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Boost Your Lead Engagement With These Tweaks

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Many marketers of today argue that the goal has shifted from lead generation to lead engagement. Primarily because simply acquiring a lead is not enough. The revenue that is generated from the lead is what counts. But, we would like to say that both should lead generation as well as lead engagement should be given equal priority.


Lead generation done correctly can fill up your pipeline with quality leads & lead engagement done with care can make sure that the leads get converted.


A lead turns out to be an engaged one when it reacts positively to your marketing campaigns. But for that it takes time. It is essential for marketers to love every lead & follow certain steps according to the nature of the lead.

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Top nurturing techniques for lead engagement

Using personalized targeted content

The legend of the one size fit all content is over. People are ignoring generic messages as spam. To make sure that the lead responds to the marketing messages ensure to use personalized content that are targeted. But for that you should properly understand your leads. This means developing buyer personas, segmenting email lists and constant tracking of buyer activity & behaviors on the website along with email triggers.


No marketer wants to send information about products or services that are irrelevant to a lead’s needs & challenges or send top-of-the-funnel content to a prospect that is ready to buy. It should be ensured that lead nurturing techniques are personalized in order to send the right content, to the right person, at the right time.


Knowing what your lead knows about you, what they have clicked through & read in your emails, their pain points & interests and how active they have been are all should be considered as indicators of what should be send next.

Answer the questions

Unlike yesteryears, information is available at the prospect’s fingertips, all thanks to the internet. Long before hearing your pitch, they’ll be going through your website, your blog, and social media posts to gain knowledge before making decisions.


So, you must take a step forward & anticipate the questions they will ask as per the nature of their business. Answering those questions will help you engage with them & solve their pain points. It’ll help to nurture trust & boost lead engagement.

Act quickly

True marketers know that the faster you connect with leads, the more likely they are to enter the sales process. Nurturing & lead engagement should start the moment the contract is made. This will show them that you care about their business & will gain their attention.

Assign score to leads

Creating a lead scoring program will go along way in making the most out of your lead engagement & nurturing. It generally refers to the process that assigns numbers to leads based on their activities & behaviors, in order to prioritize them based on how likely they are to purchase, the timeframe, purchase size, and other factors.


Lead scoring can help you identify leads that require the most nurturing to pass through the sales funnel & help salespeople focus on the right leads.

Multi-touch engagement

As times have changed our interactions with media types have also changed accordingly and customers appreciate & respond to a more stimulating & integrated marketing approach. This also allows for the freedom to act upon certain touchpoints which is also an empowering factor for lead engagement.


In today’s age prospects engage with marketing messages through their laptop, cell phone, through paid advertisement, emails, Facebook ads, phone calls – all of which are channels that will prompt different associations with the viewer.


Using multiple channels to produce actions is an effective example of multimodality as well as recurrent regularities principle. It’s normal for people to believe the things they see most recently. Applying this principle in multi-touch engagement will result in the prospect seeing your company everywhere.


The more channels you are on better will be the chances of your leads noticing you.

Lead engagement & analytics

But following all the above techniques & crafting a plan of action according to it is only half the battle. Primarily because in today’s age information companies need to be flexible & adapt almost as fast to match the customer’s attention which is not guaranteed mainly due to interests change, coming & going of trends and the idea of the next big thing. Tracking lead management using analytics is important for multiple reasons which include:


  • To aid the sales & marketing teams to focus time & energy on leads that matter.
  • To ensure you analyze current data to better predict & prepare for future trends.
  • To map the prospect’s path to know exactly where they lose lead engagement in the product, which in turn will help in increasing customer retention rate.
  • To reduce churn rate by understanding what drives prospects away.
  • To confirm which lead generation strategy is more efficient.
lead engagement analytics

Investing in a good CRM that tracks lead engagement over time is the most obvious way in today’s age. This will allow you to guide potential buyers across all the channels along with pinpointing the weakest touchpoints.

So, excited to try out the lead engagement techniques & analytics to make sales like never before?

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Take away

Every lead is different & should be handled with care which is why lead engagement & its tracking practices come in handy. Leads need nurturing, & greater the variety & frequency through which they are engaged, the chances of eventual conversion gets higher.

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Modern marketers should understand the core psychological concepts behind user behavior to validate a diverse, comprehensive & synchronized approach to lead engagement.


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