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Killer Ways Brands Can Respond To Negative Reviews On Social Media

Brands Can Respond To Negative Reviews

“With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose.” – Dr. Wayne W Dyer

“97 percent of consumers read online reviews before making a buying decision in 2017” – (source: Online Reviews Statistics for 2018).

Whoa! It’s like almost everyone reads online reviews before making a buying decision, except for those in a hurry! No wonder, having a positive image on social media is so important! Is it easy to maintain a positive image on social media? I highly doubt…


Social media is a platform given to all of us to voice our opinions, which can be positive or negative, honest or dishonest, good or bad, etc.! While one positive review can bring us hundreds of sales prospects, one negative review can literally ruin our reputation forever!


You are exposed to everything, all the time. You are in a vulnerable state and you need to make sure you plan well how to respond to these reviews and feedback.


Take a look at these key points from Online Reviews Statistics for 2018:

  • 50 percent of consumers will question a business’s quality after reading negative online reviews
  • 30 percent of consumers say responding to reviews is a key factor when judging local businesses

In this blog, we shall discuss how one can deal with negative reviews or comments on different social media platforms:

The genuine review

These are the reviews of people that are genuinely dissatisfied with your product, these are factual and real.


Example: “Deeply disappointed after buying your product ABC! Expected too much”


How to respond: Ask them in detail what disappointed them, get to know what their real concerns are. Getting their views can help you to improve. Just listen.

The long descriptive rant

These are the reviews of people that are so disappointed and frustrated by your product, that they have enough energy and time to let the world know about it. They just want to complain to whoever is listening!


Example: “Bought the product ABC Today! What a waste of money! The quality is so bad it can get anyone frustrated, I should have known better! I expected so much from this brand, their technology! It looked fine in the beginning but as I started to use it the disappointment only increased. They have managed to keep the functioning simple. But once you start having problems they only keep adding on! Even customer support was unhelpful!”


How to respond: While you may get tempted to give a negative reply, don’t! This kind of review can cause irreplaceable damage. You need to reduce the damage by replying as politely as you can. Be kind. Your kindness is a trait that is just yours, it doesn’t change according to the people you are dealing with.

The generalized statements

These are the reviews of people that just think they can be the mouthpiece for every person in general, they simply give their opinions as if they are facts.


Example: “Nobody will like ABC!”


How to respond: Delete the review! Just kidding! Just respond back with sarcasm but with as much kindness as possible.


Maybe you can respond with:

“Oh! So, you know for sure? What a busy life you have and you still took time to watch my movie. Thank you, J

P.S. kindly speak for yourself.”

The over negative reviews

These people are just too frustrated and will attack anything and anybody.


Example- “This product is useless and everything else about it is also the same!”


How to respond: Honestly, just ignore. This kind of negativity is not even worth your attention. Your attention will fuel their energy. They will just attack anybody, literally anybody. They do not really care about your product, they are just frustrated with themselves and their life!

The false reviews/spams

Making fake accounts is so easy and people can use it for 1 major reason- spread negativity!


How to respond: Once you discover a review or the account holder of the review as a fake, report it!


Take action, you don’t want to lose your reputation by people who are too scared of losing their own (obviously, that is the reason they choose to remain anonymous, right?)


Okay! Honestly, enough with this negativity. On the positive side, there are so many people out there that want to tell you how great your product/ service is and social media serves a great purpose for it.


Positive reviews give you motivation and negative reviews can help you grow.


Listen, listen to them all!

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