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Marketing Mix Template to Plan Successful B2B Campaigns

Marketing Mix Templates Free

The marketing mix is a vital framework for any business; however, the approach and strategies can differ depending on the nature of the business, the industry, and the target audience. For B2B companies, the marketing mix requires a unique approach in sync with business customers’ needs and preferences. There might be numerous marketing mix templates out there, but only a few templates cater to the needs of the B2B industry.  

In this template, we will explore the marketing mix for B2B companies, focusing on the key elements of product, price, place, promotion, people, and process. It will help you break down your marketing ideas into four categories and dig deeper into each for new insights. Using this marketing mix template will enable your team to do market research and develop a comprehensive and effective B2B campaign addressing all critical aspects of the marketing strategy.

Whether you are a marketer or a business owner, this template will provide valuable insights into effectively marketing your products or services to other businesses.

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What Is a Marketing Mix Template?

A marketing mix template is a framework or tool marketers use to develop and implement the right marketing strategies. By utilizing a marketing mix template, a marketer can ensure that all the elements are aligned and integrated into their marketing campaigns. Furthermore, this template aids a business in identifying and evaluating these elements and developing a marketing strategy in sync with its marketing goals or objectives.

What is a marketing mix template?

The digital marketing mix template typically consists of four elements, known as the 4Ps of the marketing mix, which are:

  • Product

This refers to the physical or intangible products and services a company offers its customers. Here you need to understand the unique features and benefits of the product or services as well as its target customers and competitors. For B2B campaigns, focusing on the business customers’ specific needs and pain points is crucial.

  • price

The pricing strategy for a B2B campaign should be based on factors such as the product’s value proposition, competition, and customer demand. B2B pricing is often more complex than B2C pricing, and it may sometimes involve negotiating discounts, bundling services, or offering long-term contracts. Your team must also consider how much B2B customers are willing to pay for the product.

  • Place

The distribution channels for a B2B campaign will depend on the nature of the product or service being marketed. This may include retail stores, direct sales, partnerships with other businesses, or online platforms. It is vital to choose distribution channels that are convenient and accessible for the target audience.

  • Promotion

The promotional marketing strategy should be designed to reach decision-makers within the target industry. This may include targeted advertising, email marketing, trade shows, social selling, webinars, or content marketing. The messaging should focus on the product’s or service’s benefits and value proposition.

Benefits of Using Marketing Mix Template

Comprehensive Approach:

A marketing mix plan template helps ensure that all critical aspects of a marketing strategy are considered and addressed. By focusing on the 4Ps, the template provides a comprehensive approach to marketing that helps ensure that all necessary factors are considered.

Maintain Consistency:

Using a marketing mix analysis template helps ensure that marketing activities are consistent across different channels and over time. This can help build brand recognition and loyalty and improve marketing efforts’ effectiveness.

Bring Clarity:

The template helps clearly define the marketing strategies and objectives that will help you build relationships with other prospective customers.

Increased Flexibility:

This marketing mix strategy template is a flexible tool that can be adapted to different products, markets, and situations. It also can be used for a wide range of marketing activities, from launching a new product to promoting an existing one.

Better Decision-making:

By using a marketing mix template, marketers can make more informed decisions about allocating resources, pricing, distribution, and promotion.

Why Should You Download This Template?

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    Fully and easily editable content
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    Professionally designed
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    To plan successful B2B marketing campaigns
  • 04-num.png
    To develop and execute effective marketing strategies
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    To manage and allocate an effective budget
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    To gather effective insights into future trends
  • 07-num.png
    To take well-informed decisions
  • 08-num.png
    To understand what your product or service can offer to your prospects

End Note

We have designed this 4Ps marketing mix template in a way that can be adapted to suit different products, markets, and situations. The template will include elements to create successful B2B marketing campaigns that resonate with your target audience and drive business growth. These free marketing mix templates can be handy for launching a new product, version, or feature. We hope this template will help you visualize the various strategies at a glance and find your ideal go-to-market solution. 


The steps to writing a marketing mix are as follows: 

  • Set marketing goals and objectives 
  • Establish a marketing budget 
  • Determine your unique selling proposition (USP)  
  • Identify your target market and audience 
  • Define your product or services in detail 
  • Find the right distribution channels 

A marketing mix template is vital because it provides a comprehensive overview of the essential factors and touchpoints a marketer must consider when developing a marketing strategy for their upcoming campaigns. 

The 7 pillars of the marketing mix are product (or service), price, promotion, place, people, packaging, and process.  

This template is easy to use as it explains what to write in each section. All the sections can be edited; therefore, you can erase any wording or sections you see fit and fill in information for your specific project, a product’s name, or price.

The product is the good or service being marketed to the target audience. This may include tangible goods such as books, food items, groceries, and medicine or intangible services such as health care, financing services, or even B2B contact list services that fill a market gap. 

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