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How Devising A Better B2B Event Strategy Can Boost Sales?

B2B event strategy can boost sales

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” – Charles Darwin

“28% of companies allocate over 20% of their marketing budget to organizing events.” – (Bizzabo, 2017)

Events are a great way to connect with your customers, you get to see your customers face to face and it can be very exciting for the customers. Events are great opportunities for you to connect with your customer as a brand. Customers will most likely remember a brand after attending an in-person event with the brand.


Events can play a significant role in acquiring customers and they also work great in getting a significant amount of publicity for your brand. The EventTrack study revealed that “49% of brands surveyed achieved 3-5 times the return for every dollar spent on event marketing, with 29% receiving an ROI of 10:1.” Events are great for increasing your ROI and sales.

Let us now discuss the best ways we can boost our sales with the help of B2B content events-

Pick an interesting venue

The purpose of holding an event is to have a lasting impression on your customers! Pick a venue that is interesting, beautiful, and that can match your brand.

Invite effective speakers

In order to get the interest of your audience, you must make sure that the speaker who is going to address them is effective and knows what he is talking about. Getting a person who is famous in the field that matches your brand can work wonders for your company.

Involve your employees & customers in the stage activity

Host fun little activities and involve your employees and your customers in those activities. It will boost your customer relationship and your employees will also feel important. An event must be fun and everyone in the audience must be made involved.

Event live streaming

A lot of people could be interested in the particular event of your company but due to some reasons (any reasons!) would not be able to make it to the actual event! The best thing you can do is live stream your event, including the entire event or maybe just the highlights. Instagram! Does it ring a bell?

Collaborate with big companies

By collaborating with big companies for various events, you not just promote your brand but also put yourself in a place where you can find new customers! It can be a big boost for your company!

Hold events to promote social causes

As an organization, providing for society is very important. It must not just be viewed as a task but as a responsibility. Let your customers and the world as a whole know that you actually care.

Include special facilities to the best customers

As it is rightly said- “Focus on your strengths”. Treat your most valuable customers the best way, give them VIP entries, and let them feel good and important. They are most likely to stay longer if they know how special they really are.

Include good music, food & after party

Let your audience sit back, relax and enjoy themselves, nobody should have any complaints and they should leave the event happy, content, and satisfied. If they learn something valuable from your event, even better ain’t it?

Get in touch with your targeted audience

It is always better to address 10 people who are interested in your brand rather than 100 people who are not. Get the data of the people who would be interested in your brand with the help of DataCaptive.


DataCaptive will provide you with 100% authentic databases and all you will ever need to do after that is invite them over and host the best and most significant event and see your company grow at a massive rate! All I have to say is invest wisely. Do not host an event for the sake of it, do it in the grandest way because of course, end of the day your brand is grand as well! There are countless ways, just get innovative and make it fun, relevant, and significant!

Key points to consider before hosting a B2B event

  • Determine the goals of your event
  • Determine why your attendees would want to be a part of your event
  • Focus on your customer from the start of the event till the end of the event
  • Convert your website visitors into attendees
  • Create a compelling and consistent message
  • Be prepared to deliver value-added content
  • Lastly, get ready to enjoy a tremendous ROI and sales


Events not only boost your brand visibility but also add loyal buyers to your business. So what are you waiting for? Organize and execute events strategically to double your profit score!


Remember DataCaptive partners your event strategies with the best business databases ever!

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