DataCaptive™ Whitepaper focuses on top-tier growth, ensuring prospective clients at your fingertips.

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A ready B2B Contact Database is the speediest and affordable way to ensure high Operating Profit Margin. Map your sales strategy with the information summarized in this Whitepaper and employ the essential steps to enhance profiling and targeting.





The first line of contact is established with a reliable B2B Marketing Database. This Whitepaper guides you with actionable framework of business intelligence to stimulate the bottom of the funnel with more qualified leads and reduced churn rate.

A B2B Data Quality Index says, fetched data contain 15% duplicate, 8% missing fields, and 6% invalid email address. Intangible data has a direct impact on decision making. The EDQ survey stated that inaccurate data effects line of 88% of the businesses to lose 12% of the revenue.

DataCaptive™ strengthens your ability to upturn your audience base. The team of experts ferries your data to manual and automated quality checks. Data Enrichment services provide affordable, innovative content intelligence in a period. Our experts serve customized Contact List without any geographical barrier, with 29% increased sales.

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Importance of acquiring B2B Contact Database
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How to build your marketing and sales database?
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In-depth analysis of data-powered capabilities
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Benefits of B2B mailing database
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How B2B decision maker list helps connect with your prospects
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Insights of B2B data contact base

Strategic sales habits and practices


Maximizing value of sales lead qualification and generation


Complete buyer persona and retention

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Simple sales mistake and how to avoid them
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Marketing and sales require various approach to be effective. This Whitepaper on B2B contact base equips you with the smart ways to reach and connect with your ideal customers. It aims to aid marketers with information on how to plan and execute the result-oriented marketing campaign.

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