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4 Ways To Upgrade Your Business Using B2B Contact Data

Upgrade your business using b2b contact data

Businesses around the world are becoming more data-driven by the day. Adapting data directed strategies into marketing and sales has only proven to be effective with high yielding results. Data Revolution and Innovative Technology will soon become the driving force of businesses in the years to come. It will not only change the way businesses relate to their audience but also improve the core of their operations.

“A research study by Forbes states that businesses who adopt data-driven marketing have higher chances to increase profitability year by year. 88% of the marketers use data acquired by third parties to improve their understanding”Forbes

Although businesses rely on B2B contact data to resolve any business operational and functional difficulties, obtaining accurate and reliable contact list still seems to be their biggest challenge. But with authentic database providers in the market, that’s now a problem resolved. Investing in a B2B contact database provider is not only smart but also saves your time and ensures the optimum use of your resources.

B2B contact data is highly in demand, and companies use it to track performance and measure analytics to study what leads to the most sales. B2B contact data helps turn insights into action that outperforms expectations.

But how does a business achieve that?

There’s a saying that goes “Those who listen better, do better”

Are you listening to your audience and the needs they’re projecting? Are your products resolving any of their pain points?


Well, if you’re not. It’s time to utilize contact data to drive not only your business but also improve the satisfaction of your customers who will remain loyal to your brand with an increased lifetime value.

“When customers share their story, they’re not just sharing their pain points. They’re actually teaching you how to make your product, service, and business better.”Kristin Smaby

B2B contact data, & How Important it is to Businesses in 2020

B2B contact data is the detailed insight into your target audience, their consumer behaviour and contact information that will enable you to engage with them on multiple platforms.


B2B contact list guides businesses to identify the demand and how to supply to it. It also helps reach key-decision makers with ease and provides business intelligence that’s actionable. The data attributes that a B2B contact database provides are name, title, company name, industry, phone number, official and prospect’s email Ids, office address, social media profiles, etc.

How important is B2B contact data?

Establishing the first line of contact with a prospect can be difficult. B2B contact insights provide information that can help propel engagement with the target audience in multiple ways. Segmented contact data can help you target a specific demographic with real-time contact insights.

Employing the b2b contact data in your business can bring about strategic developments that pave the path for a higher percentage of conversions

  • An accurate and complete database provides instant results with targeted campaigns
  • Boost engagement rates and maximizes the effectiveness of your campaigns
  • A cost-effective way to enable marketing across various channels
  • Generate a large number of leads and potential customers in a short time
  • Help companies to develop better business relations and long-term deals
  • Make marketing and sales operations smooth, quick and measurable

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.”Sherlock Holmes

Who benefits from B2B contact data?

Marketing managers

Marketing campaigns are highly benefited with a B2B contact list as it helps target potential customers and run highly personalized campaigns. It also enables them to channel account-based marketing and email marketing to generate a steady flow of qualified leads for faster conversions. Marketers need not stick to traditional methods and can innovate new strategies with the help of a reliable B2B contact database.

Sales executives

The sales team prospect and nurture the qualified leads to convert them into customers. B2B contact data helps sales executives gather all the information they need to run a personalized sales campaign to approach qualified leads. Enrich high-quality sales leads and shorten your sales cycle for an improved rate of returns.

Business owners

Business owners are always on the lookout to expand their customer base without any geographic restrictions to establish a market presence. B2B contact data not only helps expansion and growth but also builds brand awareness that maintains the credible image of the brand.

How can B2B contact data be used for optimum results?

“Think analytically, rigorously, and systematically about a business problem and come up with a solution that leverages the available data.” Michael O’Connell, chief analytics officer, TIBCO

Omni-channel marketing
Diversify marketing campaigns by opting to run campaigns on different platforms to engage and nurture your audiences. One list for all your marketing efforts, B2B contact database helps target audiences where they most likely engage.

Segmented lists
Segmented B2B contact records are effective in capturing the attention of the audience as it gives you the freedom to identify and target your preferred audience with hyper-personalized messages. Segmented email campaigns have been proven to perform better than traditional email marketing campaigns.
Up-sell and cross-sell
A reliable contact database promotes up-selling and cross-selling to support marketing and sales campaigns. It increases customer lifetime value and foster customer retention, encourage repeat purchases, brand loyalty, and brand advocacy.
Improve customer satisfaction
Personalized campaigns are the key to making your prospects feel important. An insightful contact list enables you with detailed insights about the interest and buying behavior of your prospect. A satisfied customer is what keeps the businesses running and maximize ROI.

“Think analytically, rigorously, and systematically about a business problem and come up with a solution that leverages the available data.”Michael O’Connell, chief analytics officer, TIBCO

How can businesses build a B2B contact database?

It can be quite taxing and time consuming for businesses to build a contact list on their own. Database providers are; thus, the partner businesses need to not only save time and resources but also to multiply their growth with informed data-driven decisions.


Some trusted database providers in the market are:



DataCaptive™ is a data-driven solution provider with efficient tools enabling businesses to run data-powered strategies. DataCaptive™ is GDPR compliant and provides consent-based contact lists to its clients based on their business requirements. Access Industry insights and intent data that changes the way you approach technology-enabled marketing.



ReachStream is an online application that aids the B2B list building. The database can be customized to your preference and can be downloaded directly from the application dashboard. Build your list based on filters specific to the industry, job title, location, and more. Build your data or get in-house data verified with its real-time email verifier tool.

Pro Data Labs



ProDataLabs is a B2B data provider that allows you to add your contacts directly to the cart for a smooth transaction. Integrate the database into your CRM easily and run efficient campaigns for improved results.

On that note


Build a reliable contact list and reap the benefits of data-powered capabilities that give you access to industry insight, customer behavior, and predict future trends. Make use of B2B contact data wisely and see how it transforms your business and the way you define success. Exceed your expectations and set higher targets with a B2B contact list that’s result driven and multiplies your marketing and sales efforts!


Prospect with an eye on the market and improvise your strategies today!

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