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9 Reasons Why DataCaptive Can Improve Customer Acquisition

Improve Your Customer Acquisition With DataCaptive

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies. Any sales professional will need an accurate B2B email list and cutting-edge email software to drive traffic and sales through email campaigns. If you find it challenging to find new leads and reach out to them, there’s a good chance you have considered buying an email list at some point.

A B2B email list is an invaluable resource for businesses seeking to build customer relationships by sending highly targeted email campaigns. It can significantly increase your sales, improve marketing efficiency, and save valuable resources. 

Is your team looking for accurate and verified B2B email lists to scale your marketing strategies? At DataCaptive, we offer precisely that! 

DataCaptive is a data provider that helps B2B companies accomplish sustainable growth by providing customized data lists. These high-quality email lists can be used to target their specific audience. We host contact information of prominent global companies and top decision-makers in various industries. Our wide range of databases is the perfect tool to scale your lead generation capabilities. 

This infographic will enlighten you on the DataCaptive features that makes it the best email provider in the market. 

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What Are the Features of DataCaptive?

What are some unique features of DataCaptive?
01 Highly segmented Database
Highly-Segmented Database

Our databases are segmented on the basis of geography, firmographics, industry, revenue size, and job titles. This will help your sales team analyze its target audience in-depth and enhance the data for maximum performance.

We extract contact data from 50 industry sectors and more than 170 countries. Once the data is grouped into target groups based on the chosen parameters, your team can use it more efficiently for marketing and operations.

Customizable Database

We customize every B2B database based on the needs and requirements of our clients. Our post-sales customer service involves taking input from business experts to create databases that will provide you with high quality prospects. You can choose the target market and specific data points to create a customized list that meets your needs. Customers can also geo-segment their mailing list, focusing on a particular location, aiding your team to reach the right target audience and ease your lead generation process. 

Manual and AI Verification

Data accuracy is of paramount importance in B2B marketing. Therefore, the data we collect undergoes a 7-tier manual and AI verification and validation to guarantee accuracy and authenticity. We only add contacts who have opted-in, this ensures compliance with various data privacy laws. They also have a high deliverability rate, meaning emails are less likely to bounce back or end up in spam folders.

Opt-in Contacts

An opt-in email list is a collection of contacts who have agreed to be included in a distribution list to be contacted via email or alternative forms of communication. This means they’ve agreed to receive mass emails, SMS messages, newsletters, or other digital communication from you. We only enlist the contacts who have opted to share their details and receive promotional messages. This will help your sales team reduce spam and increase your website’s domain authority. This way, you reach out to an audience most likely to purchase your products or services.

Data Compliance

All our contact databases strictly comply with international and local data privacy laws such as the GDPR and CAN-SPAM. Our contact databases are designed to protect the privacy of individuals and businesses worldwide. DataCaptive prioritizes the safety and privacy of your data, to this end, we follow procedures and protocols to safeguard data from unauthorized access and use.

Affordable Prices

DataCaptive’s email lists are affordable, making them accessible to businesses of all sizes. The price depends on the plan you choose, the size of the database, the customizations requested, and the extent of research required to fulfill these requirements. You can request sample data to determine the quality of our database and make a purchase after that. Simply put, buy more pay less.

08 CRM friendly Files
CRM-friendly Files

We ensure that our data is easy to use. You can integrate the files into any CRM or cloud-based software without the involvement of a third-party tool. Our databases are designed to facilitate single-platform access and secure data. It can also be integrated with automation tools that allow businesses to send automated emails. 

24/7 Post-sale Assistance

We aim to provide a steady and seamless sales experience and assist our clients in planning profitable campaigns with our 24/7 post-sales services. This includes the onboarding period, product demos, extended customer support hours, and proactive support outreach to identify small roadblocks before they become major obstacles. You can also be the first to get updates on our latest offers or discounts.

Benefits of Using DataCaptive's Email Lists

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    With an extensive B2B email database, your team can successfully execute email, telemarketing, and lead generation campaigns and increase the customer base globally.
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    Our wide range of lists is competitive enough to improve conversions and revenue drastically.
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    DataCaptive offers clients a responsive email list with a 95% accuracy and 85% deliverability rate.
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    We offer 100% replacement in case hard bounce exceeds 15% and credits as per our T&C policy.
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    The customized email list is delivered within 3–5 business days in .xls or .csv formats.
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    Every contact list is meticulously verified and re-verified regularly to ensure you get the most accurate data and avoid hard bounces and inaccuracies.
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    The lists are also free of duplicate contacts and generic emails, ensuring you only generate qualified leads.
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    The B2B contact databases can be used for multichannel marketing campaigns such as email marketing, telemarketing, direct mail, social media advertising, and more.
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    It will allow your businesses to personalize their email campaigns by addressing subscribers by name or sending them value-added offers or content relevant to their interests.
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    If you want to reach a different customer base with your services or products, investing in DataCaptive email lists can be a speedy and cost-effective solution.

Difference Between Our Email Lists and Generic Email Lists

DataCaptive’s Email Lists

Other Generic Email Lists 

Our opt-in contact’s information is shared with permission.

Other data providers sometimes collect information without consent, leading to high bounce and spam rates.

Credible data sourced from surveys, conferences, seminars, feedback forms, forums, government records, yellow pages, public filings, panel discussions, business listings, and directories.

Information can be collected from unethical sources from illegal sources.

Can be fully customized based on the data needs of the company.

Databases can be premade and generic for every request, resulting in only a few qualified leads.

Goes through 7-tier verification steps through AI and manually for accuracy.

Data may not be verified often or can be incomplete, irrelevant, irresponsive, and stale.  

Complies with global data policies like GDPR and CAN-SPAM.

No guarantee that they will comply with any data privacy laws.

Your sales team can pick and choose specifics for the demographics you want to target, from age and location to gender.

Might not offer flexibility or customization options .


Whether you want to connect with large corporations or startups from a particular industry, our email lists can help you execute a successful campaign effectively. DataCaptive offers flexibility, as we understand the unique challenges you may face in your industry. Our team follows strict verification, cleansing, and appending processes to keep our data relevant and updated. 

We personalize our mailing data to connect you with your ideal buyers and guarantee maximum marketing resources for the highest benefits. Our email lists are designed to help expand your reach, and this comprehensive pool of potential customers could open your eyes to a new demographic to target. Therefore, if you want to increase ROI, customer retention rate, better email deliverability, boost customer engagement and reduce bounces. DataCaptive is the right data provider for you! Hurry, request a sample now! 


DataCaptive is a custom B2B data intelligence provider built to empower establishments to accomplish sustainable growth through an intent-based data-driven solution. We also offer data appending, verification, B2B lead nurturing, and lead management services. Our services are designed to drive marketing efficiency, ingredients to increase your ROI, and strengthen the communication channels between you and your customers. 

DataCaptive’s services help my business in terms of marketing and sales by

  • Expanding your reach and increasing sales growth 
  • Filling the marketing and sales funnels 
  • Increasing the ROI 
  • Improving customer acquisition efficiency 

Yes, you can customize your databases based on specific business needs such as location, industry, job title, and type of decision makers. 

Yes, DataCaptive is compliant with data policies like GDPR and CAN-SPAM. 

Our databases undergo a 7-tier manual and AI verification, validation, and opt-in process to guarantee accuracy and authenticity. 

The customized email list is delivered within 3–5 business days in .xls or .csv formats. 

Our prices vary from customer to customer since every business has different data needs. Therefore, all you have to do is reach out to us and tell us your data requirements. 

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