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Comprehensive Mobile Marketing Infographic

Mobile Marketing Infographic

Marketing helps promote the company’s product to the targeted audience, build brand identity, and strengthen sales. The main purpose of marketing is to analyze the people and pique their curiosity about a company’s products or services. Product knowledge and advertising also play an important role in marketing.

There are many types of marketing such as mobile marketing, direct marketing, search engine marketing, print marketing, online advertising, etc. Here is a specially designed mobile marketing infographic to help you understand why it so important. 

Mobile marketing is the easiest and most effective strategy for B2B marketing. This mobile marketing infographic will equip you with knowledge on how to excel in mobile marketing and its forms and modes. To know everything about mobile marketing, read on.

What is mobile marketing and how does it work?

This means to convey product knowledge via mobile gadgets like tablets, and smartphones based on the consumer’s need. Mobile Marketing is one of the easiest and most gravitative forms of marketing products. This has stepped over into digital marketing.

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Importance of mobile marketing

Why mobile marketing is important?
Increase of mobiles
Increase of mobiles

The number of smartphones has increased drastically.


Promoting the products to the target audience is very affordable and you can reach them anywhere and anytime.


You can learn more about your customer by reading reviews. Acting on feedback will make customers feel valued. This improves brand identity.


As 4 out 5 people have access to mobile phones, it is very easy to promote your goods to the targeted audience and that would reach them in a very limited time.

The 6Ps of mobile marketing

These are 6 principles of marketing that every company must follow to ensure that their product performs well in the market. You can use these principles to build a foundation for your marketing strategy.
The model, quality, benefits, designs, product features, product specifications, variants, etc. should all be used to satisfy customer needs. To earn the trust of the customer, we must consider their expectations and address them adequately.

Even when the things are sold online, the location should be disclosed to the customers. Additionally, we ought to inform the customers about the products’ distribution and availability.

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The main purpose of this is to increase brand awareness throughout the targeted location. We should know how to overtake our competitors and market our product.
Physical contexts like customer service, warranty cards, receipts, etc. are a soft representation of a company-client contact. This is mostly done to imprint the product’s use on people’s minds.
The one who helps you to promote the brand. It requires talented people for marketing who are open to suggestions. This is impacted by the performance and customer service that is provided.
The ordering of the product is the first step in the process, which lasts through delivery and includes all related records and assessments.

Methods of mobile marketing

There are various modes of mobile marketing to promote your product e.g., SMS, MMS, app-based promotion, calls, social media advertising, and in-game marketing. Through strategies including mobile-optimized advertisements, push notifications, and mobile applications, mobile marketing connects with a mobile user audience.
SMS and MMS:
This is known as text message marketing. This happens using mobile numbers and subscriptions to send promotions, coupons, discounts, steal-deals, etc. to the consumers.
Without the installation of apps, there would be no mobile devices. You can target the customers that require an internet connection. This also includes social media marketing.
Phone calls
Phone calls:
It is an easy and convenient marketing method. With this method, you can easily attract the targeted customers to the product.
Social media:
This is one of the engaging platforms as 85% of the mobile users are active on social media. This is the best way of promoting your product to reach many consumers.
Social media
Email marketing is done for order confirmation, discounts, special offers, recovery emails, verification codes, etc.
Push Notifications:
A notification is a message that appears outside of your app’s user interface to remind the users, messages from other users, or other pertinent information from your app.
Push Notifications
Through browser sites
Through browser sites:
Enhancing your website’s search engine visibility. Certain sites’ links get popped up when games are opened and when the internet is on.
In-Game Marketing:
Video game commercials are referred to as in-game advertisement marketing.
In Game Marketing

What are the 3 disadvantages of mobile marketing?

Ad Blocking Control and Privacy issues
Ad Blocking Control and Privacy issues:
If mobiles are enabled with ad blocking control for privacy, then they will not be reachable.
Ignored by Customers
Ignored by Customers:
Unless your content is engaging, your marketing efforts can be easily ignored.
Possibility of Negative User Experiences
Possibility of Negative User Experiences:
If the user had a bad experience, they would lose trust in you.
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Mobile marketing strategies and tips
There are many ways for you to engage with the audience and promote your product, here are a few tips and tricks that will rapidly make you gain customers.

What are the top 3 mobile marketing strategies and tips?

Incorporate QR codes
Incorporate QR codes:
Writing codes to connect clients with your websites directly. Ensure the customers that your products are real. Instantly gather customer feedback about your products.
Engage using humorous content
Engage using humorous content:
Using humor as a form of marketing will attract the audience.
Get consent from the audience
Get consent from the audience:
Make sure the audience you are targeting has given you permission to contact them, and then make plans based on how they responded to your initial communication. Avoid making excessive calls or sending numerous text messages.

Future of Mobile Marketing

6.8 billion people are currently conquered by smartphones
Usage of mobiles now has increased by 86.5% compared to usage of smartphones in 2016
Usage of mobiles
access to smartphones
9 out of 10 Americans have access to smartphones
Through mobile phones, we can reach many audiences across the world. We can also find our target audience and promote the product according to their needs and wants

Benefits of mobile marketing

What are the benefits of mobile marketing?
  • Tick-icon-ligh-blue
  • Tick-icon-ligh-blue
    Chances of gaining higher responses
  • Tick-icon-ligh-blue
    Can get in touch with targeted audience easily
  • Tick-icon-ligh-blue
    Ability to track responses that helps for the betterment of the product.
  • Tick-icon-ligh-blue
    Will engage the users

Summing up the mobile marketing infographic..

Mobile marketing is the easiest and most effective way of B2B marketing. Compared to other forms of marketing like direct marketing and search engine marketing, mobile marketing has a bigger scope. If utilized properly, you can reach out to qualified leads and greatly improve the results of your marketing campaigns. DataCaptive is always there to provide you with data to make your business reach a higher level.

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