Amazing Sales Blogs:

  • SalesFolk
  • Mark Wayshak- Sales Research and Insights
  • The Sales Blog- Anthony Innarino4. SalesGravy
  • DataCaptive
  • Customer Centric Selling
  • LinkedIn Sales Blog
  • SalesHacker
  • Heinz Marketing Blog
  • No more cold calling
  • SalesForce
  • Pipedrive Blog
  • Closeriq
  • For entrepreneurs blog
  • Sales Benchmark Index

Blogs are more than just a lead generation avenue; they can be a great source of information for new and experienced marketers alike. Read on for the amazing sales blogs (in no particular order) that must feature on every B2B marketers list. From cold calling to lead generation to social selling, these blogs cover the entire gamut of B2B marketing.

The Amazing Sales Blogs Every B2B Marketer Must Follow




Founded by Heather R Morgan after being asked by her boss to seek out prospective clients in a new, unfamiliar industry, Salesfolk connects B2B businesses with potential customers by providing templates for cold emails.

Gain an insight into techniques on writing cold sales emails and following up on leads, and on using data science techniques to craft optimal templates that have a high success rate.

Article to read- Your Sales Pipeline Could Be Suffering If You’re Making Any of These 12 Email Mistakes

Mark Wayshak- Sales Research and Insights


America’s Sales Strategist Mark Wayshak shares his data-driven and science-based selling techniques that help businesses overcome problems associated with ineffective selling practices.

Mark’s articles draw in from his experience as an athlete and an entrepreneur having started and sold a successful business and provide techniques from prospecting calls to closing a sale.

Article to read – 11 Must-Read Sales Articles on Selling Strategy

The Sales Blog- Anthony Innarino


Bestselling author (The Only Sales Guide, The Lost Art of Closing), international speaker, and sales leader Anthony Innarino’s daily posts covers sales, prospecting, and leadership.

Articles to read- Lies, Damn Lies, Statistics, and Pure Social Selling Nonsense

The 7 Things You Must Leave Behind to Get Ahead



No magical formula exists to transform underperforming salespeople into revenue generating machines, but bestselling author Jeb Blount’s methods come close as he shares his expertise in the art of prospecting.

Learn how to carry out extensive research on buyer personas and develop and nurture relationships with them to prospect your way to better sales.

Article to read- Sales Prospecting and The Paradox of Basics



As a result of being leading providers of data services for a whole host of industries, we have some great articles covering the entire scope of B2B marketing. Our blog reflects our experience serving multiple sectors and contains some great guest posts.

Articles to read –35+ Most Influential Women Leading B2B Marketing Technology

Data Quality and Its Impact on CRM Success


Customer Centric Selling


One may think customer satisfaction and relationship building are obvious key factors in driving sales, but this aspect is surprisingly overlooked. Keep up with their blogs to master the art of exceptional customer service and effective follow-up without souring a business relationship

Article to read –4 Ways to Convert One-time Buyers into Lifetime Customers

Sales Tips: How B2B Companies Are Increasing Revenue


LinkedIn Sales Blog


It’s no surprise that the #1 business-oriented social networking site in the world has some great advice for B2B marketers.

Head of LinkedIn’s global content marketing content, Alex Hisaka believes that content marketing is more than just an advertising tool. Her content is engaging, relevant, and is gleaned from her 15+ years’ experience as a PR pro and Digital Marketing expert.

8 Tips to Drive Better Sales Pipeline Health and Results

22 Expert Sales Management Tips for 8 Make-or-Break Situations




What started off as a conference to showcase advancements in sales technology is now a leading authority on sales tips and techniques from industry experts. Learn how to build and develop relationships to create a strong brand through social media.

Articles to read- Top 17 Sales Hacker Articles of 2017

The Most Comprehensive Guide To Social Selling You’ve Ever Frickin’ Seen

Why Cold Calling Is the #1 Skill You MUST Master to Double Your Income in 2018

Heinz Marketing Blog

heinzmarketing With a blog that is as exhaustive as this, expect to find advice on topics that encompass the complete sales funnel from demand generation to sales enablement. President and founder Matt Heinz is a regular feature on the top 50 Sales and Marketing influencers list and has some great bestselling books to his name- Full Funnel Marketing, Modern Marketing Field Guide, and Successful Social Selling. Check out their weekly roundup of favorite b2b sales and marketing posts  

No more cold calling

nomorecoldcalling Lead generation expert and founder Joanne Black recommends trading in the standard sales prospecting techniques for a referral based system to convert more than 70% of sales leads into clients. Getting past gatekeepers to reach the decision makers requires relationship building skills and most importantly a referral by trusted colleagues. Sounds daunting? Doesn’t have to be – clients are more than willing to provide a referral if approached for one. Articles to read- Is Your Lead Generation Data Leading You Astray? Learn How to Get the Gatekeeper on Your Side  


SalesForce Award-winning author, sales educator and consultant Jeff Hoffman shares his expertise on social selling, prospecting, and negotiating. Prospecting emails may have dishearteningly low success rates but with some handy tips from this blog, it can certainly become a valuable tool in your sales strategy. 3 Reasons to Know the Ins & Outs of Your Leads 3 Sales Trends to Watch in 2018  

Pipedrive Blog

pipedrive A good salesperson tries to identify customer pain points and sell their product or service as a solution. This is easier said than done and requires an organized method of tracking multiple potential customers as they progress through the buying process. Pipedrive‘s blog provides sales tips and strategies for small business owners and salespeople who are trying to figure out the world of sales and customer relationship management. Article to read-The Fundamental Stages in Building a Sales Pipeline



Closeriq connects top sales talent with startups, from landing interviews to negotiating offers. Their blog too has advice for salespeople and startups such as team building strategies to interviewing and evaluating level sales candidates.

Articles to read-A Foolproof Framework for Finding High Quality Leads

Go-to-Market Sales Strategies for Early Stage Startups


For entrepreneurs blog


Five time entrepreneur and venture capitalist David Skok knows how imperative it is to get venture capital support during the initial days of a startup and his blog tries to solve issues faced by entrepreneurs in starting, running and funding their ventures.

Articles to read- Startup Killer: the Cost of Customer Acquisition

What initially started off as a SaaS company to help other sales companies is now a leading sales software. Their blog is built on the premise of Out-teaching their competition and contains highly practical sales tactics and strategies.

Articles to read – How built a killer content marketing machine

20 lead generation ideas (and strategies) that brought us 200,000 leads


Sales Benchmark Index


With a primary focus on accelerating revenue growth, their blog contains strategies for achieving the same while keeping up with an evolving marketplace.

Articles to read – Did You Get It Right When Creating Personas?

The Blueprint for an Effective Annual Strategic Plan


Syncee Blog


Syncee’s blog contains many articles about e-commerce trends, Shopify, drop shipping and its alternatives and many other tips and tricks on how to develop your online store.

KashFlow Blog


KashFlow provide online accounting software designed specifically for small businesses and sole traders. Their blog is written to help business owner/operators break down accounting and business jargon, and offers plenty of free advice on everything from Making Tax Digital to growing your business


Social media competitive analysis is an important aspect for every social media manager. Socialinsider’s blog is built on the promise to offer guidance and practical insights on how to stand out in a fast moving, super competitive social stream.

 Kathryn Aragon Media 

Award-winning copywriter, content strategist, and author Kathryn Aragon shares smart tips and strategies for creating content and sales copy that actually get results. The tactics that used to work are losing their effectiveness, but with the things you’ll learn from this blog, you’ll stay on top of what’s working, so you can get your story heard and drive more conversions.

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Before We Close

B2B and B2C marketing strategies vary widely in terms of content and nature of interaction with the customer but both have consumer satisfaction at their core.  While it is easy to get swayed by the varied and sometimes opposing views in the above blogs, all of them have valuable sales and marketing advice to take home. This list is by no means exhaustive and there are more great blogs out there for B2B marketers.