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5 Of Our Favorite Lead Generation Methods For Your Website

Favorite lead generation methods for website

A website earns more leads when it is properly optimized to capture the attention of visitors.


61% of B2B marketers think generating high-quality leads is one of their biggest challenges.

For this one, you need to know the best Lead Generation Process. You can’t just throw a ‘click here’ sign on the site and expect to receive a flood of leads the next day. In the age where customers are becoming more and more educated about their buying decisions on the web, you have to use proper lead generation tools, works on analytics, and creativity to capture leads in the right way.


If you are a marketer working on your business website, we have our favorite (and tested) lead generation methods to offer:

1. Call-To-Action (CTAs)

The impact of the call to action is greater on the mind of a site visitor than any other simple message. Moreover, the position and placement of the call to action have an even greater impact if it lies in the eye path of the visitor. Thus, ensure that your site visitors have to make the least amount of effort when urging them to take action on your web pages.


Marketers and site designers should spend a lot of time testing, placing, and tweaking calls to action for increased lead generation through landing pages. Colors also have a role to play in this. That’s why many clothing retailers place the word ‘SALE’ as their call to action in the bold and red format.

Obtain heatmaps of your site which will guide you to locations on the page where users frequently spend time. Wherever there is a strong chance of activity on a consistent basis, place your most important call to action over there. For example, most people look at the upper left corner of the site when they land on a page.


Therefore, marketers can test an important CTA on the top-left corner of the site. It is also termed as an ‘F-shaped pattern’ which is visually described by Envato as:

CTA lead generation

You can capitalize on this pattern and start out by placing CTAs in this direction. Begin by optimizing your home page, then move to other important pages. Test everything while you carry on with your optimization.

2. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Search engine optimization is one of the best lead generation methods out there because it helps put your site on the map. Use website auditing tools like Growth Robotics to find out the current SEO status of your site. Based on the audit reports, fix the areas which are not helping you convert more leads.

Google is a very big search engine, used by millions of people across the globe. If your website appears in the top results of any search, you have a strong chance of gaining valuable leads through the credibility of Google.

One of the first things your potential client will do is to take out their tablet or smartphone and ‘Google’ the answer to a question.

If your website appears on this search, the person will land on the page and may make a purchase. SEO is like a bridge between your users and your website. When SEO bridges the gap, clients can find your business easily and convert you into paying customers.



3. Email Campaigns

Leads can’t magically turn into paying customers; you must put time and effort into the process and nurture the leads.


Lead generation is only going to be as good as your nurturing efforts. Make sure every lead fills out a form on your landing page. Place these leads in a list and send them emails, so that they don’t forget about you. Deliver valuable content and newsletter to your leads and make sure they get a reason to come back.


Begin by sending relevant follow-up emails to your leads. As you move along this relationship, send them tailored content based on segmentation.

The best bet in attracting a lead through follow-up email is unique content.

The content of the email works in two ways- it educates the leads and urges them to become a customer.


Forrester Research found out that companies that nurture their leads get 50 percent more sales leads than their counterparts in 33 percent lower cost.

4. Trust Signals

If you want people to become your customers, the first thing you should offer is trust. Trust is the foundation of any business.


Trust signals, on a website, work as the strongest proof that your company is reliable to work with.

The dark side of the internet is always active in creating mishaps for online buyers, so a person will naturally look for a sign of credibility when they log into your site. Trust signals from popular sources will be there as a reminder to ensure your leads that you are a reliable entity.


Some clients in the B2B scenario might want testimonials. You can place testimonials of customers you have delivered to. This tactic helps you in the lead generation process effectively. Growth Robotics places the testimonials in a slideshow format which is very eye-catching.

trust signals - SEO tools for lead generation

Users can directly contact these sources if they want another layer of trust. In any case, trust signals are a great way of psychological marketing because they have the power to propel lead generation. Portfolios, testimonials, video messages, and case studies are some examples.

5. Social Media

You can use social media as a part of your listed lead generation strategies.


The social mediums of the world are not just popular for traffic and engagement; they can contribute to the lead generation strategy for your company as well.

In addition to sharing links to blog posts and articles on social media, embed links to your landing pages for lead generation. Tailor content is based on getting new leads from social mediums like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Perform a lead generation analysis of your website before you include social media in the mix.

When you send a link to a landing page through social media, make sure you stay true to the promise. For example, you tweet with the promise: ‘click here to receive a month’s supply of free coffee with a link. When users click on the link, they are brought to a page where you have a blog post about 5 ways coffee makes you a happier person. It will immediately set the visitor off, and they may never visit your site again.


Once you promise something in the headline, deliver it to the landing pages. Otherwise, your lead generation strategy may be lost in the thin air.



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We hope this list helped you and your marketing team brainstorm a few ideas. You must customize the lead generation experience for your visitors so that it resonates with their mindset. Optimize your website for SEO, and perform website audits on a regular basis.


Keep testing everything and tweak your site accordingly. If you have tried one of these tactics, tell us about your experience in the comments section below.

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