Although social media is a great way to connect with viewers and readers, interact with real people (i.e. customers and potential customers), and build a strong online presence, the existing social networking sites we see today are overcrowded with brands, websites and influencers. Everyone involved in social media is trying to compete for the same pool of viewers, which means differentiation is more important than ever. This is true for all campaigns ranging from tech advertising to personal branding.

While regular Tweets or funny Facebook posts no longer ignite the user engagement many are pursuing, video posts are actually very effective in engaging users. Using video to boost your social media marketing is not as difficult as you think. We are going to review some of the best tips to help you get started.

Simple and Personal

We often think of high quality videos, made with big budgets and complicated gear, when talking about online videos. Fortunately, the videos that can help boost your social media marketing don’t have to be complicated at all.

On Facebook, for instance, a simple featured video of you telling new visitors what to expect can make your Facebook Page more appealing. Regular short video tutorials posted on Twitter are just as effective.

You can also use an animated tutorial when you can’t produce good quality videos to satisfy your users. Animated tutorials produced by professional companies can really get the information across without misunderstanding or other common issues.

These contents can be produced without expensive gear or a lot of time. They are great for entering the video content game and helping you know the types of content that work for your audience.

Direct and Valuable

There are two important aspects to every video you make and post on social media: the length of the video and practical value. Some videos work best when they are longer. A travel video or a detailed tutorial, for instance, can be as long as 15 minutes or more and users will still watch them until the end of the video.

That brings us to the second aspect, which is practical value. Of course, there are a lot of people who spend hours watching funny videos, but even those funny videos have valuable content. They are posted for the purpose of making viewers laugh.

Other videos you produce and post to social media must offer the same level of practical value. A tutorial video must be easy to follow and clear enough to follow without the user constantly looking at the screen. A promotional video can use an engaging story to feature a product or service in a more appealing way.

The Same Treatment

Just like the way you add hashtags and keywords to Tweets or Instagram posts to make them more searchable, video posts need to be as easily discoverable as possible. Post a copy on your site’s blog or videos section and make sure you repost the link regularly to engage those who have not seen it.

Once you start adding video posts to your timeline and social media pages, you’ll start noticing a change in how users interact with you on these platforms. You’ll get more engagement, a better click-through rate and – with a carefully formulated plan – a more successful social media marketing campaign.