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Effective Ways To Clean Bad CRM Data

Clean bad CRM data in effective ways

In a professional relationship, one should invest their efforts into maintaining them to take them forward. Preserving relationships with customers plays a crucial role in operating a business successfully. In this blog, we will take you through some effective ways to clean bad CRM data.

You can have a look at the contents we have covered below.

  • What is lead enrichment?
  • Importance of maintaining a healthy CRM
  • 6 effective ways to clean up a CRM database
  • How can data enrichment service providers help?
  • Some of the best data enrichment service providers.

What is lead enrichment?

Lead enrichment is one of the most crucial elements of generating and nurturing leads in any business. It is a process in which you append, modify, and rectify details according to the currently available information of an existing lead contact in the CRM database.


Lead enrichment’s main motive is to help the sales reps not to leave out any opportunities for generating leads. Lead enrichment is essential because it ensures the contact information is complete, is of high quality, and is updated with the latest information, ultimately enhancing the accuracy of the lead’s information.

Learn how to use data sources for lead enrichment!

Statistics speak that over 62% of B2B organizations depend upon marketing and prospecting data, which is almost 40% inaccurate.

Importance of healthy CRM

An intelligent CRM in B2B prospecting does wonders in bringing revenues to the organization. But a foul CRM with outdated data directs into severe harmful effects for a business such as a meltdown in revenues, sales productivity, forecasting, and business growth. It ultimately creates a blockade for B2B lead generation.

Why is old CRM data not useful?

  • Hard & soft bounces
  • Poor deliverability
  • Spam traps
  • Unengaged users
  • Reject lists

All in all, data decays with time as people change jobs, and when companies change their addresses. There are significant risks in using inaccurate data, and now there is a need to clean and enrich the CRM databases regularly. To bridge this gap between a bad CRM and an enriched CRM, you should understand and opt for a few methods for CRM cleaning.

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6 effective ways to clean up a CRM database

1. Start with clean data

When you start with clean and accurate data, almost 40% of your cleaning process is done.


Found a new lead? Make sure you get all the details you need for the sales process and to record in your CRM. You can use sign-up forms, make calls, conduct surveys, perform internet activities and collate details from the main company website or even from their LinkedIn profiles.

2. Train your staff

A seamless and appropriate CRM training has to be incorporated. Make sure all your staff working with the CRM is aware of all the features, functions, and usability to develop confidence and knowledge while working with the software. It also helps in user adoption, improving CRM usability and acceptance.

Vital aspects of understanding a CRM

3. Improve the existing data

Check for duplication and missing data. Start with the most specific fields like email address, first and last names, and telephone number. The easiest way to do this is to spread your data on a spreadsheet, and you can quickly locate the easily-identified errors. This process also has a scope to find any long-lost information! It is easy to sort and fill your missing data fields once the duplication is solved.

4. Divide and double-check

One of the most non-complicated methods to clean a CRM database is to divide and give fields to your teams related to them. For example, the telemarketing teams check the phone number and STD or dialing codes, whereas, the sales team checks the price lists updates.

CRM is an essential part of the current marketing system for every business. Understand the role of a modern CRM system in the current business!

5. Assign a CRM data manager

A CRM data manager can keep a tab on all the activities performed for and by the organization’s CRM software. The responsibilities of the CRM data manager could include keeping a check on several operations of data like where does the data come from, what all fields are included, field relevancy, and age of the data.


Some included responsibilities of a CRM data manager are scrutinizing duplicate records, inaccurate data in any areas, any missing data, and unresponsive contacts. A manager for CRM data activities simplifies the managing and monitoring aspects of CRM data.

6. Remove unnecessary fields

Scan your CRM and take out fields you don’t require for your sales process. Consider cutting them down from the database to maintain their relevancy. It makes it easier to fetch any detail in the upcoming process of sales.


Data validation tools can ease your work here. Data validation is a process where the software checks if the entered data is valid enough to make it to the CRM as per the provided business requirements. It also helps in avoiding text content going to numeric fields.

Methods to process your CRM cleaning

All the mentioned six ways are sufficient enough to maintain a good and healthy CRM to obtain leads without missing out on any opportunities. But to implement these strategies, you should dedicate some of your workforces to this task leaving specific important tasks behind.


It might disturb your working patterns, schedules, or assignments lined up ahead. However, it would help if you made it a compulsion to tuck in this process amidst all working chaos to get better results and maintain consistency in clean and updated contact information.


Not to worry, you have readily existing services to your rescue! Brands like DataCaptive, ReachStream, ZoomInfo, and many more readily offer services like lead enrichment and also includes data appending, data verification, data validation, and data cleansing.

Extra tips for maintaining a clean CRM

If you would like to opt for a CRM data cleansing service, then consider the best data enrichment services providers mentioned below!

Best B2B data enrichment service providers


DataCaptive provides various CRM data enrichment services, adding value to your business with opted-in contact data. You can check out their opt-in process here.


ReachStream allows you to filter and refine your target audience with 15 filters. It delivers dual-verified data with 90% accuracy.

B2B data companies comparison


ZoomInfo Enrich and Marketing Automation provide accurate and up-to-date data regardless of where it was initially being sourced from.


InsideView offers lead enrichment services that turn more website visitors into leads quickly.


Databox is a business analytics platform that pulls data from various sources into a single destination, allowing you to track performance and discover insights in real-time.

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