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Productive B2B Marketing Strategies For The Aviation Industry

Marketing Strategies

Aviation is a complex industry where there are a lot of pitfalls right out in the open. It is very much possible for companies to lose track of their strategies and end up in one of these pits. Such mishaps will not only cause financial distress to the company but also induces a negative reputation of the brand in the market.

To avoid these pitfalls, there is a need for the aviation industry marketers to have a strong B2B marketing strategy in place.

The given article will elaborate on the following topics:

Who are the typical B2B aviation clients?

Which B2B techniques bring in the best results?

You are bound to find some productive B2B marketing strategies if you are a business functioning within the aviation industry.

Who are the typical b2b aviation clients?

typical b2b aviation clients

The aviation industry is on a rise and the rate at which it is growing has been exponential. Convincing the right audience would take a lot of time as the transactions are larger in proportion. However, here are some examples of B2B aviation industry clients.

The government and its subsidiaries

government subsidiaries

Government agencies and their subsidiaries have a specific set of requirements that they will expect from the aviation industry. Their requirements generally revolve around private aviation companies. When you want to bring these big-ticket players onboard, you need your services to speak volumes about privacy, security, reliability, and access to locations unreachable by commercial flights.


A lot of agents who represent the government and its various facets will be the repeat customers of these personal aviation companies. It is because the services can be customized according to their flexible needs at the oddest of hours.

Fortune 500 companies in all industries

fortune 500 companies

Top Executives of Fortune 500 companies use private aviation services for anything from a picturesque corporate retreat to attending an important meeting halfway across the world. It may also include aviation companies wanting to run an airline business.


Like for example, a business conversation between Boeing [an air-craft manufacturing company] and Lufthansa Airlines. They travel using private aviation as they prefer to save time and the bother of using a commercial service. You should keep your service in the top-notch category for them to become repeat customers of your service.

Hotels and resorts that sell package deals

hotels resorts that sell package deal

Luxury resorts are also prime customers for private aviation companies given that you get your marketing strategy right and target the right set of people. Integrate with the Luxury hotels and introduce deal that will increase the brand image of both the parties. By following such a strategy, you can get a steady pipeline of customers while also drawing some commission from the luxury hotel chain.


Now that we’ve looked at the type of clients that would be right for an aviation industry, it is time to look at how to reach these clients and solidify your business.

Which b2b techniques bring in the best results?

b2b techniques bring best results

One of the most effective ways to promote your private aviation services is through the use of Informational Videos. Through this, you can communicate with your would-be customers and promote all your offerings and how especially it brings about benefits to them.


The other B2B marketing strategy for the companies in the aviation industry would be to tie up with large-scale event organizers, like for example, backing events like TED Talks. The finest of the business personnel and layman is usually a part of this popular and exclusive event. Advertise your business and services on these high-end occasions and build your brand value. It is a mixture of traditional and online marketing strategies, but it will enhance your brand identity.

If you are preparing for a proper product launch, you can use it to rehearse and tinker the presentation with the needs of the audience.


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In order to target the right sets of customers, your best option would be to bring on board new clients using LinkedIn. To get the attention of the top professionals on LinkedIn, you’ll need to make specific promotions that will engage the right set of audiences. You can be a part of genuine aviation groups like ‘Aviation Network’ on LinkedIn. Moreover, you can also build your official account on Instagram like Boeing’s account.

Reach your b2b clients through paid advertising

paid advertising to reach your b2b clients

With people pushing out content left and right on all social media channels, the organic reach of posts has been down for a while and rightly so. Now you can still put your eggs in the organic reach basket, but you should focus on better investment using the paid advertising option available on all social media channels or the web pages over the search engine.


Paid Advertising gives you the best chance of bringing in more B2B clients into your business. Also, when you need to get these B2B clients onboard, they will need to be enticed with some viable marketing strategies like content marketing, email marketing and the like.


Paid Advertising can be done through a variety of ways including Google AdWords and by buying time slots in various media.

Adopt qualitative content marketing techniques

build engaging content marketing

When you want to approach other business to do business, then you need to speak the universal language understood by them. In addition to this, there should be a hint of personalization in your sales pitch which will point out how uniquely your aviation service helps them in their businesses rather than a memorized and generic sales pitch.


The ideal way to increase trust in your offering is to use high-quality content marketing techniques that will look to inform the people of your product or service and prod them in your direction so that they can make the purchase.

Content Marketing is not some quick fix or a stop-gap solution that will instantaneously guarantee you results. It is a rather lengthy process, and when done right people will refer to your brand as the benchmark in your particular industry. This means all the efforts that you put in to win your customers has become a success. Now the customers will voluntarily become repeat customers of your product/service.

Dominate your market space!

focus market domination

Dominating the current market space and entering new markets is the dream of every organization. The projected increase in global aviation is increasing at a steady 1.2% YOY. Now that there is room for substantial growth in your particular industry it is now best that you use the right marketing strategies to get you to that place. Some of the areas where you need to focus if you are to keep yourself on the right track are:


Keep tabs on international branding and marketing; through international marketing, you can ideally advertise your private aviation services in new markets. All these activities can be done efficiently when you have a proper marketing strategy in place.

Right diversification strategy is the key to success

right diversification strategy

Diversification is vital in any business as there need to be multiple sources of income for a business. Frequent diversification gives room for multiple streams of income to flow into the business and keep your business alive and kicking in case of any malicious event wipes out your market share in that particular industry.


For Diversification to be successful there is one of two paths you can follow, which are:


–    The Offensive Marketing Strategy

–    The Defensive Marketing Strategy


The Offensive Marketing Strategy is where you utilize strategies that will help you increase your market share and improve your footing in the current market.

A Defensive Marketing Strategy, on the other hand, will look to add more life to the near-extinct market segments and prevent them from fading away into nothingness.

Constant monitoring leads to better analysis

monitor results

Whatever marketing strategy that you follow for the aviation industry, you must measure it to see whether it is delivering the results as expected or not. Here, the use of metrics plays an essential role as you get to understand which part of your overall marketing strategy was a success and which part was a complete dud.

In the modern aviation world, there is a need for constant changes in the strategy and the overall functioning of the industry.


To make sure that your service is worth considering by the end user, you need to possess a solid aviation strategy that is scalable. This strategy will define the goals and the ways to go about achieving these goals.


Marketing in the Aviation industry is a difficult process as there are new changes coming into play every other day. We have put together a concise yet comprehensive b2b marketing strategies that can be executed to win sales qualified leads for your business.

With all these in mind, the marketing and sales experts at DataCaptive are ready to create a perfect B2B marketing strategy if you’re a business within the aviation industry.

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