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20+ Effective Sales Follow-up Email Templates To Boost ROI

sales follow-up email templates

Maintaining a good relationship with your customers is the key to boosting your sales and one of the best marketing methods to achieve that is by using a sales follow-up email template.

This strategy is so effective because email marketing can aid you in increasing your ROI (an average ROI of $38 for every $1 you spend) and the best channel to outreach and build relationships.
Sometimes your prospects may not be able to respond to you after your first email. One of the main reasons why emails go unanswered is that people’s inboxes are usually full of sales emails and your email can go unnoticed. A  follow up email is what helps you turn your prospects into customers.
In this template, we will give you 20+ sales follow-up email templates that are put together after researching and testing thousands of follow up sequences. We assure you that these templates will have you covered in any of the sales situations. 
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What Is A Sales Follow-Up Email?

Follow up emails act as a reminder for previous emails sent to your prospects. These emails aim to start a conversation, get a response or develop their interest towards your company. A sales follow-up email  must be compelling, have an eye-catching subject line, be to the point, short and must contain an actionable message that invites a click.

Sending a follow up campaign is the right way to nurture cold leads to ready-to-purchase customers. It is also an excellent method if you want to collaborate with someone to boost your sales. Some studies have proven that if you follow up with web leads within five minutes, you are 9x more likely to convert them. Follow up emails is an art that a salesperson must master.  

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What Are The Types Of Sales Follow-up Emails?

Free trial follow-up

This type of sales follow-up email helps encourage prospects to give the free trial a try in hopes of converting them into paid customers in the future. You can also send this type of email to get feedback and give them suggestions on how the paid solution can solve their problem better.

Lead magnets opt-in follow-up

Sometimes, due to any technical issues, the subscription or sign-up process can get interrupted. So, you can send a follow up email to encourage leads to take action towards purchasing your product.

Product sale feedback follow-up

Businesses usually send this email to customers who have purchased something or have shown interest in it. This type of email aims to turn customers into loyal customers by providing them with a better experience, regular updates, and sales announcements.

Link-building follow-up

Link building follow up emails are sent when you try to get backlinks to your landing pages. Doing this will increase the domain authority of your website and improve ranking in the SERPs. Link building usually requires a lot of patience, time and multiple follow ups.

Collaboration follow-up

This type of follow email is sent when you need to collaborate with someone. This process can help you boost your sales and grow your audience base. It is vital to pitch in the right things in your email and follow up from time to time to make this work.

Sale Situations For Sending Follow-Up Emails

After first sales pitch

Usually, after you send an introductory sales prospecting email, you have to send a follow up email, two or three days after your first prospecting email.


You can write this email to review their pain points, congratulate them on their achievement or thank them for their time.

Unanswered follow-up

This is an email you send after the first follow up email to keep the follow up sequence going.


Sometimes the first follow up email may be answered, so you can send these emails as an additional resource to educate them on your brand.

The breakup

If you still have not received any response from your email campaigns, this will act as your last-ditch follow up sequence to start a conversation.


This email is only used after repeated follow up emails.

Asking for a referral

Here you can request a prospect to connect you with the right person or decision maker.


This email will help you explain how your product or services will improve its business.

Follow-up after a trigger

Sometimes your prospects may have engaged with your email by clicking on any CTA or link, watching a video, and downloading an attachment but would not have engaged with you.


This is when you send a follow up email after a trigger. 

Follow-up after a demo

You can use this after giving your prospect a product or service demo.


You need to find prospects interested in your products or service as they may invest more time learning how you can help them.

How Will Our Sales Follow-Up Email Template Help Boost ROI?

boost your sales with follow up email template


If you want to politely follow up on an email you can start the email by saying I just wanted to follow up to see what you thought about (subject of email). You can also add, “I would appreciate an update on (particular topic) or let me know when you will be available for a call.

You can follow up a prospective email by acknowledging their interest and by showing absolute belief in your product’s fit for the prospect. Make sure to keep this follow up email short to the point, be honest, and add value.

Overcome your mistakes by making sure your subject line is catchy, by adding personalized elements, a structure to your emails and by including enough proof to leverage your statements.

While sending a follow up email after sales, ensure that it includes a thank you note, ask for referrals, and make them subscribe to your newsletter. You can also keep the lines of communication open and try to direct them towards a second sale.

When writing an email to a no response, you can add some context on your company or yourself, explain why you are emailing, add value and include a CTA.

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