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How Facebook Can Help Your Business Grow?

FaceBook can help grow your business

Back in January 2004, when Google’s first social media platform Orkut was launched, we were quite excited about the way it gave us a new, free and quick communication channel. But due to its limited functionality that started with and ended on a scrapbook, it could not offer more than what it was initially intended to.

And then, taking lessons from the mistakes of Google, Facebook came along, and that totally changed for us, the definition of social media. Today, we have the biggest enterprises reaping millions with the help of only Facebook pages and the tools it offers.


Technology giants, which also function as mobile app development companies, got a fair enough reason to build new technologies in line with the concepts of Facebook, to help users gain the most from the World Wide Web. If you are an entrepreneur reading this article, we have got some quick concepts and tips that signify how to market on Facebook, which you need to imbibe to successfully wield Facebook as a significant tool for your business.


So, without further ado, let’s get you to know Facebook from a business perspective.

Get website traffic

So what do these stats say? One thing, that a website is important. But then it needs a lot of SEO techniques like backlinking, keyword placement, and many more complex techniques we are unable to recall because they are that complex. With the help of Facebook, you can redirect a lot of traffic to your website, on one condition that you must know how to leverage Facebook for the purpose.

increase website traffic
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To drive traffic to your website with the help of Facebook, all you need to do is make a Facebook page for your business and publish your posts with links to your website. In case you don’t have many followers and don’t even want to go down that lane, you can simply collaborate with other pages or groups with a huge number of followers, and start posting on those pages; provided you have the owner’s permission.

Engage with audience

Once you get many followers by successfully building a reputation on Facebook using guest posts in a big group/ community, it is time to step-up the game. Your followers would often want to know more about you or your product. And they would certainly post comments on your posts. Don’t forget to make your audience important by replying to their comments or messages.

engage with audience

More than 60 million businesses own a Facebook page, and among those, more than 32% engage with businesses regularly. As a matter of fact, on average, Facebook pages receive 5 billion comments every month, and 42% of them get a reply within an hour. These stats are only to remind you that you can engage a lot with the customers if you can actively participate in the comments section.

Hence, you can convince with analysis that, there are tremendous benefits of Facebook for business. In the following reading, you can know about Facebook and CRM. This really helps you in preparing for the next level in your business.

Lead generation

The good thing about Facebook is that it does more than what it shows on the outside. For an ordinary Facebook user, the platform is only about social interactions and probably some ads on the right column. But from a business perspective, Facebook has tools that help businesses achieve more than ever. One such tool is Lead Ads, which allows businesses to collect lead data via Facebook pages, with the help of a lead form.

The uniqueness of Lead Ads rests on this form, which is embedded in the Lead Advertisement. Prospective customers can click on the ad that will launch the form. To fill a form, customers only have to allow sharing of their information with a tap, as the fields auto-populate using the data of the customer stored in the Facebook database.


The data that is collected here, goes to the CRM or Customer Relationship Management database of the Facebook page. From there, the data can be manually downloaded and then transferred to the business website’s database.

The good thing is that mobile app developers have also devised a way to integrate the Facebook app with Lead Ads, which makes data collection even easier.


Apart from the factors we have discussed here, there are many other ways to give a boost to your business revenue, some of which are feedback collection, regular posts, affiliate marketing, and more. Hence, knowing how to grow your business on Facebook helps you remarkably in the long term.


Facebook is one of the most powerful platforms for marketing at present. But then to use the maximum potential of the web, you need to use a combination of other digital tools such as mobile app development, professional social networks, and a few other platforms that are set to dominate the future of marketing.

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