create since this is always true. One of the clear ways in which you can improve your marketing campaigns is to identify brand new channels that can be used.


As an example, when you look at Google Analytics referral data you might identify a new traffic source that you did not market to in the past. I once found out that a Reddit board had an article from a client website. By simply getting involved in the conversation there the post was upvoted and then featured, leading to even more marketing opportunities by communicating with users.

A competitive advantage

As the last thing to mention, data-driven marketing allows you to get advantages over your competition. You know how you rank when you compare to them and you get to see what works and what does not work. Using data and making comparisons with the competition is something marketers focus on because it increases conversion rates.


A common modern use of data to gain a competitive advantage in search engine data. You can learn about various linking opportunities that would help a site rank higher for specific important keywords. At the same time, you can see exactly what the competition does. This means you can do what works great for them and find new channels that they miss.

Final thoughts

To sum up, data is your best friend as a marketer. It is definitely sometimes boring to look at large data chunks and try to identify opportunities. However, it is a necessity. If you find ways in which you can obtain data relevant to what you do and who you market to, your campaigns will be much better.


Also, digital marketing is constantly evolving. Data helps you stay in front of your competition, which is what you always want as a marketer.

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