Lead Generation service providers are mushrooming in every nook and corner of the world. Given such a case, it is extremely important to take note of a few points. Factors that will help in yielding higher returns and in preventing unnecessary wastage of your efforts and resources.


Does your leads have a buyer persona?

Buyer persona is a fictional representation of your ideal customer base. It is prepared after conducting extensive market research.

Demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, goals, etc are taken into consideration while creating hypothetical buyer personality.

Leads with buyer persona are extremely qualified and result-oriented.

The number of hits are higher than the number of misses when you rely on leads that’s

Are your leads based on Data Segmentation?

Data segmentation is the process of dividing counts on the basis of a few parameters.

Leads generated on the basis of data segmentation helps in precise targeting.

Does your service provider employ Vendor Matching?

Vendor matching is the process of matching potential customers with appropriate product or service vendors.

Industry/sector, company size, project size, etc are taken into consideration during vendor matching

Leads that are collated on account of vendor matching yield high returns.

Are your leads verified before being sold?

Leads have to be authenticated by subjecting it to thorough validation & verification processes.

Verified data is free from repetitive, duplicate and inaccurate information.

What’s given importance? Quality or Quantity?

Most Lead Generation service providers concentrate on quantity than the quality.

Quantitative data without appropriate quality is a sheer waste of time and resources.

Do your leads enable re-selling?

Re-selling brings more profits. It’s a wise investment when you buy leads that can be re-sold.

What are you getting in the name of leads? Just NAMES or more?

Most B2B data providers dupe customers by providing mere names on the pretext of offering leads.

An ideal lead consists of several information like Direct Dial Numbers, Email IDs, Physical Address, Social Media Profile, Demographics and Company Details (Industry, Company Size & Revenue Generation).

Does youR Lead Generation service provider promise Responders or REAL LEADS?

Leads must be backed with thorough research, only then will they yield better results. Else it results in mere responses, that too with great efforts!

Ensure that the leads you buy are permission based. This means that your leads are:

database 1

Compliant with anti-spam laws

database 1

Promotes positive image of your company

database 1

Results in higher returns

database 1

Ensures connection with right customers

database 1

Brings better engagement

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Increases the value of your Email

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