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InsideView Alternative – Datacaptive

insideview alternative datacaptive

Alternative for InsideView

InsideView and DataCaptive are two equally strong competitors that provide you with contact and company information, business insights, and many more.
We have mentioned a few advantages of InsideView and DataCaptive:


  • Diagnosing health of data
  • Tech profiles and API integrations
  • Inbound and outbound revenue acceleration
  • More integrations


  • One-stop solution for all marketing concerns
  • AI verification followed by a manual quality check
  • Extra benefits with bonus features and guarantee policies
  • The best accurate and customizable mailing lists with a double opt-in process.

Why DataCaptive?

DataCaptive is one of the top-of-the-line contact database providers with innovative solutions backed with high-end technology. We have served 2000+ customers globally with our data-driven solutions and 5+ years of industry experience.

We specialize in:

  • Locating, targeting, and prospecting leads from 170+ countries
  • Designing and executing ABM and multi-channel campaigns
  • Connecting with old leads and building a profitable customer relationship
  • Analyzing the marketing for product development and sales campaign
  • Strengthening lead engagement, customer acquisition, retention, and more

DataCaptive has a database of 97M+ company profiles, 98M+ emails, 65M+ phone numbers, and 5M+ C-level contacts. The data is collected from 50+ industries and 170+ countries. We let our customers choose their preferred business factors like job title, industry type, geographic areas, firmographics, demographics, and many more.

With us, you are not locked in for an unnecessary period. You can try the free sample data with us and then opt for our contact database. Once you have opted for our services, it’s your choice to decide if you want to continue with us in the future.

Our customers are allowed to upgrade, downgrade or cancel their subscription at any moment they wish to. Delivering to our customers a hassle-free and smooth experience is one of our primary goals.

DataCaptive is the home of 360-degree data-driven marketing solutions for B2B entrepreneurs, marketers, salespeople and more!

DataCaptive comes with a broad range of variety in its services. We offer services including data enrichment, data engagement, lead generation, lead enrichment for CRM, developer API, assist in account-based marketing, email marketing, and many more.

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Easy with DataCaptive

Brief us about your needs, get our data recommendations, and make a sure-shot choice to shoot up your business sales

Personalized services for everyone

According to the Salesforce State of Marketing report, 65% of businesses consider switching providers if they do not put in efforts to personalize their services and communications.

Cut down your research time

Our technographic and firmographic data help you pave the right path to find the detailed insights that your business requires!

Authentic and accurate data

There is no point in investing hugely in counterfeit data. We assure you that your every penny with us is an investment for accurate data that enhances your overall business.

Happy customers

Our Data

Our data collection process involves elaborative mining of data through credible data sources.


DataCaptive always strives to offer the best services. Our human-verified data plays a significant role in yielding high-quality contacts for our customers. The process ensures that the data provided is precise and builds seamless connections with your prospects.


At DataCaptive, we update our master database and verified it once every 45 days. Providing high-quality data is our top-most priority. DataCaptive’s verification approach involves a strict 7-step process, followed by a manual quality check and AI verification.


Every contact in our contact database is 100% opted-in, assuring 95% deliverability.


Our data strictly follows data policies like – GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and ANTI-CAN-SPAM. We safeguard our data from any data leakage and privacy violations.

Our Compliance

Our Compliance


We captivate technology and job insights, including other findings such as buying preferences, financial glimpses, social and timing triggers, contract renewal dates to help detect, prioritize, and engage target accounts. Our data is updated regularly.

Competitor Insights

With our technographic data, we can help you track your competitors as well. You can obtain verified and validated contact information, funding details, hiring movements, and more.


We regularly keep a tab on extracting the most updated information about companies from across the world. DataCaptive services allow you to grab email lists based on several specific criteria like geography, company size, industry, and so on. We use the combination of our firmographic and technographic data to predict what similar companies would be doing in the future. We provide you with these insights to develop a strong understanding of your target market and construct strategies to improve your conversions.


We also provide you with contact and company information. We offer phone numbers, emails, company profiles’ information, C-level contact information. With our contact and company database, we enable our customers to enhance their decision-making and make it right. You also can enrich your existing leads.

We became the winner in this epic battle about the best B2B lead generation medium. Want to know more?

FAQs about InsideView

What does InsideView do?
InsideView is a technology platform that provides data and intelligence solutions to solve sales, marketing, and customer data management challenges.
Where does InsideView get their data from?
InsideView gathers its information from many sources and media types: news, specialty vendors, social media web, crowd-sourcing, and more.
How accurate is InsideView?
According to the users’ reviews, InsideView data is approximately 90% accurate.
Is InsideView legal?
Yes, it takes data only from web crawling and email signatures which is considered legal.

FAQs about DataCaptive

What is DataCaptive?
DataCaptive is one of the top-of-the-line contact database providers with innovative solutions backed with high-end technology. We have served 2000+ customers globally with our data-driven solutions and 5+ years of industry experience.
What does DataCaptive do?
We provide contact databases and several other services like data enrichment, data appending, data verification, data validation, data cleansing, and many more. 
 Where does DataCaptive get their data?
DataCaptive collects its data from credible sources, and some of them are as mentioned:
  • Business directories
  • Trade fairs
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Feedback forms
  • Surveys
  • Panel Discussions
  • Publications and magazines
  • Medical forums
  • Government records
  • Medical Business listings
  • Membership
  • Yellow pages
  • Public filings 
How accurate is DataCaptive?
DataCaptive collects its data from various credible sources, and all the information collected undergoes a stringent 7-step verification process. The data then undergoes an AI verification and a manual quality check to correct anomalies left behind in Artificial Intelligence.

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