How to Find Ecommerce Store Owners Emails and Phone Numbers?

Find Ecommerce Store Owners Emails and Phone Numbers

Reaching and closing a deal with ecommerce store owners is like burning the candle at both ends for many marketers and B2B companies. It is because they lack a reliable database in their marketing efforts. Having verified and high-quality ecommerce stores owners email list opens an opportunity to engage with ecommerce store managers.

The following article will guide you with strategies to obtain ecommerce store owners emails and phone numbers without any effort, to directly reach out to the managers & owners of top ecommerce stores such as Shopify, Amazon, Ebay, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, and more for direct communication, building networks, and partnership opportunities.

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Understanding of Ecommerce Store Owners Email List

Ecommerce store owners email list is a contact database that allows businesses and companies to effectively send personalized marketing emails, promoting their products and services to the right ecommerce decision makers or managers. It is usually compiled of email address, phone number, location, job title, revenue size, employee size, and much more.

So, now that you have a clear picture of the ecommerce stores list in your mind. Let’s learn the strategies on how to find one.

Top 5 Ways to Find Ecommerce Store Owners Emails and Phone Numbers

The top 5 strategies to find e-commerce store owners email addresses include:

  • Email Finder Tools
  • Company’s ‘About Us’ page
  • Business Directories
  • B2B Data Providers
  • Social Media Platforms

1. Email Finder Tools

Find Ecommerce Store Owners Emails by using Email Finder Tools

Using email finder tools like,, Voila Norbet, and Clearbit connect can be an effective way to find the ecommerce store owner’s contacts. These email finder tools offer you the exclusive feature from where you can directly search and download their emails and phone numbers.

Here’s the steps to find the emails using these tools:

  • Search by the domain name “Ecommerce” in the search bar section
  • Find and directly collect the email address of relevant Ecommerce store owners from the company websites
  • Use the in-built email verification features within these tools
  • Export the verified email addresses in suitable files for further use

2. Company’s ‘About Us’ Page

Find Ecommerce Store Owners Emails by visiting Company About Us page

The company’s website is another best way to get ecommerce store owners contact numbers. Many ecommerce stores offer contact details in their ‘About Us’ or ‘Our Leaders’ page section. Reach and discover contact information, including phone numbers and emails, to effectively connect with ecommerce store owners.

However, ensure that you strictly follow the data privacy laws and gather details without going against the company’s policies, terms, and conditions.

3. Business Directories

Find Ecommerce Store Owners Contacts from Business Directories

Business directories and industry databases are excellent resources for finding a list of ecommerce store owners. From local business directories such as ‘Yellow Pages’, ‘Bing Places for Business’, ‘Manta’ to industry specific database provides the contacts to reach ecommerce store owners.

  • Yellow Pages: It is a well-known business directory which offers contacts, email addresses, and reviews of many businesses including Ecommerce stores.

  • Bing Places for Business: It is a business directory very similar to ‘Google My Business’ which offers contact information of local businesses, ecommerce stores, and more.

  • Manta: Manta offers an excellent resource for small businesses including retail and ecommerce stores. It offers detailed information such as business emails, location, and other relevant contact details.

  • Industry-specific database: By using an industry-specific database that targets Ecommerce stores, you can get direct access to the contact details of Ecommerce store owners from across the world.

4. B2B Data Providers

Get Ecommerce Store Owners Email List from B2B Data Providers

Relying on B2B data service providers can be a strategic move for obtaining customized contacts. Look for a reputable B2B data provider such as DataCaptive known for delivering verified and responsive ecommerce store owners emails and phone numbers for businesses to reach the right prospects.

Acquiring contacts from such trusted data vendors, comes with a few benefits such as:

  • Directly connect with decision makers in the ecommerce industry
  • Get custom-built lists targeted to specific ecommerce platforms, revenue sizes, job roles, country, and much more.
  • Access to global contacts with 39M+ ecommerce stores
  • Offer free sample lists for quality test

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Whether you are offer a 3PL fulfillment services, inventory management system and gateway payment processing services, logistic services, website design services, marketing and advertising service, or you are a product supplier, etc., then this list is an optimal solution for your business to make immense profitable deals.

5. Social Media Platforms

Find Ecommerce Store Owners Email Addresses by using Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms can be a great source to obtain contact information for Ecommerce store owners. Many Ecommerce stores have an online presence on social media. By using social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, X, and more, you can get ecommerce store owners emails and phone numbers.

With LinkedIn’s advanced search filter, you can narrow down your search results to specific location, job role, and store size and get contacts of Ecommerce store owners. Additionally, through Facebook, Instagram, and X which has the relevant page and accounts for Ecommerce store owners, you can find the contact details of ecommerce store owners.

Finding Ecommerce Store Lists Manually VS B2B Data Provider – Which Works Better & Why?

There are many ways to get ecommerce store owners contacts, but it comes with the following issues:

  • Time & resource consuming
  • Outdated data or data decay
  • High email bounce rates
  • Data compliance issue
  • Bad sender reputation
  • Unresponsive leads
  • Poor sales and conversion

On the other hand, leveraging on B2B data service providers stands out among the rest. These professional data vendors offer custom-build lists compiled of verified contacts free from outdated emails, data compliance and privacy issues and more.

Additionally, when you choose a reputable data provider such as DataCaptive who offers quality ecommerce business leads along with ‘Data Appending’, ‘Data Enhancement’, Data Cleansing’, and more services as your post sale support.

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There are various methods and strategies to find high-quality ecommerce store owners emails and phone numbers. But when it comes to data privacy, accuracy, and consent-based concern utilizing trusted B2B data service provider is the best option for businesses to acquire verified, accurate, and 100% opt-in contacts for an effortless lead generation, brand engagement, and customer retention!


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