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How & Why Keep Your Contact Database Clean?

Clean contact database

Often, you do not get as much business, convert as many leads towards sales, or generate as many referrals as you deserve to do.


One of the reasons for this might be the lack of communication tactics for customer acquisition and retention. If you are not communicating and following up with your top accounts consistently, you are on the verge of losing a huge volume of leads.


This is why you need to implement a contact database system.

Clean data

Let’s get your contact database cleaned, shall we?

We are listing –

  1. Defining customer database
  2. Defining CRM
  3. Difference between contact database and CRM
  4. Why is it mandatory to SANITIZE your customer database?
  5. Side effects of an INFECTED customer database, as noted by our market experts
  6. Causes leading to a DIRTY customer database
  7. Effective ways to maintain the HYGIENE of your contact database

1. Customer database

Collect the information about all customers who have purchased from you.

Customer database
CRM data

2. CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Data files automatically collect, store, and analyze all the information that a company collects about its customers from all online and offline channels.

3. Difference between contact database and CRM

Customer Database:

  • It is for the marketing team.
  • Collect leads and track lead activity at the beginning of the relationship.
  • Gathers contact information.
  • Send communications and campaigns to your leads.
  • Nurtures your leads towards a conversion point before entering the sales process.
  • Follow the life cycle of a lead, from the initial point of contact until purchase.
  • Helps marketing teams run campaigns, testing, optimizing, and generating leads.



  • It is for the sales and customer service team.
  • It takes over when a lead enters the sales cycle.
  • Track communication with the prospects and has customer history after the sale.
  • It might contain many more data beyond the basic contact information like buyer history and billing information.
  • Helps sales team guide the leads through the sales process with the intent to earn new customers.
  • The customer service team uses CRM to gather intelligence about customers.
Sanitize customer database

4. Why is it mandatory to SANITIZE your customer database?

  • One of the most valuable business resources
  • Data deteriorates and changes very quickly
  • It is a solid foundation for business strategies
  • Gain valuable insights to leverage into sales decisions
  • Build rapport with your customers
  • Leads to loyalty and brand affinity

5. Side effects of an INFECTED customer database, as noted by our market experts

  • Poor decision-making and marketing strategies with no results.
  • Reduction in productivity leading to operational inefficiencies.
  • Increase in operational costs and wastage of time by operating teams.
  • Growing organizational mistrust and frustration of employees.
  • Increase in bounce rates and bad reviews, lowering the brand reputation.
  • Poor customer relations lead to lower acquisition and retention.
Infected customer database

Did you know ?

  • Approximately 40% of leads generated contain bad data.
  • 40% of all business initiatives fail due to poor data quality
  • A company loses 550 hours approximately in selling to an unsuitable prospect.
  • Nearly one-third of analysts spend more than 40% of their time validating their data before using it for decision-making.
  • 48% of salespeople never follow up with their prospects, not knowing that 80% of sales are made from the 5th-12th contact.

6. Causes leading to a DIRTY customer database

Causes leading to a dirty customer database

Because new data is generated every second, no industry, organization, or department is immune to bad data. However, the best an organization can do is to acknowledge data decay and fixed early on.

7. Effective ways to maintain the HYGIENE of your contact database

enrichment of existing databse

Enrich existing database
Collect more valuable data and improve accuracy with refined, improved, or enhanced raw data. Enriched data is more insightful and reliable, thus improving the brand’s presence.


*Note- Avail of DataCaptive’s data enrichment services for an updated customer database.

Clean your records
Identify and remove inaccurate or irrelevant details from the database to maintain data accuracy. Data cleansing optimizes data insights to improve sales efficiency and aid business operations.


*Note – Avail of DataCaptive’s data cleansing services for more information.

Clean your database records
Add net new contacts

Add net new contacts
Every time you clean your database, old data gets deleted, leaving space for a new one. Utilize the vacuum to analyze the market and your audience to add new contacts.


*Note – Discover of DataCaptive’s contact and company database to design highly responsive marketing campaigns.

Maintain compliance with data laws
Complies with data policies like – GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and ANTI CAN-SPAM, ensuring data security and privacy and aligning your strategies with the laws that govern the areas you operate in.

Data laws
Standard data entry format

Have a standard data entry format
Standard formats for how data is entered, named and labeled prevents inaccurate, unnecessary information from entering into the database system, making it easier to access it.

Run regular data audit
Regular data audits (at least once a quarter) make it easier to clean and maintain it. With only the essential insights of ‘key’ leads left, the data is very useful and easier to analyze.

Run regular data audit
Use data cleaning softwares

Use data-cleansing software
Use data-cleansing software/company to clean, correct, and remove the database. It can also highlight any errors, standardize your data formatting and validate email addresses.

Most popular database providers for enterprises in the USA

  • 62% of DataCaptive users
  • 59% of ZoomInfo users
  • 44% of InfoUSA users

Get going

  • The customer database is most important for business success.
  • A bad customer database can have a significantly negative impact on the brand’s image and its sales.
  • Get your customer database cleaned up as soon as you notice your policies going haywire.
  • Follow our seven most effective ways to clean and upgrade your customer database.
  • Request premium quality opt-in contacts database from DataCaptive.

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