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SEO & Voice Search Are Impacting B2B Decision Makers

SEO and Voice Search Are

Voice search would be appearing usually while discussing B2C SEO. But today, voice search is actually being used for seeking information such as the precise direction of a movie theater close by or the ingredients in a recipe, etc. Currently, voice search is being used effectively for a host of purposes. Moreover, it is impacting B2B decision-makers in a big way now.

As per research findings, 41 percent of adults and 55 percent of teenagers are using voice search every day. Teenagers are utilizing voice search for assistance in doing their homework. This demonstrates how voice technology has become integral to organic search. Adults, however, are using voice search mostly to dictate texts. This demonstrates that adults are using voice search to stay away from typing particularly on small devices.


As per Internet Trends, voice search has been able to enhance user experience. Voice search is faster, simpler, and definitely more user-friendly. It is of great assistance to people who have an aversion to typing or who are not adept at typing especially, on small devices.


Moreover, voice search would be effectively helping Internet users in avoiding navigating perplexing small website menus. Voice search would successfully guide you to perfectly accurate results. The voice recognition technology of Google is known to have a 95 percent accuracy rate.

B2B getting prepared for voice search

Voice search is very much in vogue and its reach and impact are clearly gaining traction by the day. So, how to get ready for voice search in business-to-business dealings?


By 2020, it has been forecasted that voice search would be taking up 50 percent of all searches. In the year 2016, Google had come up with the statistics that 20 percent of all its mobile queries were attributed to voice search.


In order to reap the full benefits of voice search, digital marketers must start making concerted efforts for the optimization of voice queries. B2B SEO is surely being impacted by voice search and its reach and intensity are going up by the day. You may get in touch with expert SEO services such as SandCrestSEO for effective SEO solutions.


Here are a few ways of optimizing your site for voice search.

Targeting long-tail keywords helps

It is almost taken for granted that voice queries are bound to be longer as compared to the typed searches and voice queries would involve predominantly conversational language. You must look for long-tail keywords related to your business if you wish to get ready for voice search. Make sure you are incorporating those long-tail relevant keywords into your web content for attracting more conversational language search queries.

Directing focus on mobile

Voice searches are more prevalent on mobile devices. It is, therefore, a clever idea to make your company website more mobile-friendly and mobile-optimized. But you need to keep in mind that optimization is much more than simply a mobile-responsive design.


It is mandatory to get rid of the flashy and obtrusive interstitials, boost page loading speeds, consider formatting videos to effectively display in full-screen while the user is holding it vertically. Moreover, you must consider forsaking drop-down navigation menus. Do not forget to enhance the complete mobile user experience.

Targeting featured snippets

Voice search devices would be reading featured snippets, as well as, the source aloud provided the snippet is populated. This would be generating a huge boost for brand authority and recognition.


A voice search optimized website would be enhancing your overall SEO. Companies must start devoting their time and prioritizing their focus now on optimization of voice search to keep up the pace with the changing SEO landscape.

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