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DataCaptive » Case Study » How A PPE Manufacturing Company Generated 58+ Leads In A Week

How A PPE Manufacturing Company Generated 58+ Leads In A Week

How a PPE Manufacturing Company Generated 58+ Leads in a Week

Company: PPE Manufacturing Company

PPE Manufacturing Company Challenges
Target audiences

Target audiences: Hospital procurement and C level executives

Target Location
Target Location: United States
Industry: Healthcare

Overview of the Company

The PPE manufacturing company is one of Americas well known Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) brand. They have established themselves as the manufacturer and distributor for head-to-toe protection and is a valued partner for a few importers in their brand name. All of their products that are delivered across the world come with all the required certifications.

Vision and mission of the PPE manufacturing company

Vision and mission of the PPE manufacturing company
The company aims to become one of the most trusted PPE manufacturers across the country. They want to achieve this by working towards increasing their presence across the country and by innovating new products. The company’s mission is to continue its unwavering commitment to providing Personal Protective Equipment and gear to keep people safe in their work environments.

Challenges faced by the PPE Manufacturing Company

Challenges faced by the PPE Manufacturing Company

No connections in the healthcare industry

Since the company is still in the early stages of their business, they do not have the networks and a strong database to connect to their target audience and distribute their goods. Most of the time the decision-makers of the healthcare institutions are hard to reach out to. This also makes it hard to build a contact database that already has qualified leads to go down your sales funnel.

Shortage of raw materials

One of the main issues why some countries face a critical shortage of PPE is due to increased demand in the time of a global pandemic. The increase in PPE supply will require a large increase in the manufacturing of PPE kits which will take a long-time to match due to the ever increase of COVID-19 patients. Another main reason PPE manufacturers are not able to match the demand is because of the lack of raw materials.

Increasing prices

They are also finding it hard to look for a supplier that won’t gouge the price. And since the hospitals are already varied in the prices it becomes more important to work with vetted and proven suppliers that offer a fair competitive price. Hospitals are now reaching out to Chinese manufacturing companies since their prices are cheaper and that may affect the PPE manufacturers in the USA.
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Finding right tools to carry out email campaigns

Since digital marketing is an important part of any B2B business, companies nowadays prefer an email marketing platform. Choosing the right email marketing service can significantly impact the success of a company’s marketing campaigns. The PPE company was finding it difficult to create and send out perfectly timed and responsive email campaigns.

Stagnant sales

In order to grow your B2B business, you must expand and sell more, but our customer was facing difficulties with increasing their sales for the past two to three years. The management was concerned because they lacked insights on creating a better marketing strategy that is better suited for their brand. The company was also having issues in reaching their long-term sales and business objectives.

Lack of B2B market knowledge

The company had limited knowledge on the market because they are still new to the industry. They also took a hit during the pandemic because they were not digital-first and their website had technical issues in the back end that were ruining its visibility in the search results. The PPE manufacturing company was facing a problem in market research because they dint have experts who would divulge in research and come up with the right solutions.

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How DataCaptive helped them with a solution

DataCaptive has a contact database that can help a company connect with a team of experts in the medical field including current front-line medical professionals, medical consultants, and device experts.

And the PPE manufacturing company was looking to get in touch with the Healthcare industry and its decision-makers, hence they opted for our Hospital procurement email list and the CFO hospital email list to reach out to their prospective clients.

How DataCaptive helped them with a solution

Connect with the right target audience

Hospital procurement is part of the healthcare industry that controls the purchase of the bulk of services, equipment, and supplies. And since DataCaptive contact databases are geo-targeted, it can take your B2B brand and its offerings to hospital procurement in any corner of the globe.

As our email list is verified, updated systematically to keep it fresh and up to date the PPE manufacturing company was able to obtain quality leads that have the potential to convert.

Make connections with the Decision makers

In order to make connections with the decision-makers of the healthcare industry, the PPE company choose to purchase our CFO hospital email list. The CFO is the one who is responsible for overseeing the finances of the hospital, this usually includes creating or revising budgets and forecasting cashflows.


And since CFOs play such a vital role in every hospital it is necessary to reach out to them. This dataset helped the PPE company in increasing its brand value, generate sales, and increase ROI.

Get in touch with the right suppliers and reduce their prices

After finding success with the other services of DataCaptive the PPE manufacturing company also decided to list themselves on our DataCaptive Directory in hopes of reaching the right suppliers. And once they successfully listed their business on our directory and promoted their business to the suppliers. They were able to find a few suppliers that were ready to sell their raw materials at an agreeable price range.

With the right raw material in hand, the company was able to generate more PPE kits and meet the demand as well as reach sales targets. Not only that, the company also was able to bring down the prices of some of its PPE products so that more hospitals could afford them and help front-line workers.

Rollout email campaigns

To solve their last pain point, we offered them our newly launched ReachEngine platform. With this the PPE company was able to create custom email templates, nurture their leads and automate their campaigns.

Our customer success associate guided them through the end-to-end process of creating and rolling out email marketing campaigns. They were able to hit their targets, get relevant leads and incrementally increase their revenue.

DataCaptive helped increase their sales

DataCaptive helped the company by formulate a better marketing strategy with the help of our data enrichment solutions. The data enrichment process was able to enhance their outreach and improve their customer experience with a complete structured contact database that helped them reach the maximum potential out of their marketing and sales efforts.
Our marketing experts came up with the best sales strategy to help them with their offline marketing efforts as well.

Pointing out the errors and giving them right direction

The first thing that our team did was helping the PPE company with a market expert. Our B2B market expert knows the ever-changing and competitive B2B market space and was able to help the company with insights creative and arduous investigation. This helped the company choose the right path, by giving valuable advice on choosing the right business strategies that led the company in making the right changes and increasing the sales simultaneously.
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With the solutions the company was able to see positive changes every week. The number of leads increased gradually, and so did their ROI over time. The most recent update we got from their marketing manager was that the company was able to generate over 58+ leads every week and was also able to convert most of them into their loyal customers.

We are happy that our services could help the company solve their pain points and lead them on their path to success.

Recommendation to other companies

Recommendation to other companies

Based on this case study, we would recommend other B2B companies to send out email marketing campaigns but with the right strategies and tools. When it comes to looking for a customizable B2B database, find the one that is AI and human-verified and compliant with the GDPR privacy policy like DataCaptive.

Apart from a contact database, you can also check out some of the other services such as ReachEngine an all-in-one email marketing platform, and our directory page where you can list your business.
Tools like ReachEngine will help you send out emails campaign at the right time, reach out to your target audience, use ready-made templates, and track its metrics. These services will not only allow you to generate a large number of leads over time but also to reach your sales goals and increase your revenue.
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