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6 Amazing tricks to generate more referral traffic

generate more referral
We all hate traffic. Don’t we? If this question is raised towards the tech-savvy companies, they have a contrasting answer, in a different context. It is not the traffic on roads. It is the traffic that is generated online. For them, the traffic of online visitors to their website reflects the quality of their content.
Apart from the direct traffic and paid traffic, the referral traffic acts as a game-changer to all the organizations that are using websites to reach their prospects and customers.

A shopkeeper, who sells his products would always wish to convert the visitors to customers. Similarly, a person running a website or blog would love to have more people visiting their site regularly, so that they get the highest rating in the results of a search engine for his website. Getting the top ratings according to SEO may change regularly. It demands an incomparable quality.

Rather, one can use these traffic sites to refer their websites and increase the traffic, through which one can know, why users visit a site on a regular basis and adopt its features with style in their website and can increase the direct traffic towards their sites.
The term referral traffic came into use as a metric by google analytics, where an internet user is referred to a site from other sites. This helps a website to promote their views on web pages, even if the online user is not connected to their page directly, where they can generate some leads.

There are some amazing tricks to increase this referral traffic, for a website or a blog. If you really want to be a market leader, you need to capitalize on the valuable leads that are generated. These fascinating steps come in handy to generate referral traffic, through which one can generate qualified leads and turn them into customers.

Tricks to follow: Your Ticket to successful Referral traffic

  • Go social with the social media and content curation
  • Self-marketing with website reviews and Q & A sites
  • Create an impact with influencer marketing campaigns
  • Making best use of guest blogging sites and industry forums
  • Video marketing campaign: customers at your doorstep
  • Infographics: reach out with visually attractive information

Go social with the social media and content curation:

Social media has an upper hand in generating more referral traffic. A 2014 report by content marketing hub Shareaholic, mentions that social media is the number one generator of referral traffic. It drives 31.24 percent of referral traffic. Online marketing through Facebook, Twitter offers a huge opportunity for expansion.

One has to select and prioritize the social media with highest ROI (Return on Investment) not based on its buzz, but with its conversion rates of the leads generated. Using Facebook dynamic ads and Instagram stories, one can make the customer connect with their product.
social media

One can use the and Storify to use the best eye-catching pieces of content and amalgamate it with the original content. With this, they can reach the influencers belonging to their niche and reach out to them through the social media. This is what is mentioned popularly as, content curation. But, this is a time consuming method.

Self-marketing with website reviews and Q & A sites:

Getting your website link posted on the review websites, relating to your industry has greater chances of increasing the referral traffic. When utilized efficiently, review websites and the Question & Answer sites can increase the volume of referral traffic.
Customers of today are more concerned with the comments, product ratings and its reviews than the brand promotions followed by the companies. Some companies even go for the paid reviews to maintain its reputation, as a respectable source for the reviews.
Similarly, question and answer sites have a significant impact in increasing the referral traffic. You can answer the top trending questions, relating to your industry in websites like Quora and mention the URL link of your website, for further referral, which in turn drives traffic to your website.
Commenting too adds up to the referral traffic. Neil Patel, New York Times bestselling author in his blog on referral traffic has mentioned that he had written 240 comments on different blogs and these comments referred 3973 visitors and six qualified leads to his consulting business. But, one has to ensure that their comments are genuine, meaningful, and relevant that adds value to the blog.
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Create an impact with influencer marketing campaigns:

Influencer marketing campaigns provide positive results, when handled effectively. In the influencer marketing campaigns, the successful industry leaders or personalities that include the domain experts and trendsetters, who create a significant impact in the field are collaborated with the company, for marketing the product. The influencers may also include bloggers and celebrities.
The state of influencer marketing 2017, presented its survey which states that 86 percent of marketers used influencer marketing and 78 percent of them mentioned that determining the success of these campaigns is a true challenge. It is also suggested by the online marketers to focus on the mid-sized influencers, rather than bigger personalities. Once this is done, one has to customize and update on a separate page in the website regularly, for the audience to send their traffic.

Making best use of guest blogging sites and industry forums:

Guest blogging sites can give a comfortable space to marketers, for increasing the referral traffic. But, one has to ensure that there is a sizeable number of audience for that blogging site. Another method that is suggested by online marketers is, to search for the sites that a popular blogger has contributed to in the past and refer your website there. This trick has given good results to a lot of online marketers.

“Remember that guest blogging everywhere may not drive significant referral traffic for you. Instead, you’ve got to map out a pitching strategy that will get the A-list and high-traffic blogs to say “yes.””  – Neil Patel.

When the reach is supposed to be large, then the industry forums becomes the right path. To drive referral traffic, one has to be active in the forum and create a brand-based unique call to action, to prompt the customers towards the website.

Video marketing campaign: customers at your doorstep:

“Almost 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store.” -Google, 2016  

Video marketing campaigns play a dominant role in the online marketing, as a visual medium plays a vital role in customers’ preferences. One can create effective video marketing campaigns using tools like YouTube editor, Wideo, Flipagram, Stop Motion, Animoto etc. One must not stop with just creating a video. Creating an effective call to action, to prompt online viewers to get interested in the product is very important, to escalate them into the next stage of becoming customers from mere visitors. An effective story-telling campaign and clear motive acts as the crux for this marketing campaign.

“48% of marketers plan to add YouTube to their content strategy in the next year.”  – Hub Spot, 2017     

Infographics: reach out with visually attractive information:

It creates an everlasting impact in a customer’s mind. Especially, reaching out to customers with essential information that matters a lot. Infographics can fulfill this need at ease. Pinterest posts are the most referred picture medium. The Piktochart infographic conveys the advertisement campaign in a nutshell in a strong way. This tool creates a huge impact in the advertisement campaigns. The infographics could be pinned or sent to different blogging sites to increase the referral traffic.

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Referral traffic provides an efficient channel to win qualified leads, through online marketing. Referral traffic has been utilized by most successful companies, as the magic tool to enhance their sales performance.

“74% of consumers identify word-of-mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decision. “    – Ogilvy/Google/TNS

The first and the best reliable referral method a customer or a consumer uses is word-of-mouth. This is just like an atom with undiscovered energy hidden in it, as these referred customers multiply in no time by further referrals.
If a company has to succeed, it has to either cater to the demand or it has to create the demand for its product in the market. To make this happen, the best tool is to generate the referral traffic, through these amazing steps, where you can multiply your customers faster than you ever thought possible!

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