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5 Tips To Improve Your Advertising Approach

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When you’ve been using organic content to reach your audience, and somehow won’t have the same impact that it used to before. You feel the pinch.  You start conspiring for an advertising approach which can give you consistent ROI.

BuzzSumo reported that brands across Facebook saw a decrease of almost 20% in engagement rates since January. 

This is the reason why many business organizations now rely on paid social media marketing to reach their business objectives. Basically, social media is emerging as a strong collateral to refine an advertising approach. Because so many businesses have put their money into it, it has become one of the biggest trends in the market. Now smaller brands are facing the heat as they cannot outspend their deep-pocketed competition. They cannot concede market share to them as well. So, they need to have a tactical approach to social media spending to get the best bang for their buck.

With paid social media advertising strategy, you can reach the audience who adhere to your brand. Their interests will be like what you seek in an ideal customer. With paid social media marketing your brand will be displayed in their online newsfeed. The right strategy will bring some gradual changes. It is illogical to expect immediate or instantaneous results.


If we go by recent statistics, social media marketing is at par with email marketing nowadays. Marketing about your products and services through emails has been there since more than 2 decades, but with the passage of time things have been shifting. And, social media marketing is one of the best inventions for the marketing world.

With organic reach getting closer to its swansong. Here are five strategies that need to be imbibed in your advertising to get better results.


When you have a tight marketing budget, you don’t have room to play with different advertising campaigns. You must spend every bit of the budget where you know it will be most effective.


Fortunately, there are a few ways you can improve your advertising approach without breaking the budget.

Check these five tips to refine your advertising approach


Well over 75% of consumers use Google and other search engines to find businesses of all sorts.

If you want your business to show up on their search, your website needs to rank as high as possible. Search engine optimization (SEO)can help pull your website ranking up. You can do this by creating rich content built around certain keywords and adding them to your website.

Track and leverage your data

When a consumer provides data, use it to your advantage. Send out promotions and offers. You can do this by email or direct mail.


Take it to the next step. Analyze the data you have. Do you see any indicators such as age, gender, economic status? This information allows you to do targeted marketing based on specific parameters.

Change your media mix

If you have been using the same media for advertising for a significant period, it is time to shake things up by changing the mix. Now, that is not to say you should abandon what is working. What you need to do is find out what is not working. Then, shift that effort/cost into a new media and see what happens. You might try a new social media channel or see if a PPC ad can generate some interest.

Stay relevant and consistent

Your advertising must jump out from everything else going on. That means it must be meaningful and relevant to the audience viewing it. Without relevance, the ad fades into the background.


It is also critical for advertising to be consistent. Customers love consistency. It builds trust and makes them more interested in what a company is doing and saying. Consistent content creation, advertising, logo/color presentation. And even customer service has a significant impact on building the all-important client trust.

Keep your buyer personas current and focused

Just as your business evolves, so do your clients. Technology, product development and consumer attention move at frightening speed. If your buyer personas don’t keep up with what your target audience is looking for you will waste your advertising budget on unwanted ads. Refresh your buyer personas at least a couple times in a year to keep them relevant.


Focus your advertising approach to the buyer’s journey. Some of your mix should attract prospects, while other parts nurture existing leads. Still more should bring qualified leads towards planning.


Each of these options will help you improve your advertising efforts, without spending a lot of money. You can adopt all them or pick the ones that would work best for your company. Which one will you use first?


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