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7 Tips For Creating Effective Facebook Video ADs

Creating Effective Facebook Video ADs
Facebook Video ADs are one of the best ways to grow your business online. Thanks to Facebook’s algorithm, video advertising is a much cheaper option to reach your ideal audience. Earlier, video production was reserved for large companies with marketing teams and videographers.

However, with the emergence of Facebook Live and tools like Adobe Spark, and apps like Quik and Legend, video creation has become easier. Facebook even has its own in-built slideshow creator that allows you to create a quick slideshow of your images.

It’s clear that Facebook video ads are cheaper and more accessible than ever before. However, that doesn’t mean it is easy to create effective videos that lead to real results. All too often, businesses are making the same few mistakes when it comes to Facebook video ads.

7 tips to maximize results from Face book video ads

Here are some tips to help you maximize your results from your Facebook video ads.

1. Share your message with captions

Let’s think about user behavior again. For the most part, when people are using Facebook there are different distractions (e.g. TV, radio, etc) that causes disturbances or they may be in public places where playing with sound might be inappropriate (e.g. commuting to work, during work, waiting in queues, etc.). If you don’t use captions just remember that 85% of your views might be going to waste.

2. Change patterns quickly to keep the attention of the goldfish

Facebook advertising is a battle for attention and your audience’s attention is remarkably fleeting. It is obsereved that human attention spans have reduced drastically since the dawn of social media and are now less than that of a goldfish! To keep your ideal audience’s attention firmly fixed on your Facebook video ads you need to make them interesting.
One way of doing this is to change patterns or shots quickly. This continual change in patterns keeps people focused on the video to absorb what’s next.

3. Call out your ideal audience at the start of the video

Who should watch your video? Who is your ideal audience?

Whoever your audience is, your first objective is to capture their attention and one of the easiest ways to do this is to call them out in the video. Make sure to use subtitles in the video to keep them interested.

4. Only give the core details in the video

Your Facebook video ads should be used to give the core information and marketing messages. If they want to learn more about your product or services they should be directed to the next stage of your sales funnel.

5. Use a single, clear, concise call-to-action(CTA)

Your CTA is the action your audience needs to take to move to the next step in your sales funnel e.g. “Click here to download my PDF Guide”. You should have a single CTA that you want them to perform and it should be abundantly clear what the next step is, and what benefit they will get from taking the next step.

6. Use your post copy to capture attention

When you create your Facebook video ads the copy above your video should have two objectives. First, it should grab the attention of your audience. Then, it should direct them to watch the video. From there, the video will do its job.

7. Keep it short & sweet

Watch your friends and family use Facebook. They scroll furiously through the newsfeed until something captures their attention, but in an instant their thumbs are racing through the newsfeed again. If your Facebook video ads are too long people won’t hang around and your CTA won’t even be seen. Also if you want to promote your Facebook video ads on Instagram they need to be no longer than sixty seconds.

Implementation is key in social media marketing

Social media is a dynamic platform. The way interactions take place keeps changing. Marketers specifically need to be in touch with the terms and conditions that Facebook has for business accounts. Avoid uploading videos that are ineffective or that hampers the growth of your business. Facebook is one of the lucrative marketing platforms of this age. We only need to be careful about using it appropriately. Facebook video Ads will surely bring in more conversions if done the right way.

Raise ROI with effective social media marketing!


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