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Powerful Tips On Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

tips on effective email marketing

Email marketing is the best way of carrying out personalized marketing! Through emails, you can cover topics like changes in your company, victories, request feedback from your customer, etc. The following statistics prove that email marketing is going to be effective for a long, long time!

“86% of business professionals prefer to use email when communicating for business purposes.”


“Nearly 105 billion emails are sent each day; this number is expected to reach 246 billion before 2020.”


“The number of email users worldwide is forecasted to rise to 2.9 billion by 2019.”


“In the UK, every one pound spent on email marketing has an ROI of 38 pounds; in the US, it’s $44.”

There is no doubt that email marketing is the most effective way of marketing. Here is a list of reasons:


  1. Economic, cost-effective, and measurable
  2. Personalized, customizable, and accessible (mobile phones)
  3. More effective for customer acquisition and retention

Of course, Email marketing is the old way, but who says old cannot be effective? Old, in this case, is gold. Most people (I mean, everyone!) still use emails for professional purposes!


If you want to succeed in your business venture and achieve a higher level of ROI and sales, an effective email marketing campaign is the way to go. I know how bounced emails can discourage you but none the less it is your business and it has to have your back!  Let us find out ways to improve our email marketing campaigns!

Make it easy to subscribe

If you have nobody subscribed then you have nobody to send emails to! Post a signup form on your homepage, your blog, your Facebook Page and wherever else your customers and potential customers are already active.

Create a signup form that includes email address and other basic information as occupation, birthday, etc. Do not bombard with too many questions. Keep it simple and easy.

Invest in really good and effective email list

It can take forever for you to actually reach to your target audience by yourself and in this fast paced world you really cannot afford that. You do not really want your competitors to get ahead in the race, do you? There are plenty of vendors that are willing to supply you with your top class much needed email list. For instance? DATACAPTIVE! All I want to say is invest in a good B2B Database!

Send your subscribers a welcome message

Your subscribers must feel valued and welcome. No, first impression is not the last impression but it surely is the most impactful! Send them a welcome message that may include an impressive offer or an exclusive content. It is the beginning of a new relationship after all!

Create a publishing calendar

You do not want to send too many emails or too less emails. You want to engage your customers by sending them content that would match with their interest and the content that is fresh. It is ideal to keep a record and the best way to do that is by creating a publishing calendar. It will help you to organize your emails well.

Make sure that your emails are optimized for mobile phones

“91% of the people use their smartphone to check their email”. It is not even surprising, is it? Think mobile first if you want to succeed in your campaigns.  With the help of Software you can control the layout of your email, making sure your text and images fit within the space of the user’s screen.

Convey your messages through emails

Be it offers, exclusive contents or anything else, just email your customers when it is important. Do not send too many emails or else you may end up marked as spam. You just use email as a tool to stay connected with your customers and let them know about the new developments and offers.


In addition, you can also send special wishes on festivals, birthdays or anniversary. Go an extra mile and show your customers that you really hear them out and that you care.

Measure your results

It is important to measure the results to ensure that you are going in the right direction. With email marketing, it is very easy to measure the results! If people are clicking, you’re succeeding. If they’re not clicking and they’re unsubscribing, you’re not! Remember to keep call to action in your emails and measure the number of people that do call. Nurture your leads and you may end up with a deal!


Is your content effective? Find out!

Final thoughts

As always, I would urge you to get creative. Find out what works best for your customers. Each got their own rules. Somethings work for some people, other things for other people. Evolve and in no time you will enjoy the best ROI and sales!

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