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Top B2B Prospecting Tools To Grow Your Business In 2020

Prospecting tools to grow your business in 2020

Identifying potential buyers for your product is referred to as Prospecting. The ultimate goal of prospecting is to generate purchases. It is a part of the initial stages of any sales process and is often the most dreaded task of many sales executives.

Data shows that prospecting is the toughest aspect of the sales process, with only 30 to 40% of the prospective buyers sealing deals. According to a report by, more than 40% of salespeople say this is the most challenging part of the sales process, followed by closing (36%) and qualifying (22%). If you find prospecting to be the most difficult part of your job, you’re not alone!

The whole process of prospecting might sound rather simple, but is more complicated when you bring in B2B businesses. For one, it becomes harder to get in contact with decision-makers in other industries; most of the information available on the internet is either unverified or fake. This is one of the many challenges that B2B companies face during prospecting.

Traditional methods of prospecting include cold calls and Emails. These tried and tested methods of prospecting have limited scope for success. But the entire process can be made easier with the help of powerful tools and automation.

Traditional methods of prospecting include cold calls and Emails. These tried and tested methods of prospecting have limited scope for success. But the entire process can be made easier with the help of powerful tools and automation.

Sales personnel employ a number of tools to improve their prospecting efficiency. We have listed down twelve of the best tools in the industry that can be used to enhance the prospecting process of your B2B business.


Datacaptive Demo

DataCaptive is a champion in providing B2B data. They have millions of different contacts from companies around the world. Whether you want to get in touch with your target employees or companies, DataCaptive has what you are looking for!

Information is categorized based on employee hierarchy, industry, location and the technology used. DataCaptive subjects its data to several verification and validation processes. If any issues are faced, their customer service is one of the best in the industry!



ReachStream is a platform that is very well known for their data based services. It provides access to millions of verified contacts, from across the globe. ReachStream’s expertise can be used to run targeted marketing campaigns. Also, to improve the quality of your leads.



Quora is a free online forum to ask and answer questions. Through the years, it has gained relevance and is used actively by many marketers. Quora can be used to identify and interact with potential buyers. Unlike similar platforms like Reddit and Yahoo Answers, it has a stringent moderation policy.

This ensures that Quora has better quality content than the former two. Quora can also help build a base of followers which will help with brand awareness.


Outgrow Demo

Outgrow is an interactive marketing platform that lets marketers and digital agencies create quizzes, chatbots, calculators, and assessments to boost their marketing efforts. Outgrow’s tools help companies generate new leads, increase their social footprint and to engage with their target customers.

Interactive content helps to generate valuable client information that can be used to nurture and segment the generated leads. Several customers claim to have got up to 50% conversions using Outgrow’s calculators and quizzes! Companies like TAG Livros, MuleSoft and Radius use Outgrow to generate viral traffic and to increase the number of high-quality leads and conversions.


ampliz demo

Ampliz is a global B2B data platform powered by Contextual Intelligence. The tool, Ampliz SalesBuddy, is a nifty browser extension which empowers Sales & Marketing people to scale their lead prospecting process. With Salesbuddy, you can easily find B2B contact details of key decision makers when you visit their website.

Apart from extracting information about your sales prospects (email, contact number & LinkedIn profile), you can also view a company’s information like their revenue, employee strength and much more. Experience a seamless B2B prospecting process with Ampliz SalesBuddy’s chrome extension.



KrishaWeb  is the ultimate doorway to the digital world. They believe in transforming digital experiences and they do that by creating remarkable experiences, communicating your brand story and connecting you to your customers, offering state-of-the-art web and digital solutions across the globe.

They also provide exceptional UI/UX Design, Brand Design, Advanced Website Development, eCommerce solutions, and Digital Marketing services.Hence, they are making your business proliferate in leaps and bounds to increase your ROI which is their exclusive commitment to you.

Better Proposals

Better Proposals

Better Proposals is the world’s leading proposal software that helps you boost your sales by sending high-converting business proposals. With their simple yet very smart Proposal Editor, you can create beautiful, web-based proposals within minutes.

All proposals are trackable so you’ll receive a notification when your client opens, downloads, signs or pays your proposal. Furthermore, you’ll know exactly how much time the client has spent on each page, which gives you an insight into what interests them the most, so your follow up can be perfectly tailored to that.


Binary Clues

BinaryClues customers range from start-ups and fast-growing companies to well-established institutions; from marketing teams in small and medium-sized businesses to independent teams in large enterprise corporations. The ways they use BinaryClues to achieve their marketing objectives vary widely-

The common denominator is the success they achieve. BinaryClues is a leading B2B list vendor for India, Europe, Africa and Middle East. They provide reliable data to top Blue chip companies of the world and provides best of the US B2B Email List.



A Gmail extension by nature, Boomerang has many functions that are useful to sales professionals. One of the most valuable features is its ability to schedule Emails. Boomerang can also help unclutter your inbox. It sends a reminder to your prospects, if you haven’t received a response within two days!

Yet Another Mail Merge

Mail Merge

YetAnotherMailMerge is particularly useful if you’re sending out bulk Emails to your prospects. The service syncs Google sheets with Gmail to help you know as to who has opened your Emails.

Close io is a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. It has a variety of powerful and unique features for cold calls. The ‘Power Dialer’ and ‘Predictive dialing’ features, for instance, can help increase your outbound call volume. It also monitors your outbound calls and provides you with insights regarding their performance. It also keeps a note of your prospects’ data, for easy access.

Datanyze Insider


Datanyze Insider provides information about a target company. Their eyeball feature helps you to get all the requisite information about your prospect. This includes the number of employees, the technology they use, and their revenue. Paid plans cost $600 a month, and one could always argue that you get what you pay for.


In case you don’t want to go for the paid version then you can access their free Chrome extension. It showcases all the necessary information.



RocketLink was invented for everyone who needs to retarget a group of customers. With this platform, you can create audiences based on people who clicked on your links. Besides you can view statistics and control every result of activity your shared links gained. You can also target people who have shown interest in your content by clicking on the link.



Mailtester is a free tool that can be used to check if your target Emails exist or not. This can be useful in checking the integrity of the data that you have bought, ultimately saving your time from chasing non-existent leads.


There are multiple options available in the market for business prospecting. While it is portrayed as the most challenging aspect of sales, with proper planning and execution, it becomes much easier! The tools mentioned above will certainly make your task much simpler and enjoyable. Happy prospecting!

Frequently asked questions

 What is prospecting?

Prospecting is the process of identifying potential customers, who may be interested in buying your product/service.

What is a prospecting tool?

Prospecting tools are techniques used to generate leads. Leads are mainly produced based on the consumers’ search and location history.

What are the methods of prospecting?

Marketers employ several approaches to prospect leads. These can either be online or offline methods. While online prospecting procedures comprise of Email marketing and social media marketing, offline techniques include cold calling and referrals.

What is qualifying prospecting?

Qualifying prospecting is the process of checking the desire and the probability of a prospect in buying your product.

What is a prospecting strategy?

A Prospecting strategy is the competitive method employed by a company to improve its lead generation ability.

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