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How To Identify The Ideal Buyer Persona The Right Way?

Identify the ideal buyer persona

Buyer personas (sometimes referred to as marketing personas) are fictional, generalized representations of your ideal customers. Having said that, identifying the ideal buyer persona is an art every marketer and business owner wants to master.

Wondering Why? Read On…

Why is it really so important to identify the ideal buyer persona?

It is always better to have an idea of the kind of customers you want to serve, as it will help you determine your strategies regarding product development, content creation, customer acquisition, customer retention, and a lot more.
Developing personas allows you to create content that will appeal to the target audience. Personas provide a summary of the key factors that help you to understand your ideal customer’s needs, motivations, concerns, and potential spend opportunities within your identified market.
When you know how to help buyers evaluate your approach on their own terms, you build a bond of trust that competitors can’t match. You have an added advantage that will ensure a better ROI.

How can you identify your ideal buyer persona?

It is very simple- by asking the right questions to the right people! The questions must be relevant and help you better understand the psyche of your customers.

Who are the right people? The people you can contact are :

  • Your existing customers – make sure that you include both “existing” and “potential” customers as you want to get a full picture of their experience with your brand
  • Prospects – your current prospects and leads are a great option because they do not know much about the company
  • Referrals – you will probably need to rely on some referrals in case you do not already have customers and leads. Reach out to co-workers, existing customers, social media contacts, etc. to find people you’d like to interview and get introduced to
  • Third-party networks – you could also take the help of some third party networks to recruit interviewees other than the people from your company

Questions to ask when identifying your ideal buyer persona

We know the importance of building an ideal business persona, now let us cover the questions that we need to ask to get the necessary information in order to build an ideal buyer persona. The questions must be related to their personal background, about their company, about their role in the company, about their shopping behavior, etc.

Questions about their personal background

  • Personal demographics – Questions about their gender, their age, if they are married or single, their annual income, where they live.
  • Educational background

Questions about the company

  • What kind of company do they work for –  Knowing the type of company your ideal customer works for, can help you measure your business’s impact on the markets you’re targeting
  • Size of their company

Questions about their role

  • Their job title
  • What does their typical day look like – This should include what their day looks like in the office as well as outside the office, what they like to do for fun, What are the skills their job requires , etc.

Questions regarding their biggest challenges

  • You’re in business because you’re solving a problem for your target audience. Get into the details and find out how exactly the problem makes them feel in their day to day life

Questions about their goals

  • Their responsibility – What’s their primary goal at work? What about their secondary goal?
  • What it means to be successful in that role – Knowing this, will help you understand what would make your personas feel successful and what kind of service they would rather expect

Questions about how they learn

  • The sources they depend on to get information about their job – Do they read newspapers? Do they google? What social networks do they engage in? Do they rely on their friends, co-workers, or family for quality information?
  • What kind of blogs or publications do they read – After trying to figure out how their normal day looks like, you can try to put yourself in spots you will be most visible at

Questions about their shopping behavior

  • Do they use internet to explore about the vendor or the product?
  • How often do they shop?
  • How was their recent purchase experience?


As a result of globalization and the emergence of new technologies, there are more channels used by customers and buyers. Buyer personas backed with a good amount of research can help organizations understand their customers better. Once you know who your target audience is and what kind of service they require, you are in a better place to find out what kind of developments are required in your product and what new product or service you can come up with, to tackle the existing problems that your ideal customers are facing. To better understand the concept of the ideal buyer persona, you can take a look at a free sample I have provided for your study

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