There is an old saying which goes like, “Necessity is the mother of invention,” and the initiation of a business or a company takes place due to the necessities of the people. Now, we need to be clear that the receiver is not just an individual common man, but it can even be an entire company. So, there is a B2C and B2B sections to this, where B2B means business to business and B2C means business to customer.  It does not matter whether the customer is a business or an individual when it comes to convincing them of your brand- you need to genuinely introduce your product or services, earn their trust, and then eventually lead them to buy your product or service. Allow the process be more organic! Your sales team are the people who are assigned to put a word about your brand to the customers and then bring about sales. This is where Social Selling comes in the picture wherein you pitch to your customers through social media about your products and services. Let’s proceed further by keeping our focus on the B2B sales. There are various social media platforms for your sales team to connect with the customers for B2B sales, however, LinkedIn is a large and an effective medium to enhance your social selling for your business. This is a networking site especially for the professionals which was launched in the year 2003 with its headquarters at Sunnyvale, California in the USA.

“Concentrate on the activities of prospecting, presenting and following up; the sales will take care of themselves.”  – Brian Tracy

Glance and ponder through the following ways in which LinkedIn will fuel your journey in becoming a Social Selling superpower:  

1. Solidify your business

This platform encourages you to build a solid ground for your brand before you jump into selling your products or services to your prospects or the existing clients. A client will definitely repel from anything which would seem like something is being forced upon them, therefore, you need to practice an effective and organic way of implementing social selling. Firstly, make a strong profile presence for your company at LinkedIn- make sure to include all the little details that a customer might look for while scrutinizing your business the moment they consider to buy from you. Secondly, post your credentials on the website in an appealing way to increase your accountability. Thirdly, interact on the various posts by liking or commenting and finally, try to get endorsed from worthy LinkedIn connections to enrich your presence on this platform because experts say that businesses are majorly interested in a sales person who has been recommended by substantial people in the business.

2. Discover the appropriate people

The next step you can simultaneously take after you strengthen your personal presence is to find the right audience who are, or, will be interested in your products and services. The LinkedIn Builder will help you to find the profiles of the 2nd and the 3rd degree connections related to your business which will make it easier for you to figure out the appropriate crowd. Your 2nd degree connection will have someone in common with any of your connections who are referred to as 1st degree connections at LinkedIn, hence, your sales team can request the people under 1st degree to introduce you to the people under 2nd degree who you consider as your prospects and eventually pitch them with your products and services. This medium can help you with your social selling in an effective manner.

“Thinking about prospects does not qualify as prospecting.”-  Mark Hunter

3. Participate in all the insights

You can join a LinkedIn group who have similar preferences as yours, or those groups who might be indirectly or directly needing your goods and services, which simply means your prospects. Get your sales team to post at least one content in a day, or two that revolves around your brand, or any relatable topic on business matters which would increase your good will, and are equally useful to your customer base. There is an option for LinkedIn Pulse which updates you with the latest articles on a timely manner that you can immediately share to your connections.  Social selling is a lot more than directly selling your inventory and services, it is about inculcating that certain level of trust in your customers regarding your brand and then, carry on with your sales. You are aware that in a B2B sales you are exchanging with people who already have the appropriate knowledge about the goods or services they are buying, and you simply cannot lure them to make purchases from your business without some solid reasons. LinkedIn is a great way to get to them!  

4. Build and nurture your relationships

Nurturing is an important aspect of any relationship- once you build it, you need to look after it in every way possible. Social selling requires you to nurture the bond you establish with your customers or prospects. LinkedIn helps you in several ways to do this- you can get introduced to a prospect through your connections in a cordial way, it has an InMail option in its premium package wherein you can send an impromptu message to the people (including the key decision makers of any company) you want to connect with and sound professional at the same time. The premium account can be tried for free for at least a month, and don’t you think this option makes a lot of sense? You get to try it!   The points that have been mentioned above are assimilated by LinkedIn to evaluate your performance based on the usage of their facilities by your sales team. They call it the social selling index score and the higher you rank the better it is for your business.  

5. Sales navigator

LinkedIn has been doing its best to enrich your social selling process and ease it at the same time. You now have a little light upon how this platform can be useful for your B2B sales. The perks does not stop here, they have a LinkedIn Sales Navigator in an app form and nothing can be better than this for your sales team. This social selling app helps you to aim at specific groups or individuals who you or your sales team think to be valuable for your business initiatives, and you do have an idea about how time consuming and daunting it is to find target groups. It then facilitates your team to figure out about the consumer behavior through high end research and analyzing tools which will eventually help you to engage with your connections in an efficient manner. If you are able to use this app to its full potential it is obviously going to help you increase your social score index, and a high score means you are definitely doing something good for the growth of your business.  

6. Niche platform for sales people

You are given the option to become a member of the sales navigation application platform on LinkedIn. The advantages of being a part of this platform are that, you will be able to communicate with the stalwarts of the sales zone, keep in touch with important updates and captivate your connections in a significant way. This platform will notably push forward your social selling.

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We are made to respect and listen to those people in our lives who have more experience than us, and there is something about the people who have lived before us, of course not everybody will make sense but most of them, do. I am speaking about experience over here, because you need to know that LinkedIn has been in this business for more than a decade, and it has seen and been through innumerable changes in the business world. The important thing is that, it has adjusted with every change and has been going with the flow. It is loved and trusted by professionals, and will surely help you carry out your B2B sales in a coherent way, by backing you through your social selling strategies.