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6 Best Strategies To Improve Your Inbound Lead Qualification

Strategies to improve inbound lead qualification

What is the best way to manage your leads?

Building a smart strategy!

A smart strategy directs your lead flow management efficiently with opportunities in your pipeline. In order to build and implement a lead qualification process, let’s learn what is inbound lead qualification:


Inbound lead qualification software helps enterprises qualify leads that have been generated through their website. It collects information from various sources found on the web and combines it to create a sound fit for your business, improving your business development team’s efficiency and time-to-close ratio.

Why are we talking about a well-built inbound lead qualification process?

Let’s look into the benefits of it to businesses.

An inbound lead qualification process should include:

  • Specific characteristic that makes the best fit
  • Making the most of marketing automation to filter the leads based on the specified criteria.
  • Quickly confirm the quality of good leads manually. A double-check whenever possible is an add-on!
  • Decide and implement a process for further qualification.

Following the above-mentioned pointers, you can build a foolproof inbound lead qualification process for your business or company.


Now that your inbound qualification process is ready, let’s quickly jump right into how you can improve your qualification process with some tips.

Understand how inbound marketing works, along with inbound lead qualification,
inbound marketing lead qualification

Before you include a tip or strategy into the existing procedure, define the characteristics of your ideal sales-qualified persona. For example,

Ideal sales qualified persona

Takedown and make notes of as many characteristics as possible to achieve a better picture of what your business ideal persona looks like. The clearer your vision is, the easier the process gets!

Best strategies that would improve your inbound lead qualification:

Improve your inbound lead qualification

Getting into more details of the mentioned pointers

1. Email Alias:
It’s recorded in a survey that one of the easiest and quickest ways to recognize potential leads is that the alias is rather than a generic one. In this case, the prospect is more likely to be from a well-known established company.

2. Website Quality:
Evaluating the quality of your lead’s website is no way less than a tough job, as it is subjective. But to assess the website’s quality in general, the website overall should have good content, and provide a good user experience.

A few pointers you should check for:

Pointers for website quality
You can also take the help of certain tools rather than using your own protocol to check the quality level of a website.

3. Company Size:
Company size is basic information yet helpful in deciding whether the lead matches your ideal buyer persona. This could be done with a simple click by searching for the number of employees the company has. Also, LinkedIn gives you a clear number of employees in a company or organization.


4. LinkedIn:
LinkedIn is the most reliable platform to understand the qualities of the lead. You could learn about the job title, duties, responsibilities, and the past experience of your leads. This helps you understand better how best to interact with them. By this, you can draft your sales pitch according to the characteristics of the leadership potential.


5. Social Media Presence:
Social media has been playing a crucial role in the present world. Current businesses are trying to expand their reach on social media platforms and increase engagement online. Not having social media presence should be considered a red flag. Allot ample amount of time on your lead’s social media pages to know how active or well-known their company is.

Learn how social media influences purchasing decisions in the B2B industry.
Social media influence in B2B industry

6. Press and News Coverage:
When a company or a brand is mentioned and approached by a media outlet or featured on any leading publisher, consider the company as a worthy one to go ahead with. Organizations that get press attention are likely to have a great potential to be your business lead.

In conclusion

The inbound lead qualification process gives you a bunch of benefits that strengthen your business strategy. Lead qualification is all about research! You could find so much information online. The more information you could fetch from reliable sources, the easier your qualification process gets.


Try maintaining a decent balance between your research time and experimenting with new incorporations. Prioritize promising leads. Improve your process to work more efficiently.


Keep experimenting with certain strategies to check if that’s working effectively for you. And you can then incorporate it into your standard inbound lead qualification.

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