What is direct mailing?

Direct mailing is a type of direct marketing delivered to a prospect’s electronic mailbox for sales, promotion, marketing, information, and more. It is like a personal loan designed exclusively to serve your needs.

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Did you know that the financial industry is one of the biggest in the few sectors that thrive using direct mail?
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Why is direct mailing so important?

It is like asking why is holding an account in your bank so important. Because, as money is personal, so is marketing!

Direct mail campaigns have a higher ROI than both paid search and online display ads.


With the right messaging, it can turn strangers into potential customers.


It is interactive. It gets more eyes on your marketing.


It offers a lot of ways to get creative. You can link your social media handles with direct mail for a seamless customer journey.


It’s memorable! Mail can evoke nostalgia, which in turn can make marketing more memorable.


There’s not much competition. Not many companies use direct mail these days. Therefore, it’s easier to get noticed.


It has a more extensive reach. If your target audience isn’t active on social media or watch TV, direct emails reach a broader demographic.


Direct email is more personalized. Thus it is easier to start seeing results with digital mediums.

“Promote your products and services directly to the customers who need it the most.”

Benefits that you can witness from direct mailing campaigns

benefits from direct mailing campaigns
1 Relationship with new customers
2 Test your product or service
3 Promote new launches, collaborations, personalized offers, and more
4 Provide customized solutions to customers
5 Retain old customers
6 Increase sales



The best way to market your product/service is through direct mails

1. Build a target audience

Build a specific target group to tailor-design your direct emails. An ideal customer profile helps you understand how your customers respond to your product and service.

target audience
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A 2
marketing budget

2. Set a marketing budget

Set realistic sales goals with a pre-defined marketing budget. You can run effective direct marketing campaigns at a fraction of the cost of other online and offline advertising methods.

3. Target both current and lapsed customers

Maintain a customer database and reach out to them at regular intervals to get them back into buying. You can also re-establish relationships with customers who haven’t repurchased from you.

targeted clients
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A 4
customer loyalty

4. Improve customer loyalty

Build direct relationships with your customers through personalized offers and facilitate a seamless professional connection. You can combine your mails with birthday cards, discount offers, invites to upcoming sales, and other innovative concepts to increase customer loyalty.

customer database clean

Want to keep your customer database clean?

5. Create new services or stories

Analyze the responses and the needs of your market and adapt accordingly. You can market a particular product, renew discontinued stock, or directly follow up on a promotion.
create new services or stories
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performance measure

6. Measure your performance

Measure each of your direct marketing campaigns and review the results to improve the success of your next endeavor.

7. Generate feedback

Direct marketing is a great way to generate feedback. It is also a great way to understand your customers’ needs and desires for new products or services. Reviewing and measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns help you make adjustments to your future campaign.
Generate feedback
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test new markets

8. Test new markets

Target new leads and reach out to prospects constantly. You can avail new contacts through various means. Also, understand whom to target with what type of direct emails.

How will DataCaptive help in direct marketing?

how will DataCaptive help in direct marketing
1 DataCaptive provides high-quality B2B contact and company data which helps you connect with your ideal audience.
2 It also provides an integrated email marketing platform that enables you to design and execute emails campaigns effortlessly.
3 Data cleansing and validation services improve the quality of your existing database, thus helping you prospect with better interest.
4 Customize your samples segmented under SIC code, NAICS code, geography, demography, firmographics, technography, and more.

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