A wise man once said, “Clutter is simply delayed decisions”. This is true in the case of data hygiene standards for every business set up as well

Dirty data can be a result of a number of factors which include duplicate records, incomplete or outdated data and improper parsing of record fields from disparate systems. Eliminating these factors and accomplishing overall cleanliness of data is what constitutes Data Hygiene.

Maintaining good data hygiene can boost your marketing & sales in more ways than one. These include:

  • Effective marketing campaigns
  • Higher Lead Conversion rates
  • Insight-driven Decision making
  • Larger ROI
  • Better Customer Relationships

As a marketer, having a profound understanding of data hygiene & issues that may arise due to dirty data can be highly useful. Cleaning a database is not a one step quick fix. Since the business database is constantly changing, the cleaning process also needs to be executed regularly & optimally to ensure high data quality.

Good Data Hygiene consists mainly of two steps:

  • Identifying incomplete, inaccurate, duplicate or obsolete data sets.
  • Rectifying errors, completion of records and deletion of outdated & duplicated data.

Developing a comprehensive data hygiene strategy is a key step towards achieving marketing and sales success. Let’s explore what practices can be adapted to supercharge your B2B data hygiene:

Clean Your Database For Better Marketing Insights

Adopt a step by step data cleansing process to ensure data hygiene. Data that is analyzed at the point of entry for errors & duplications tends to remain free from mistakes for longer as compared to data that is analyzed at a later stage. Moreover, this data provides better insights that can contribute significantly to marketing campaign success. Efficient tools need to be incorporated to detect and remove duplications to save manual effort and speed up the data cleansing process.

Enhance Your Email List To Generate Leads

Accurate Email Lists are an asset that B2B organizations can utilize exhaustively to aid their marketing and sales. Once you have clean data, enriching your email list becomes fairly simple. Utilization of tools such as Email List building applications could maximize the usability of your email list. The addition of relevant data such as behavioral analysis results, interest groups, demographics etc will not only help in data enhancement but will also make the email lists invaluable for all your marketing initiatives.

Fill in The Missing Fields By Data Appending

According to a study by Integrate, 8% of leads are missing information. These missing fields can prove to be really costly in terms of the negative impact they have on the marketing & lead nurturing campaigns. Hence, it is important to invest in tools & services such as list imports as well as third party email appending services to obtain intact B2B contact & company data sets.

Continual Data Auditing Is A Must

With data changing continuously, cleansing, verification & validation of data also need to be continual processes in order to ensure good data hygiene. Routine cleansing also helps to avoid data issues such as typos, inaccuracies, disposable domains, spam traps etc. Developing an efficient data cleansing work flow & regularly optimizing data to maintain data hygiene can help you reach out to your customers around the world, capture their interest & run data-driven marketing to win sales. Start Now! Get Rid Of The Clutter In Your Data To Step Up Your ROI & Establish Global Brand Presence!