The success of every business depends on its customers and the level of their satisfaction. A customer is the ultimate king and to serve him is the ultimate purpose of any business organization. A happy and satisfied customer will not only ensure great profits but will also help in further acquisition of new customers.

Maintaining a good customer relation is very easy when the business is a small enterprise but as it grows it becomes a difficult task as the number of customers also becomes greater in number.

There are so many ways one can enhance customer relations. One must be creative and use his own ideas and tools in order to come up with effective ways to maintain a quality relationship with a customer. Few ways to enhance customer relationships are:-

 Gather customer information

Gathering information about the customer is very important as the information will serve as a source for research and development. It will help the company understand the customers better and make it better equipped in order to fulfil the demands of its customers. Customers must be asked to fill a form at the beginning of their first purchase from the company. The form must have the basic questions like the gender, birthdate, age, etc. of the customer. Simple forms are the easiest way to build long term customer relationships.

Personalized Email

Sending a personalized email to a customer makes a customer feel important and he will also be able to have an access of the latest offers provided by the company.

Provide a greeting card saying “Thank you” or other kind words at the end of the service

Kindness is a way to go. It never fails. Kind words to the customers for choosing our brand over the others helps them know that we are grateful. A company is nothing without its customers and letting customers know that- is a great tool to build a quality relationship with them.

A certain percentage of the profit must be used for a noble cause

Giving back to the society is the ultimate purpose of every human being. An organization obviously provides a direct service to the customers, but if a certain percentage of the profit is given to the less fortunate we all will be able to do our part in making this world a better place to live. By doing so, we not only help the people around us but we will also be able to win the trust of the customers. The customers will feel more than happy to know that a certain percentage of their invested amount in the service will go the less fortunate.

Treat the customers with special discounts and offers on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries

A long term customer must be treated like a family member. On special occasions like his birthday or his wedding anniversary, a customer must be given an added service for free. For example, sending a birthday cake to a customer’s house, greeting the customer with bouquets on the anniversary of a customer, etc.

Using social media as a tool to keep the customers well informed about the latest offers and discounts and new services

Social media is one of the most effective way to reach customers. It is easily accessible. Having a page on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. will ensure that the customers are kept well informed and their queries are answered. Availability makes the customer trust our company better. The subtle message that a customer receives of a company that is available on social media versus the companies that are not available on these social media platforms is that- here is the company that actually cares. Any customer will prefer a company that cares.

Returning back to a customer’s queries/feedback

It must be ensured that the needs of customers are taken care of. When a customer wants to ask anything or give any feedback, it must be responded quickly and with consideration. It will make the customers feel closer to us and we will be able to have them for longer duration of time.

Keep the customer engaged

Consumption of service must not be the end of customer engagement, a customer must be kept engaged. We must develop a relationship with them. Hosting events is way to keep customers interested. Social media plays a huge role as well. Different types of contests can be held. For example, we can ask customers to post pictures of themselves after or while using our service and describe their experience, in return we can also post them on our official page and give a shout out to them. We have to make it fun and innovative every time. Lucky draws also keep the customers curious and excited.

Respond back to a negative comment of a customer with a positive one

In today’s world it is impossible for a business enterprise to keep running without having to face extreme negative comments from people. Keeping calm will help our company to develop long term relationships. Negativity in itself is enough to ruin any business. When it is our fault, it is just better to own it and apologize for the mistake committed. It is okay to make mistakes but not okay to not consider a customer’s dissatisfaction occurred by consumption of our service. There are some people that just want to throw dirt on our company in the name of freedom of speech, we must make sure that we address them also with kindness. Having real consideration will help us earn a goodwill and we are here for a long haul and not a short term.

Add an emotional value to the service

It is never just a service or a product, there is always more to it. A customer must connect emotionally with our service, because genuinely we care more about the customers than just providing a service. We want to provide quality service and improve the lives of the customers. We stand strong for a certain virtue, it could be the truth, loyalty, love, friendship, etc. Whatever it is that we believe in strongly, we must connect to it. We can ensure loyalty-driven and long-lasting by providing an emotional value to the service.

These are just few of the ways we can enhance our customer relationships. The ways of enhance our customer relations are infinite.

End of it all, providing quality service will do the best work on its own. A customer must get the value of his money and must be happy and satisfied.