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Database Marketing Solutions For Transforming Industries & Businesses

Dataabase marketing solutions transform industries and business

This article focuses on industries that changed their marketing policies over the last decade to gain more customers and boost sales. We have emphasized practices like Database Management, Online Marketing Solutions, and Automation Tools to answer pertinent questions like –

  • How and why has marketing changed?
  • What are the most effective ways of customer acquisition and retention?
  • How do database solutions boost revenue generation?

The industries listed below faced multiple marketing challenges, which were solved by our business experts. Read on to know how DataCaptive™ can design customizable marketing functionality to meet specific needs and make marketing easier, efficient, and effective for various industries.


1. Food & Beverage industry

The food industry is the reflection of a region’s demography. Half a dozen years back, the industry attracted customers through jingles, campaigns, and special offers. But as consumer tastes are becoming global, food and beverage products are placed on a higher pedestal. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are creating a buzz around the same.

DataCaptive™’s geo-targeted database has served 5000+ clients from the F&B industry and equipped them with deep insights into their target contact and company. The database includes comprehensive profiles, including Company and Employee size, Organizational Chart, Revenue, and other insights such as local food habits, availability, production, and supply, and leverage them for their marketing campaigns.


#Fact – Buyer intent around food and beverage production and consumption has helped marketers attain a 100% sales rate.

2. Healthcare industry

With the changing kaleidoscope of demand, marketing in the healthcare industry is transforming. Uses of smartphones and technologies are increasing, urging the healthcare industry professionals to generate content as demanded by the consumer.

Healthcare industry marketing services

Unlike the other industries, healthcare witnessed a rapid boom during this pandemic. Various segments of the industry, like Medical Equipment Manufacturing, Medical Supply Chains, Health Insurance, Medical Research, and Teleconsultation, saw a rapid boom. Many big healthcare organizations used their patient/customer data to conduct online sessions for consultation and marketing purposes.

Medical advertisers performance

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The graph shows the rise of pharmaceuticals sales posts COVID 19.


#Fact – Before COVID 19, respiratory diseases represented less than 5.0% of total health expenditure in Australia. However, it is expected to increase to 35% by 2021, as resources across the country are being diverted to treat the virus.


3. Technology industry

Technology has changed the face of marketing, but how has marketing changed in the tech industry? Just like other arenas, the tech industry is transforming digitally. Social media and video content have become an integral part of tech marketing.

Tech giants like Apple Inc. Samsung, Bosch, Google, and Philips rely on demographics data to launch and advertise their product to the right audience.DataCaptive™ is a genius when it comes to compiling demographic data, focusing specifically on age, gender, and profession. Such data go a long way in helping tech companies understand the buyer psyche and leverage this for business growth.


#Fact – The launch of podcasts, Google Classroom, and Edmodo are the results of studies done by data analysts of selected data demographics.

4. Manufacturing industry

Manufacturing marketing is maturing fast, and over the years, a large chunk of the manufacturers is spending sizable portions of the marketing budget on digital sources to increase the effectiveness.
Manufacturing Industry Part

The image represents the percentage of DataCaptive™ customers who have opted for our Manufacturing Email List and started content marketing for boosting sales during the first quarter of 2019.

percentage of manufacturing marketers

However, things have changed post COVID19 pandemic. The graph below shows the decline in the output of the manufacturing industry in the future.

Covid-19 Manufacturing market

#Fact – Thus, we cannot deny that lead engagement, management, and nurturing will play a significant role in customer acquisition and retention in the future.

Industries that have seen surplus during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Healthcare (PPE, Telehealth, Medical Equipements)
  • Information and Technology (Virtual Reality, Remote Learning, Cashless Transactions)
  • Entertainment
  • Real estate
  • Insurance

Industries that witnessed huge losses during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Oil and Gas Drilling
  • Casinos and gaming
  • Airlines, Tourism, and Hospitality
  • Automobile – Auto parts and equipment
  • Food and Agriculture

Get cutting-edge insights into consumer insights, buying behavior, brand perception, and create sales opportunities with data-driven decisions to optimize marketing campaigns.


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5. Education industry

Marketing has always played a vital role in the education industry. As most college applicants today are digital consumers, the new school of inbound marketing demands conversation in a language that can be easily comprehended and provides content that offers real value.

The below details clearly represents that-

  • 98% of students are involved with social media today
  • 2 Hrs is the average time users spend on social media per day
  • 70% of prospects use social media to research their college options

#Fact – Thus, we cannot deny that lead engagement, management, and nurturing will play a significant role in customer acquisition and retention in the future. – (Source: Researchandmarket)

DataCaptive™’s Educational Database is updated and appended every quarter to ensures that marketers continue to reach out to prospective buyers with actual buyer intent. COVID19 resulted in pushing education to go digital, almost globally; hence it is one of the best times for marketers to understand buyer behavior and design ad campaigns for maximum results!

6. Transportation industry

As inbound marketing is becoming more online, B2B marketers operating a transportation company, a transport warehouse, or a distribution channel often find it tough to communicate with their potential list of customers. Expanding the sales funnel for the same can be hard without a relevant database.


Exposure to the prospective customer database from the transportation industry, further divided into Railroad Transportation, Motor Road Transportation, Water Transportation, Air Transportation, and other miscellaneous Transportation Services, is quite a tiring and expensive process for marketers.


DataCaptive™’s segmented Transportation Industry Mailing List helps businesses pitch their proposals to the executive board members directly and increase sales by 35%.


#Fact – Global transportation management systems (TMS) market is expected to grow with a CAGR of 13.4% over the forecast period from 2018-2024

7. Construction industry

Lead generation in the construction industry can be tricky —offers and coupons are not feasible in scaling ROI as other sectors. Also, small construction companies face stiff competition from big players in the market. Thus, such companies need to build a marketing strategy that increases brand visibility and maximizes sales.

Construction industry

As a professional involved in the construction industry, you want to present where people are looking for you. Business experts imply that by investing in marketing solutions such as email marketing, tele-campaigns, marketing automation, etc., professionals in the construction industry can get the desired sales number in a brief period. Such solutions study buyer intent, market behavior patterns, and economies, enabling marketers to design strategies for the future ahead.

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modest growth

#Fact – The graph above shows the impact of COVID 19 on the construction business, which shows that big data is more so important than ever now.

hospitality industry

8. Hospitality industry

The picture below depicts that the hospitality industry can grow significantly by building interpersonal relationships with its customers. According to a Statistics Brain, 58% of hotel bookings were done online in 2019. Moreover, it was noticed that more than 50% of USA travelers tend to open emails on weekends and respond to them before booking a luxury vacation.

finance online hotel

DataCaptive™’s Lead generation program has helped professionals to pitch their product/service to the target audience in varied niches from the hospitality industry.

posts per day

#Fact – The graph above shows the impact of COVID 19 on the construction business, which shows that big data is more so important than ever now.

agriculture industry

9. Agriculture industry

The Agriculture and Farming Industry witnessed a considerable transition in its functioning and marketing scenarios in the past decade. As the world is shifting towards organic farming and consumption, demand for the same has spiked manifold.


Hence any agency/marketer involved in buying or selling agricultural produce; Proprietors/Executives/Operational professionals in the agriculture industry or Marketers looking to acquire potential customers must be updated with the database that generates daily.

The picture below shows the distribution of content by farmers in the USA over various social media channels. This indicates that the modern-day customer is more online than in the field; hence if your database lacks social media handles, you are about to face major losses. DataCaptive™’s Data Appending Service helps multi-channel interactions by executing personalized marketing campaigns.
agriculture report

#Fact – The Agricultural Biologicals Industry (sustainable agricultural practices with low residue level) was estimated at USD 8.8 million in 2019. It is estimated to grow to 13.5% by 2024.

10. Oil and Gas industry

Oil and Gas Industry is one of the most significant contributors to the world’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and job generation. This industry is a mixture of businesses like underground natural gas, well drills, filtration of raw materials, and commercial sale of petroleum products. It is the only industry that requires to have access to a global database for production, pricing, storage, and transportation. But being closed quarters in many countries, finding relevant and reliable data becomes a hindrance.


DataCaptive™ offers a range of database of professionals like Drilling Engineer, Engineering Geologist, Geochemist, Geoscientist, and lot more from more than a dozen of fields to trigger direct and indirect communication with the target base through websites, direct emails, calls, and other channels, uplifting sales leads, and conversion.

#Fact – In 2019, global GDP was estimated to be $86 trillion; the oil and gas drilling sector alone made around 3.8% of the global economy. China accounted for more than 80% of global oil demand.


11. Retail industry

The retail industry is a customer business. A stats show that 51% of Americans favor online shopping. It also points that while 75% of buyers prefer to buy from brands that personalize the purchase experience, 73% of customers use multiple channels to shop. This means retailers must bring their conversations to the place where the potential customer is. As options are increasing, the brands are the ones who are making the first move.


Thus, to make marketing hassle-free and expedite ROI, DataCaptive™ offers clean, relevant, and customizable email lists data from varied niches of the retailing industry to customers.

#Fact – COVID 19 resulted in the decline of the retail industry by -11% (Source-Neil Patel). So, more and more retailers from the USA, UK, Australia, and Asia (primarily China and Singapore) will lean towards Marketing Automation and Account-Based Marketing for branding and sales.

12. Marketing and Advertising

A recent study done by a team of data analysts of Amazon shows that 95% of the purchases now happen primarily on phones and tablets. Online presence has become inevitable, and as campaigns like retargeting become omnipresent, brands are the ones who are generating the need and making the first move. Many multinational companies today are investing in Email Databases to refine the marketers’ approach to directly touch with the decision-makers, without having to face any loss of leads in the process. Marketers are thus leveraging these contacts to boost sales at each stage of the funnel.


DataCaptive™’s Database that consists of deep insights into the Buyer persona, Demographic data, and Psychological attitudes of buyers is excellent to identify, generate, acquiring, and retaining high-value customers and potential leads.

#Fact – 71% of consumers who are happy with the customer service they get via social media are likely to recommend that brand to others.

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