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Attract The Right Customers With Your Email Drip Campaigns

email drip campaign

Do you know an adult who doesn’t use email?

According to a few records, the number of email users today stands at 4.03 billion, and by 2024, it’s expected to reach 4.48 billion.


Hence, email marketing has become crucial in today’s digital world. It is the core of digital marketing, enhancing your marketing and generating greater revenues.

Why should you consider email marketing?

  1. Almost everyone uses email
  2. It has a higher ROI and is more effective for customer acquisition
  3. It allows you to keep in touch with your audience more easily
  4. You can reach out to people at the right time.
  5. Targeted, personalized, and customizable messaging is made possible
  6. Email campaigns are measurable
    a. Conversion rates
    b. Unsubscribe rates
    c. Click-through rate
    d. Response rate
    e. Email marketing lists growth rate
Everything you should know about email marketing in 2021. Do not miss it!
Everything about email marketing

Attracting the right subscribers with email marketing campaigns is not as simple as it looks. More and more companies, these days, are implementing email drip campaign strategies to achieve the right audience in the sales funnel.


If you are into marketing and looking to ease email marketing and reduce the effort volumes, you must learn about email drip campaigns. And just understanding it wouldn’t complete your job. Doing it the right way is the fundamental part of comprehending email drip campaigns.


So, right before we get into how to do email drip campaigns the correct way, let us initiate the learning process by knowing the definition of an email drip campaign in simple words.

What is an email drip campaign?

An email drip campaign is a sequence of automated triggered messages sent in a specific order after a particular user takes a triggering action.


In other words, a set of pre-written messages that are automatically sent or dripped to recipients over time are called email drip campaigns.


Drip campaigns could be a major part of your email marketing strategy, commonly used for welcome emails, lead nurturing emails, abandoned cart emails, and more.

An example of lead nurturing sequences:

Whitebook email marketing strategy

In the sequence shown above, a series of emails is dripped based on the recipient’s behavior. Still, these messages are pre-determined to an extent. Depending on their action taken or behavior, the emails are sent according to the sequence.

What is the purpose of email drip campaigns?

Want to experience targeted email marketing at DataCaptive?
Experience targeted email marketing

Let us look into the major categories of email drip campaigns

1. Welcome campaign

The very first email you should be sent to your new subscriber is a welcome email. Welcome emails are for new subscribers who you want to bring into the funnel right away, make them learn more about your business and services, and keep them engaged with engaging content and offers.


Introduce yourself, talk about what you offer, and explain why they should consider you over your competitors.
To make your welcome email effective, you do not want to send a single email talking about you and your brand. Make it a series – a drip campaign! Focus on educating your new reader about your brand and what they can expect from you – set up a drip campaign of 3-5 emails.


What you can include in your welcome drip campaigns:

  • Share your most-shared and viewed blog posts
  • Offer a trial version of your service or a discount coupon
  • Reviews – client testimonials

2. Lead nurturing campaign

Lead nurturing emails are for the individuals ready to be moved through the funnel by sending them relevant content, such as case studies, white papers, videos, webinars, or product demos.


While constructing a lead nurturing drip campaign, make sure that you follow a flow to help your leads the best, telling them how your business can help.


For instance, educate them about your brand. In the second, you can include a review from one of your high-value clients, and the third could be a discount coupon or a free trial version of your service or product.


Drip campaigns are powerful enough to convert these subscribers/leads to customers, and thus, you can tell they are worth the time invested

Master the art of lead nurturing!
Master the art of lead nurturing - DataCaptive

3. Retargeting campaign

The crucial element of a re-targeting sequence is picking up the right customer that you believe deserves a follow-up email. Only then could you set up a drip campaign that follows nurturing series.

You could:

  • Follow up with subscribers who downloaded a free content piece, for example, e-book or whitepaper.
  • Follow up with customers who visited your site and read some of your most-shared content.
  • Ask for their email, and offer a gift in return, along with a follow-up.

4. Abandoned cart campaign

Certain records from 2017 say that the average abandoned cart rate was 78.65%. This is the right time drip campaigns come in handy. Carry out an email drip to re-engage those customers and take them to the purchase button.


You could use a simple message like:


“We’re sorry you left. Enjoy free shipping. It’s on us if you decide to return”
“We saw you left product [product name] in your cart. Here’s what people are saying about that product.”  


Include these in your abandoned cart campaign:

  • Tell your customers what they’re missing by leaving
  • Offer an incentive to bring in the customer
  • Give them information that improves your product or service they almost finalized but did not make the payment

5. Post-purchase campaign

Send out a post-purchase follow-up email appreciating them and that you are focused on creating brand loyalty. Ensure that your post-purchase campaign emails give out value to your customer.


Get some ideas here:

  • Invite your customers to join your brand loyalty programs with discounts for repeated shopping opportunities
  • Ask for their feedback on their purchase
  • Offer them similar products that other customers have purchased that might be valuable to the customers

6. Unsubscribe campaign

When your subscribers choose to leave your opt-in list, you can set up a drip campaign as a last attempt to bring the lead back into the fold. Make sure you give them other options not to lose them.


What can you do with unsubscribe campaign:

  • Survey how and what you can do about making their experience better
  • Create opportunities to interact with you – link your social media


Now that you’re introduced to some essential drip campaigns, let us get into how you can execute them correctly and in the right way.

How to conduct an email drip campaign the right way?

Strategize your email drip campaigns with simple yet effective steps.

Decide the type of campaign you want to send out

Be experimental in curating the best email drip campaign for you, start your drip marketing with one campaign, and see how it works. According to the results, you can fine-tune your sequences of email campaigns.

Some of the mentioned could be your goals the most aligned with your drip:

goals aligned with drip campaign

Decide who falls into what segment of your audience

Make sure you are reaching out to the right audience with the right message. Answer the mentioned set of questions to find out who will be opting in or segmented into a particular decided drip campaign:

segmented drip campaign
  1. How did the audience end up finding themselves in this email drip campaign?
  2. What are their pain points?
  3. What are their goals?
  4. What could grab their attention in the middle of a workday?
  5. Why would they delete any email from this campaign?
  6. What would I hope the audience will do after reading one of these drip emails?
You would end up with a clear idea of who you will be targeting in this campaign, how you can go about segmenting, and how you can provide value to your audience.
Segmented email marketing strategy hikes up your sales!
Segmented email marketing strategy

Curate personalized messages

Drip campaigns also need personalization at certain times. Include a relevant and personalized piece of content in each of your drip campaigns. Here’s an example of a personalized email.


Measure the performance

Measuring the performance gives you the most important and worthy feedback with inputs to include in your next email drip campaign. This makes the next campaign even more effective. You will have to monitor your open rates, click-through rates (CTR), and response rates to fulfill the purpose of measuring the performance of your email drip campaign.


Be mindful about these while carrying out an email drip campaign:

  • Be informative but keep it short
  • Include a CTA button or a question at the end of each email you send out
  • Send your emails on Fridays
  • Fix your A/B test emailing time
  • Track open rates, click-through rates, and click-to-open rates
  • Implement a follow-up sequence after no response
  • Ask for feedback if your drip campaign is unsuccessful

While you noted this, let us give you a few examples of email drip campaigns. You can download all these templates for free. Head over to the section below and enjoy your set of free email templates!


Template 01:


Template 02:


Suggestions that you do not know which could make your campaign even more effective:

  • Short and straight forwarded message –Keep it to 2 sentences per paragraph and do not exceed more than 3 paragraphs.
  • Refine your pitch (A/B test is handy, here) and the critical feature.
  • End with Yes/No CTA. Let that be the highlight of your message – bold and straightforward.
Here’s what you were waiting for!
Download my free templates

Create extraordinary email drip campaigns that convert your leads!

With all the best tips and steps, we would like to let you know these will ease your email drip campaigns. With consistency, you will engage your leads and can bring them to take a profitable action. Also, transactional emails are a convenient method of receipt delivery. Email drip campaigns help your sales team to make deals effortlessly, churning out more significant revenues for your business.


We hope you like this piece of information and utilize it to get the best results. Feel free to comment your thoughts on this article and let us know what we could do to make this better.

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