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Dirty Data Can Adversely Impact Your Business Goals

Dirty data can adversely impact your business

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.” – Carly Fiorina, Former CEO of HP.

In today’s time, a lot of organizations build their businesses around data and the quality of the data determines the efficiency of the business!

Good quality data can benefit your business in the long run and bring an incredible ROI whereas bad quality data can cause irrecoverable damage! In this blog, we shall discuss how dirty data can adversely impact your business goals.
It is very important for you to understand how bad data can impact your business because that will help you realize the importance of the good and efficient data. Before starting off our discussion, let us first understand what is dirty data?

Dirty data is basically a record that contains errors or that is faulty!
The following data can be considered dirty data:

  • Misleading data
  • Duplicate data
  • Incorrect data
  • Inaccurate data
  • Non-integrated data
  • Data that violates business rules
  • Data without a generalized formatting
  • Incorrectly punctuated or spelled data
As we are clear with what dirty data actually means, let us now understand why it is so important for us to learn about data decay and the importance of updating our data on a regular basis.
The following statistics will help us understand how our current data can become outdated within just one year and why it is so vital for us to keep a record of it-
By these statistics, it becomes clear that the data becomes outdated at a very fast pace. Another statistic reported that – “you can count on about 2% of your data going bad during a given month”. In a month! That is too fast, isn’t it?

Let us now consider how this decayed data can impact our business goals-

Loss of revenue

It certainly doesn’t come as a surprise! Does it? A single error in data can lead to a loss of revenue. Your data loses its value and your clients and customers may lose their trust in your data and eventually, you may end up losing them.

Ineffective marketing

When you have wrong data, your targeting strategy fails miserably! When your targets are not right, your marketing efforts go to waste. You cannot use effective marketing strategies on the wrong audience and get good returns! Ineffective marketing can demotivate you and your employees and then result in the decline of your business in the long run.

Wrong decisions

Data is collected by a company for a lot of purposes and one of them is to facilitate effective decision making. When the data that you have collected is false or void, the decision you make based on that cannot be relied on or trusted! For example, if you use an outdated database for making a decision in a current situation, the base of your decision is invalid and hence your decision also becomes null and void.

Poor customer experience

Outdated or incorrect data doesn’t just affect company executives and employees, but your customers as well. When you have the wrong customer information, you are not in a place where you can understand the needs of your customers and hence you don’t know what would make your customers happy or satisfied. All of these things result in poor customer experiences.

Wastage of your time

When you have outdated or incorrect data, a lot of your time gets wasted because you may reach the wrong person or not reach anyone at all! A lot of your time could just get wasted in retrieving your data and updating it! When your data is ineffective, your marketing strategies are ineffective and you face a terrible loss in your ROI.

It was reported that 40% of business objectives fail because of ineffective data Clean data will ensure good ROI, effective marketing, and effective decisions. An organization can generate up to 70% more revenue based solely on clean data,” said one report.


Dirty data is bad for any type of organization and industry – whether big or small. It is very important for a company to update its data on a regular basis for both inbound and outbound communication purposes!
Don’t let your organization fall into the trap of bad data, invest in good data management tools and applications, and see your organization succeed!
Get in touch with DataCaptive and you will never have to worry about dirty data again!
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