Marketing has always been a game of strategies. Every business needs to do some kind of marketing to promote their products. In order for a business to win, marketers must identify what strategy will work best for the particular niche industry & product. Outreach is one of the oldest yet effective ways to build relationships. In the world of online there are many outreach techniques & “Guest Posting” is one among them.

In simple terms guest posting means writing & publishing articles on someone else’s website or blog. Its common knowledge among marketers that blogging is one of the best ways to bring in new organic inbound traffic. Other than that blogging market is skyrocketing. Bloggers have the lion share of conversations happening on the internet & they can be damn influential. This is why it’s good to make relationships with them. Guest blogging will give a chance to make friends with bloggers, grow your influence in the world of social media & when you guest post on industry experts, you can also bring in relevant traffic to your own website.

Even though we will be seeing changes in different SEO aspects in the year 2018, the relevance of guest posting is not going to lessen. But unfortunately only few businesses are able to reap benefits out of guest posting despite incurring many efforts. So what’s going wrong? Majority B2B experts have voted that it’s due to Approach. It’s said that a majority of the guest post proposals are not even read fully. Guest posting is an effort taking process. Identifying the website that might be accepting the guest post, preparing apt content as per their niche category, requesting to them…are all time taking processes. But if the quality is substandard then all the efforts go in vain.

To help you out to make things simple, we have jotted down certain points for you to follow while Guest Posting.

Create a personality:

Before trying any outreach methods, make sure to create a standard online personality. Having a good online presence will help a great deal in your contacts replying back. It also let the recipient to assess your knowledge & experience before taking any decision.

Create a personality
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Create strong social media channel presence with accurate professional description & portfolio of successful projects. Create blogger account on reputed platforms & regularly publish quality posts related to your niche. Doing these will help in establishing your reputation, building a foundation & eventually in attracting a positive response.

Determine your goals:

Determine your goals

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Marketers first have to identify what the goal for guest blogging is. Knowing this can help them out in determining the right kind of blogs to submit guest posts. The main goals for guest blogging are getting exposure to the website, positioning as an authority & establishing brand presence in the industry which can be done by finding blogs that are reasonably-sized & engage audience thus aiding in building backlinks.

Spy on your competitors:

By spying, we do not mean you employ mercenaries to do corporate espionage! Just Check out the guest posts of your close competitors to get more specific results that suit your profile & level. This is a great technique to provide you with targets that are likely to be attracted to your niche services. Spy on your competitors

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Conducting Google searches will show you various guest posts by your competitors. After putting a relevant search enquiry in Google, add a specific filter to your search. Carefully examine the search result page to locate the URLs that contain guest posts by your competitors with back links. Also check on the language quality, flow, writing style & other vital details of the entire post. This will help you in understanding the guest post styles that are considered by specific websites.

Be informed & Pitch well:

Carefully read the guest posting guidelines. Certain blog owners will want you to pitch an idea or submit a full post. Know in what format they want it in. Sometimes they will want you to create an account & enter it into WordPress. These are all the things that you have to know before contacting the blog owner.

sales pitch

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Make sure that you do not address them as Dear Sir or Madam. Somewhere on the blog you will be able to find the name of the blog owner. Find it & use it to start the email. Since most blog owners are particular about allowing only other bloggers to guest posting on their sites, it’ll be better to introduce yourself by showcasing your blogging skills first even if you are a business on this side.

 Know your links:

Google Penguin algorithm developed back in 2012 has changed the rules of SEO mainly because there were so many bad websites ranking well but offering no value. The algorithm is now a core part of the online world with real time updates & monitoring what’s going on around the web for link farms & unethical strategies. Today links are more important than ever for marketers & it is crucial to know which one does what. Natural Link Building

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Internal Links: These are the links that are contained in your own website to help visitors find content they are interested in. When you link a particular page or post on your website within your content that is – an internal link.

External Links: These links come from your website & link out to other websites mostly as references sponsors, advertisers etc.

Backlinks: These links come from other websites to yours. So when anyone in the online world talks about you or your brand & link to your website, that’s a backlink. Now Backlinks can tend to become a bit complicated for marketers because many are still not clear about the nature of backlink to be given – nofollow or dofollow.

The traits of Nofollow links do not allow search engine bots to follow link. But still they carry some weightage & it’s a good practice to use the nofollow link attribute for the links, where you do not want to pass the link-juice.

Dofollow links allows search engines to follow them, reach your website, give link juice & backlinks. If a blog owner is linking back to you with Dofollow link both search engines & humans will be able to follow you.

Ultimately, make sure that you have a healthy balance of dofollow & nofollow backlinks for the perfect link profile. Even though dofollow links may do more for SEO, nofollow links also deserve a place in your online marketing strategy.

Extra pointers

  • Use short paragraphs which are easier to digest & drive your point across as it’s crucial in this age of information overload & short attention spans.
  • Do not forget to add headers in H2 tags & sub-headers in H3 & H4 tags, as needed.
  • Alt tags on all the images.
  • For heaven’s sake: one space after punctuation.

Guest Posting in 2018

Guest posting has tremendous potential to grow your SERPs & also help in gaining more exposure for your services & products. In 2018 we will be seeing further growth in the guest posting market as more & more blog owners are looking to add quality content on their website.