Companies run around it all day long!
Every bit of their effort is aimed at getting its attention!
Its one glimpse, gives marketers a peaceful sleep!
Wondering what that is?
Well, its name starts with ‘L’

No! Don’t go that far! It’s not that complicated, it’s just LEAD GENERATION!

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Lead Generation

Lead Generation Strategies

Lead Generation Tools


The entire process of profit-making starts with Lead Generation. It is the most significant step that takes you towards achieving higher returns. Hence the entire process is as crucial as the first steps of an infant.

Careful analysis, meticulous planning and exemplary execution are required to achieve success in generating qualified leads.

In order to help you out with the same, we have split the entire process into simple steps. Hope you enjoy reading it!


Lead Generation is nothing but the process of cultivating customers for your products or services. Organizations invest thousands of crores over this single, significant process. But not all companies would be able to invest so much of capital over the process of generating leads.

Then, what do they do?
Well, that’s exactly what we have explained below!
We have listed down a number of strategies and tools that can be used by organizations of all sizes to generate sales qualified leads.


There are several ways of inciting your prospect’s interest in your products or services. Thorough research must be conducted keeping in mind your goals, budget, target audience and other crucial factors. Only after that will you be able to decide as to which strategy suits you the best.

Here are a few commonly used Lead Generation strategies that actually work.

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Email ratification

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Effective advertising

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Referral systems

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Hosting websites that are SEO compliant

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Blogging on a regular basis

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Account based marketing

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Social media marketing

While those were some common ways that companies employ to obtain qualified leads, you can outsmart them! Automate the entire process by using specific tools.

Lead Generation Tools

Multiple tools are available in the market for each process involved in generating quality leads. These tools help you in various stages of the Lead Generation Process. Some of them are as classified below:


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Data Collection Tools

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Email Automation Tools

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Mail Follow-up Tools

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Form & Email Collection Tools

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Email Marketing Tools

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Landing Page Creation & Capture Tools

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Process Automation Tools

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Live-chat Tools

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Social Media & Forum Tools

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Content Tools

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Customer Research & Survey Tools

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Calendar Scheduling Tools

We have listed down a few popular Lead Generation tools offering free trials. Try it out for yourself and see if it works.


DataCaptive is an expert B2B contact data provider. Its database is relevant, authentic and reliable. Not just that, the data is completely customized to meet your exact business needs. Also, it’s verified and validated through a series of authentication processes.

We offer 10 free samples.


Reachstream helps you to connect with your prospects across various channels. It provides contact details of your potential customers, within a matter of minutes! It provides not just the Emails but a bevy of other customer information as well.


Leadfeeder gives information about individuals or companies that visit your website. This, even when they haven’t filled any form or contacted you in any way!

They offer a free trial


Hunter helps you find Email addresses of specific persons or companies just by typing their names.

They offer 100 free trials.


Aeroleads helps you to find business emails and phone number in real-time via a chrome extension They also offer 50 free credits on registration.


Skrapp can be used to find your prospect’s LinkedIn Email ID.

They offer 150 free trials per month.


Boomerang allows you to schedule Emails. And also to deliver the mails back to your inbox when there is no response from the recipient.

Hubspot Sales

Hubspot Sales is a part of Hubspot complete marketing platform. It helps you to track Email openings.

It’s free to use. However they offer paid plans with more advantages as well.

Yet Another Mail Merge

Yet Another Mail Merge helps you to track Email openings. Also, to send Emails at bulk and to follow it up.

They offer 50 free Emails per day.


Sumo captures Emails on your site and offers various features for pop-ups like slide-in pop-ups, welcome mats, etc.

They offer a 14-day free trial.


MailChimp is a popular Email marketing platform. It offers Email automation service as well.

They offer free trial.


Unbounce features drag and drop landing page builder. It helps you to create custom landing pages.

They offer free trial.


Drift is a cloud-based live-chat app. It enables visitors to click the live-chat bubble and to get in touch with any of your team members.

They offer free trial. helps you to chat with visitors and to monitor them. The application can be used on your website, mobile app or any customizable page.

The tool is free for installation but comes with Tawk branding on chat widgets.


Gleam helps you to create viral contents for a host of platforms like FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Eventbright, etc.

It’s free to use. However they offer paid plans with more advantages as well.


With over 500 customers, including Atlassian, NGINX, and Sendgrid, Survicate is a leading customer feedback solution, used by teams worldwide to collect, analyze, and manage insights from users.

Survicate allows you to run surveys, through which you can easily monitor customer satisfaction metrics such as NPS, CES, and CSAT.

Survicate offers a Free plan, and a 40+ library of Free, ready-to-use survey templates that you can use to collect answers from users on your website, email, or in any other place online.


Intercom is a live chat tool that enables you to manage conversations, send targeted messages and to publish articles.

They offer a 14-day free trial


Zapier helps you to automate work by connecting all the software that you use. It helps you to follow-up with your prospects, across various channels.

It’s free to use. However they offer paid plans with more advantages as well.


Qualaroo helps you to collect feedback from people who visit your website. It is the only feed-back tool that offers sentiment analysis.

They offer free trial.


Rafflecopter helps you to create contests. It integrates various platforms, as the entry to contest can be through Email, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

They offer free trial.

Hope you found the above information and links helpful!


MailTester helps you check if a particular Email ID is existing or not.

It’s a free application.


In case you are thinking of opting for the services of a Lead Generation provider, then you must be aware of a few aspects!

Don’t forget to ask these questions to your Lead Generation service provider!

Well, thinking what a risk it is?
Don’t want to go through all these hassles?
Just want to get leads without any worry?
Then you know whom to contact!

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