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The 15 Best Marketing Collaterals For Business Growth


As a B2B marketing professional, there’s a constant struggle that we face on a daily basis. Each new innovation brings with it its own set of unique challenges. To add to this the growing volatility in the B2B marketplace requires you to sharpen your existing skillsets and do so on a regular basis.


Challenges arise from many sections of B2B Marketing. They are not confined to technology but extend to database management, email marketing, social media marketing, and beyond. There is no one-stop solution to manage all your campaigns.

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The only way to go about it is by factoring in the various aspects of B2B Marketing. Here is a handbook that will educate you on crucial insights that will allow you to upgrade your B2B marketing skillset.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. And, your first step should begin with data, good data.


When it comes to data in the B2B industry, marketers have many things to deal with. These include data quality, data silos, and business prospecting amongst others.

Become proficient in all facets of B2B Marketing with these resources.
Reach Your Customers With A B2B Contact Database

1. Smart ways to reach your customers with a B2B database

A B2B contact database simplifies your marketing and sales campaigns. Different companies buy B2B contact databases from the same data vendor. But, there are significant disparities in their success rates. Learn how successful companies reach their customers with B2B contact databases.

2. Data quality – The secret to successful marketing

Data quality has become a big question mark for most organizations that use B2B data. The degree of success in B2B marketing depends upon the quality of data you receive. Find out how you can solve common data quality challenges. Also, learn how to compare data quality levels across different systems.

Data Quality The Secret To Successful Marketing
6 Simple Steps To Create A Single View Of Your Business

3. 6 simple steps to create a single view of your business

Data silos can threaten data quality. When businesses do not work towards a single goal, it reflects as data silos. A unified view of data is the best solution to streamline your business activities. Learn about the six actionable steps to create a comprehensive view of your business and to avoid data silos.

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4. How to boost delivery rates with email verification and validation?

Deliverability rates determine the success of your email marketing campaigns. Your work does not stop once you buy a B2B Database. It is crucial to know if your messages are reaching the right target audience. Find out how you can boost your deliverability rates with email verification and validation.

How To Boost Delivery Rates With Email Verification And Validation
12 Secrets For Better Business Prospects

5. 12 secrets for better business prospects

Reaching the right prospects is important before you start lead management. Reaching prospects, turning them into leads, and advancing the leads to the next stage of the sales process or funnel requires careful, strategic execution. Get to know twelve workable secrets to win qualified business prospects through your campaigns.

6. The big data deal

In digital marketing, data is the engine that drives growth. Big Data has already created a massive impact on different industries. It has also simplified complex, menial, and time-consuming tasks, saving you time and resources to focus on the bigger picture. Learn how businesses have evolved using the valuable insights gained from big data.

The Big Data Deal
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Strategies & Tactics

Well! Imagine you and your competitors have access to the same, high-quality data. Who would win? The one who properly utilizes the data to meet their goals would come out on top.


It is here that your strategies and tactics come into play.


Getting into business without a strategy and tactics to fall back on will result in chaos. The strategies you use to build an ideal buyer persona lay the foundation for your campaign’s success.

Smart Tactics To Build An Ideal Buyer Persona

7. Smart tactics to build an ideal buyer persona

A buyer persona is a roadmap that guides you from the stage of acquiring leads to closing sales. It is crucial to customize and execute your marketing strategy. It becomes the foundation to influence and connect with your potential customers. Learn these steps to build your ideal buyer persona and boost your ROI.

8. Effective B2B healthcare marketing strategies that convert: A detailed discussion

When it comes to generating healthcare leads, a solid strategy is imperative. Healthcare leads take more time to convert than the typical B2B lead from other industries. Read these B2B Healthcare strategies to run successful healthcare marketing campaigns.

effective B2B healthcare marketing strategies that convert a detailed discussion

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You combine data and strategies to target your customers. Creating an impression of your product upon the target customers is where the process of brand management starts.

Brand Management

Brand management fills the gap between obtaining qualified leads and closing deals. Through brand management, you try to build an image of your product for your customers. You do this with the help of brand awareness campaigns. Once you create a brand image for yourself, you get into the process of lead nurturing. Nurturing your leads requires the right mix of email marketing, social media marketing, lead management strategies, and marketing technology.

how to build a powerful brand awareness campaign

9. How to build a powerful brand awareness campaign

Companies are competing hard to prove their worth to customers. Brand awareness is the key to building your market reputation and generating more revenue. These strategies will surely come in handy when aiming to create a powerful brand awareness campaign that will in return multiply your revenue.

10. Master Future Trends & Challenges Of Email Marketing – Latest Edition

Email marketing drives the success of marketing and sales campaigns. But your email marketing strategy will differ from customer to customer. You can’t use the same strategy for two different customers. Learn the A-Z of email marketing and gain the necessary expertise to increase your closing rates.

latest trend email marketing to master challenges
complete guide to craft the social media strategy

11. The complete guide to crafting the best social media strategy

Social media is one of the most cost-effective tools to run your marketing campaigns. It has also bridged the gap between businesses and customers. Building a competent social media strategy is crucial to reach a larger audience. Learn how to build a social media strategy that will help increase your sales conversion rates.

12. Mastering the art of lead management

Lead Management is essential until you cross the finishing line when closing deals. Beyond acquiring leads of your targeted audience, the crucial game lies in how you nurture your leads. Lead management has its own challenges and risks. Learn these top strategies to get maximum value from your lead generation efforts.

master the art of lead management
Lead-Nurturing Mastering The Art With Effective Emails

13. Lead nurturing: Mastering the art with effective emails

Lead nurturing determines the success of your marketing and sales campaigns. If lead nurturing steers the campaign forward, it is email that steers a lead nurturing campaign forward. Learn the best practices to nurture your leads with the help of emails. Get a clear insight into email-based lead nurturing programs.

14. Marketing automation – innovating your marketing techniques

Marketing automation has become the frontrunner of the modern marketing era. It has opened new doors to new opportunities in the B2B industry. Marketers use marketing automation for various purposes, from email marketing to resource management. Find out how you can use marketing automation platforms effectively.

Marketing Automation Innovating Your Marketing Techniques
The Role Of Quantum Computing In Business

15. The role of quantum computing in business

Traditional computing is reaching a saturation point. Solving problems one by one is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Learn the role of quantum computing in the global business scenario. Know why top companies are investing in quantum computing for their businesses.


As Seth Godin says, the only way to consistently grow in the B2B industry is to be better than very good. To be more specific, you should transform your role to become an expert B2B strategist. Help fellow marketers learn the art of effective B2B marketing campaigns by sharing these links.


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