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360° Database Solutions To Prospect Leads 4X Faster

Database solutions to prospect

Effective handling is the key to success for any business. However, technological advancements have contributed to the generation of enormous data volumes from varied sources and different formats. Hence organizations are facing challenges to store, process, and utilize such massive data effectively.


Thus, it has become essential for big and small businesses to strategize and execute data-driven marketing solutions to understand the audience and their demands adequately.

“Data without innovation is a mere four-letter word.”– Modern-day proverb.

According to Mckinsey Global Institute, organizations that prioritize data-driven solutions

  • 23X – Acquire customers
  • 6X – Retain customers
  • 19X – Boost profit

Benefits of using data-driven solutions

  1. Increased customer acquisition and retention
  2. Greater transparency and accuracy
  3. Increase conversion by targeting high value accounts individually
  4. The easy business analysis leads to better decisions
  5. Enhances consistency and improves efficiency and productivity
  6. Helps market research
Benefits of data-driven solutions

Many database marketing solutions providers have been helping businesses of all sizes and industries meet their financial goals in cost and time-effective ways. DataCaptive™ is one such database service provider that offers innovative B2B data-driven solutions backed with high-end technology to empower businesses and achieve sustainable growth.


Its real-time and actionable data insights enhance multi-channel campaigns, lead engagement rates, customer acquisition, retention, and more. Solutions of DataCaptive™ identifies, connects, nurtures, and converts highly qualified prospects.

DataCaptive in detail

Our business module is exclusively designed to provide exceptional customer service, satisfy customer requirements, and add value to its operations, productivity, and efficiency.


Now align the overall marketing, sales, and business goals with easy, efficient, and advanced data-driven solutions to achieve maximum profitability.

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Data-driven solutions offered by DataCaptive™

1. Email database

B2B company data – DataCaptive™’s actionable B2B company data empowers businesses to identify, connect, nurture, and convert high-value prospects from small-sized setups to Forbes 500 companies across 50+ industry sectors.


B2B contact data – Our 53M+ B2B contact database of different job titleholders and varied industry sectors helps connect with and prospect the right audience without fusing out the marketing budget.


Business email lists – The 100% accurate and manually verified business email contacts of 73M+ prospects from 170+ countries enable widening the customer base and reaching out to any audience sans any geographical boundary.

Email database data-driven solutions

Since its inception, it has enabled more than 60 companies worldwide to boost their overall efficiency and productivity with minimal marketing resources.

Features and benefits of DataCaptive™’s contact and company database


  1. Fully customized list
  2. Manually verified
  3. GDPR, CAN-SPAM, ANTI-CAN SPAM compliant
  4. Geo-targeted email database
  5. Multi informational
  6. Segmented database
  7. 50+ industries, 73M+ contacts


  1. Personalized campaigns

  2. Reduced bounce, 95% guaranteed deliverability

  3. Higher DA in the search engine’; lesser spam rate

  4. Localized campaigns

  5. Facilitates multi-channel campaigns

  6. Target customers accordingly

  7. Build a global brand

Marketing Tip: Almost 30% of business email IDs and 27% of company URLs become invalid in 10-12 months, which increases the marketing cost by 35%.

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2. Lead generation

DataCaptive has taken a leap forward towards ‘digital evolution in the field of lead generation with the help of expert database administrators. We offer ASAP solutions to extract high-quality leads and attain maximum conversion rates.

Lead generation data-driven solutions

Features and benefits of our lead generation


  1. Provides responsive and relevant intent data
  2. 100% authentic and accurate database
  3. Segmented leads
  4. Sourced from various channels
  5. Can be used by a marketer, salesman, entrepreneur
  6. Customized leads


  1. Boosts up-selling and cross-selling opportunities
  2. Generates organic traffic to a website
  3. Connects with the target audience
  4. Identify and prioritize leads
  5. Email marketing and ABM campaigns
  6. Enhances customer interaction

Marketing Tip: More than 80% of leads generated by the B2B companies are from LinkedIn, followed by Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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3. Data enrichment

Data appending

  • Full contact appending – Adds/verifies/corrects full names
  • Social profile appending – Adds current social media handles against each lead
  • Email appending – Provides correct and relevant business email IDs
  • Phone appending – Corrects, updates, and adds phone numbers


Data verification

Ensured manual QC and AI verification after sourcing the database from various online, offline, government, and non-government sources.


Data validation

The database is opted-in and validated through emails and telecalls


Data cleansing

De-dupes cleans, standardizes, validates, and verifies database

Data enrichment data-driven solutions

Data enrichment enhances brand outreach initiatives and customer experience. It enables marketers to access a complete structured quality dataset that ensures all the marketing and sales efforts reach their maximum potential.

Features and benefits of data enrichment


  1. Manually verified dataset
  2. Missing data fields filled up
  3. New data added
  4. Opt-in contacts
  5. Supports doc, PDF, CSV and XlS formats
  6. Easy download and integrated supported


  1. Improve data accuracy
  2. Increase operational performance
  3. Personalized and targeted campaigns
  4. Build lead nurturing strategies
  5. Strengthen customer experience
  6. Boost customer acquisition

Marketing Tip: According to the 1-10-100 quality principle, the relative cost of fixing a problem increases 10X in a year, heavily affecting the marketing budget.

Effective tips to overcome the most critical sales challenges in 2021.

4. BPO Services

Reinvent B2B and B2C customer engagement and re-establishing a human connection with intelligent operations with DataCaptive™ Business process outsourcing service. With human+ machine talent, smart insights, and innovative technology, we aim to enhance customer experience and encourage internal and external teams’ collaborative efforts to drive success and attain sustainable growth.

BPO services

Features and benefits


  1. Scalable coverage
  2. On-time delivery
  3. Value-added insights
  4. Offshore and onshore services
  5. Data security and confidentiality guaranteed


  1. Reduce operational costs

  2. Smooth workflow management

  3. Encourage collaborative efforts within teams

  4. Drives success

  5. Attain sustainable growth

Marketing Tip: In 2019, 64% of marketers in the UK stated that outsourcing customer relations reduced their overall business cost 3 times. Outsourcing is also great for building brand value.

Marketing service, data management service, call center service, back-office service- we have it all!

5. API

Our developer API helps marketers to integrate data into your CRM, marketing automation tool, or any other cloud-based system. It delivers a secure user experience to promote your core business functions and improve process efficiency.

Features and benefits


  1. Flexible integration
  2. Data undergo manual scrutiny
  3. Provides unified & 360° overviews of the audience
  4. Supports massive data search, queries, and requests
  5. Easy to share with clients, vendors, suppliers, partners & employees


  1. Build strong customer relations

  2. Effective marketing campaigns

  3. Smooth data transfer

  4. Improve operational efficiency

  5. Access & manage data insights in one location

Marketing Tip: Using API applications enhance data performance by 70%.

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