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Join Content Marketing & SEO In 2019

Content marketing and SEO

Content marketing & SEO have been separate entities for a long time. In this year we will be seeing them coming together to become a force to reckon with as per researches. About 57% of respondents claim that relevant content creation is the most effective SEO tactic that has helped them to achieve their goals. This means that if your marketing content is up to the mark & highly targeted, you will do well in the search engine results.

Earlier in the past media as an industry served to create content & do the promotion of it. As per the old media standards, advertising existed as a separate entity and was sold off to companies to exist within or alongside the created content, as a means to just pay bills.


The old media is mostly gone today & the age of new media, which isn’t new anymore, is truly media that is intuitive in nature. Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all the online marketing efforts that a marketer makes for the promotion of a product or service.

Benefits of SEO and Content marketing
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With the aid of digital marketing, companies are able to leverage digital platforms such as Google search, social media, email & their websites to connect with their current & prospective customers. Since marketing is about connecting with the audience to spread the brand message in the right place & at the right time, the internet is the place to do marketing today.

Content marketing along with SEO

Content marketing is the part of inbound marketing which involves the creation & sharing of online material that’s intended to stimulate interest in its product or services while SEO is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to the marketer’s website by making sure that the site appears high on the list of results in search engines. Earlier SEO was all about building dodgy links & using all the dirty tricks up your sleeves. But as the web has evolved, the way to build rank has changed significantly.


Good content is required as the main ingredient to achieve that. Content marketing & SEO got integrated the moment the public started turning to search engines to solve problems as search engines started filtering out poor content in favor of well-written, informative content.

The key differences between SEO & Content marketing

SEO & content marketing are different disciplines even though it’s not possible to separate the two entirely.


  • SEO is more technical in nature & a narrower discipline.
  • Content marketing is much more broad & holistic in approach.


Even though there are experts out there who claim that content marketing has taken over SEO but the idea that you don’t need SEO for content marketing is absolutely crazy because SEO is very much needed to ensure the content ranks in the first place.


Yes, it’s true that you can use social media & paid advertising to promote content online but the long-term payoff comes more from getting your content recognized & displayed by search engines as top-ranking results.

How Content marketing & SEO can work together

Even though the focus of content marketing & SEO isn’t purely centered on sales or conversions, they all are connected to one another. In today’s online world no matter what type of marketing you find yourself doing, content is the most essential piece of the puzzle & if SEO is done to the best of your ability, your content will truly shine.

Create original & quality content

From an SEO perspective, original & engaging content will help you to set yourself apart from competitors, as it provides search engines something to index that can’t be found anywhere else.


By combining keyword research, which is currently one of the crucial digital marketing skills, and content marketing program you can focus on crafting a content marketing strategy for SEO gain & on creating unique, never before seen content that shows off the brand message to the audience you are targeting.


Before preparing the content, ask yourself whether it’s going to inspire people to linger on the site longer than a minute & does it provides value that will help them.

Content marketers & SEO team must work together

The SEO team should participate early in the process unlike those involved after the decisions about content creation are made. SEO isn’t just about keywords or phrases alone & effective content marketing is more than creating forms of online content around high-volume keywords that will drive a lot of traffic.


In the same way, when it is only the SEO specialists who are reviewing the analytics, all of the conversation about what is & is not working will be focused only on SEO efforts. When SEO data & content marketing are reviewed together, it can be identified when SEO has worked best, when content has worked best & when both have worked well together.

Create long-form content & optimize it for search engine and backlinks

Search engines as well as human readers now prefer in-depth, long-form content that can provide actual solutions. The problem happens when SEO professionals & content marketers don’t work together in collaboration. Content marketing enables you to go beyond the small paragraphs of homepage copy & alt text descriptions on photos, where your space for keywords may be limited. With the use of articles, blog posts, guides & other written content, it’s possible to use more relevant keywords.

Monitoring keyword goals

Once you have crafted the list of terms & phrases to target with content efforts, it’s important to monitor & measure the efforts. Do not expect overnight results. It will take time before you see any shifts in search & it may be very competitive for certain keywords.


Marketers should realize that there are no guarantees of success, but a well-applied strategy using focused & quality content will pay off on a long-term basis. It should be also be noted that while content plays a key role in achieving SEO goals, it shouldn’t be a slave to those goals. Keywords shouldn’t be stuffed up which will affect the quality of the content.

Work smartly on headlines

Headlines should be written both for the web & for humans. They should work hard to convince people to click but they shouldn’t try too hard.


Research on how people search for these topics and how will people find your articles and what do you want to rank for?


Also, ensure that it remains visible in the search results so people are inclined to click on it. Make sure that your headline has enough length as per the social media channel that you want to share it with.

In summary

SEO & content marketing are separate disciplines that require different skills & knowledge but the success of each depends on the other. Content should be crafted with knowledge & understanding of SEO goals, ensuring that basics such as headline optimization, internal linking & use of keywords are covered. SEO teams should work along with content writers, to ensure that they are aware of the basics & to set goals that can be achieved through content.

In summary of this blog
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The bottom line is in 2019 SEO is about content marketing & content marketing is about SEO. It’s now getting harder to rank the keyword-rich product pages on Google’s 1st pages, so it’s crucial that content marketers & SEO specialists work together.


Also, ensure that SEO people & content marketing experts remember that their efforts complement one another in achieving overall success!



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