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It’s a data-driven world out there!
Data is the strength on which B2B companies survive. It is the main bloodline which controls all the other functions in an organization. Just like how an impure blood is detrimental to one’s health, unreliable data too can be destructive for an organization. Given such a case, it’s extremely important for an organization to choose the right data provider.
But whom to choose?
There are myriad companies offering B2B Contact database!

Well, why not choose DataCaptive?
We help you make the right decision by giving you a realistic comparison between DataCaptive and our competitor, UpLead.

Who is best? DataCaptive? Or UpLead?

DataCaptive is a premier B2B database provider, giving neck-to-neck competition to UpLead. DataCaptive is deemed as an able UpLead alternative.We offer data-driven solutions that suits your business needs. Avail our services and run successful marketing and sales campaigns.  

Start Your Success Journey
with the Best Data Provider


Sounds more like a marketing content?
Don’t worry! Below is a detailed analysis of two
of the best B2B data providers –
DataCaptive & UpLead.

Detailed analysis of DataCaptive, an UpLead alternative!

‘All of us start from zero.
We take the right decision
and become the hero’. Be
the hero in your field by
making the right choice!.

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Data Sourcing
Know how your data is collected

Sourcing of information is a very serious affair at DataCaptive. Our data experts undergo extensive training for the very purpose. We collect data in legally qualified ways. Once you have purchased our dataset, you can use it across multiple channels, without any worry!

database 1

Legitimate data collection method

database 1

Consent-based datasets

database 1

Data mined by expert analysts

database 1

Information sourced from reliable sources

Communicate with us Contact sales team
Communicate with us
Contact sales team

DataCaptive is the toughest amongst UpLead’s competitors!

data sourcing

Data Verification
Multiple levels of authentication

data verification image
timely delivery

Timely delivery & Easy formats
We value your time

Best customer service is our motto

best customer
precise data

Precise data
We deliver highly targeted lists

Access abundant customer information
Contact them across various channels

access abundant
expand customer base

Expand your customer base
Target multiple sectors

Who are benefitted by our services?

who are beneffited image
services offered

Services offered
One stop shop for all your data needs

‘There’s no wrong time to make the right decision’.
Our duty was to educate you and we have done that! Now the decision lies in your hands.
You decide what’s best for your company – DataCative or UpLead?