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13 Amazingly Designed CRM Email Templates for Business Scenarios

CRM Email Templates For Business

Are your emails getting deleted without a glance? Unless you are a sales representative, it might not seem like a big deal. Outreach to prospective customers is essential to your sales pipeline, and deleted emails have a negative impact on sales. Communication is your forte; it is how you initiate, manage, and easily close deals. What if your communication never gets open? It gets hard and obnoxious.

In this template, we present 13 templates put together after researching and testing different templates for different scenarios. Your team is covered with our templates for immediate connection with prospects.

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What is CRM Email Marketing?

Customer Relationship Management is a term that describes technology and practices used to better understand customer behavior, interactions and improve business relationships. CRM email marketing uses CRM software to personalize messages, make direct marketing contact effective, and lead to higher conversation. Rather than sending an email to an ambiguous and larger audience, CRM email marketing ensures that you focus on each individual or individual company for promotion and sales.

Why are CRM Email Templates Important?

One of the primary reasons an email does not get opened is that the inbox is filled with sales emails. A few other reasons for low open rates on email are poorly optimized subject lines, missing preview text, body copy that misses the crisp mark, and a lack of A/B testing the emails for campaigns. In this case, all you need is a simple email with a catchy subject line to attract the reader’s attention to click the email open.
Email campaigns are not out of fashion. Just tweak your current campaigns with templates that can be edited and saved into your CRM effortlessly. With advancements in CRM technology, upload our templates to your CRM and send them easily. Added benefit? You can track the performance of your emails in your CRM software to check the effectiveness of your campaign. Customer relationship management email templates are your advanced sales tool that adds time to your day as you automate them.

Keep In Mind the Following While Sending a CRM Email

1. Customize the message
Mention the right name and include specific details related to the customer.
2. Avoid using ‘No-Reply’ in Sender’s Email Address
Using the ‘No-Reply’ can lead to your email in the spam folder due to the CAN-SPAM regulation.
3. Email’s Preview Text:

Always include a preview text encourages the customer to read the email further.

4. Email Signature:

As an individual sends the email, not the company, remember to add an email signature for personalization.

5. Split test subject lines and CTAs:
Conduct an A/B testing of subject lines and CTAs. They help you focus on the specific group and their behavior. Split the email into Group A, receiving the regular newsletter, and Group B, receiving a particular variation.
6. Subscription:
Allow recipients to subscribe to your newsletters via email, saving time and gaining subscribers.
7. Five-Second Test:
Test your email with a colleague or business associate, and if they can spot your call to action in 5 seconds, your email is golden to go. If not, keep working on it.
8. Proof-reading:
Do not rush. Read through your email and correct any errors to ensure your email reaches your customer error-free.

How Will our Free CRM Email Templates Boost ROI?

Boost ROI with CRM Email Templates
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    Our guidelines before each template help you choose the suitable template
  • right-arrow-dark-green.png
    Enhance open and response rates through the CRM HTML template
  • right-arrow-dark-green.png
    Tweaking our templates to suit your industry and product and get prospecting
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    Personalized experience leads to more conversion
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    Simple subject lines that attract the attention to open the email
    Simple subject lines that attract the attention to open the email


Email templates save time and money in marketing campaigns. It improves open rates and spares time for planning new and improved strategies. Connect with prospects easily and improve customer relationships with CRM email templates at different sales cycle processes. Supercharge your email campaigns with templates and close deals faster than ever.


Proofread emails multiple times and ensure the email is error free when the send button is executed. Another method of ensuring the email is error-free is adding browser extensions of applications that review grammar and spelling. An add-on to your campaign that ensures perfect emails just brings perfection to your campaign.
CTA or Call-to-Action is compulsory in emails as they tell the customer what to do after reading an email. It can vary from ‘Subscribe Now’ to ‘Visit the Page’ or ‘Contact Us.’ Attractive CTAs are known to bring more conversion in sales. Therefore, do not forget an engaging CTA that gets leads and sales conversion.
There are no legal requirements for CRM email templates. They are provided for free by DataCaptive for the customer’s benefit and successful marketing.

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