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A Concise Guide To Multichannel Marketing Strategy

Multi-channel marketing strategy - A concise guide

Customers now have various ways to interact with a business to understand a product and do their research before making a purchase decision. Your ideal prospects are now spoiled with the choice to make purchases using more than one channel. Business strategies now require marketing to be enabled across multi-channel platforms to target and convert your ideal prospects.

Did you know

1 in 3 consumers uses a single channel to make purchases, whereas younger consumers use more than 3 channels!

Multi-channel marketing is a strategy adopted by marketers to stay connected with customers through channels often used by their target audience. Marketing through any emerging or existing communication channel enables effortless communication and improves the customer’s experience with the brand.

Brand marketing DC

As the number of communicative channels increases, businesses should focus on being more accessible to their ideal prospects and the global market. Multi-channel marketing provides customers with a choice to interact through their most preferred media.

Channels used to interact with customers

Industries that rely on multi-channel marketing

B2B and B2C companies use multiple channels to inform, educate, target, engage, nurture, and convert customers by employing efficient multi-channel marketing strategies. Different businesses favor varied communication channels depending on the platform that sees maximum engagement from their ideal prospects. Companies are now relying on the internet as a significant commerce channel and have integrated technologies like mobile commerce to ensure a smooth customer experience.

“A survey conducted by visible involving over 350 marketers studied how different industries engage with their customers or generate potential leads. Let’s take a look at industries and their most preferred channel of marketing.”

1. Technology & Softwares

Technology and software
Technology and software multi-channel marketing

2. Consumer goods & services

Consumer goods and services
Consumer goods multi-channel marketing

3. Financial services

Financial services
Financial services multi-channel marketing

4. Advertising

Advertising services
Multi-channel Advertising services

5. Manufacturing

Manufacturing services
Manufacturing services multi-channel

6. Healthcare

marketing healthcare
Healthcare multi-channel marketing

Multi-channel marketing can be used to communicate with ideal prospects and existing customers about seasonal offers, new product announcements, product launches, industry news, build brand credibility, and more. When multi-channel campaigns are used efficiently, every dollar spent on marketing can deliver business value.

Did you know

Customers using multiple channels or media spend 3-4 times more than customers who use single a channel.

Examples of multi-channel marketing


It is a leading UK-based fashion retailer that solely functions online. ASOS launched a Facebook integrated shopping application that allows users to shop its entire collection using the Facebook Store. Customers can purchase their product range that expands with 1300 new product lines every week without leaving Facebook. ASOS also operates a largely successful mobile commerce site, which helped top £1 million in sales!


JC Penny

JC Penny is a department store that moved merchandise selling online and has since been a digital space leader. Like ASOS, JC Penny enabled its customers to complete transactions within Facebook. JC Penny is the first major US retailer to make its products available for purchase on Facebook.

JC Penny

Garnet Hill

Garnet Hill is a home décor retailer that experienced a 300% increase in sales since the launch of its mobile site. The mobile e-commerce site was a massive success. It allowed the customers or anonymous browsers to conduct a full product search, browse deals, check order status, enter item numbers & source codes from printed catalogs all on their mobile device without contacting sales executives.

Garnet Hill

Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer is a famous UK Fashion and Apparel Retailers that received over 1.2 million visitors in 3 months since their M&S mobile site launch. Their mobile site is optimized to provide their customers with a high-quality shopping experience without leaving the comfort of their house. M&S is aiming to become a leading UK multi-channel retailer by offering customers a seamless customer experience in shopping, whether through their stores, online or mobile devices.

Marks and Spencer

Fairmont Hotels

Fairmont Hotels launched an iPhone application that targeted frequent business travelers and affluent consumers. The app allowed the customers to search for hotel packages by themes, book or change reservations, and view guides to lead them to the best local food, activities, and shopping. The app serves its global audience and allows booking last-minute weekend getaways to destinations across the globe.

Fairmont hotels and resorts
Channel the right data into your multi-channel marketing campaigns

Gather deep customer insights and leverage it to your benefit!

Channel the right data

1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy focusing on developing meaningful relationships with prospects and existing customers. A marketing strategy with emails is effective in converting prospects into customers who make recurring purchases. Email marketing can be used to welcome new customers, generate leads, nurture high-value prospects, product & service education, inform your client base of new product launches, customer retention, offers, and sale.

Multi-channel marketing emails

Tricks for successful email campaigns:

  • Own an accurate email marketing list
  • Curate relevant content material
  • Use attractive call-to-actions
  • Personalized and engaging campaigns
  • Ensure email campaigns are mobile optimized
  • Employ effective automation services for follow-ups

“Master the trends & challenges of email marketing!”

2. Tele-marketing

Telemarketing is a marketing strategy that uses communicative channels like the telephone, internet, or fax to directly market goods or services to potential customers. Although telemarketing is well known for product pitches, it can also be strategized for B2B sales, event promotion, lead generation, market research, political campaigning, and more.

Multi-channel tele marketing

Tricks for successful telemarketing:

  • Know your prospects before you dial
  • Pre-plan your calls with the right data
  • Improve communication skills
  • Ask intriguing questions to understand your role better
  • Build a quick rapport to make the conversation interesting
  • Take rejection in your stride and move on from bad calls

“Use an accurate database to run telemarketing campaigns”

3. Search engiine marketing

Search engine marketing is a marketing strategy to increase your brand visibility in the search engine result pages. A business can extend its prospect reach by search engine marketing, referred to as paid search or pay-per-click ads, as most consumers are now online to search and shop for products that benefit them. Some of the most popular search engine marketing platforms are – Google Ads, Yahoo Search Ads, Facebook Ads, and Bing Ads.

Multi-channel search engine marketing

Tricks for successful search engine marketing:

  • Effective keyword research & management
  • A/B test your landing pages to increase quality score
  • Curate high-quality Ad content that is relevant
  • Leverage remarketing Ad content
  • Review and revise your SEM strategy frequently
  • Keep track of your competitor’s ads

“Seo tips to remember when designing your website”

4. Social media marketing

Social media platforms are widely used irrespective of age, location, and gender. Marketing strategies that leverage social media platforms have a better reach to their ideal prospects and frequently interact through engaging posts. Some of the social media platforms that are used to market are – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Reddit, and more. When social media marketing is used effectively, businesses can achieve improved brand engagement, recognition, awareness, loyalty, and advocacy.

Multi-channel social media marketing

Tricks for successful social media marketing:

  • Utilize social media to assist with link building
  • Ask open-ended questions and solicit feedback
  • Develop creative and engaging social media copies
  • Use social media to direct traffic to websites or blogs
  • Monitor social conversations and tweak your campaigns accordingly
  • Leverage audience research by viewing the reach and insights of posts

“Learn how to use videos to enhance social media marketing”

5. ABM campaigns

Account-based marketing is a multi-channel marketing strategy that targets high-value prospects with personalized and targeted campaigns. ABM campaigns focus on building relationships and quality outreach by creating relevant content and crafting experiences that aid smooth sales funnel flow. ABM is a strategy adopted by small-sized businesses as well as fortune 500 companies. ABM focuses on B2B accounts intending to expand customer base and measure its success on the target account’s quality it converts.

Multi-channel ABM

Tricks for a successful ABM campaign:

  • Define target accounts that fit the specific parameters
  • Align marketing and sales to support campaigns
  • A/B test your ABM campaigns with executives
  • Personalize and engage accounts with ABM campaigns
  • Create better customer experiences with targeted strategies
  • Review and report regularly on ABM success criteria

“Employ an efficient account-based marketing strategy with DataCaptive”

Industries that rely on multi-channel marketing

Businesses need to be accessible where their customers often interact and capture customers’ interest by leveraging multi-channel marketing to achieve benefits.

Expand customer outreach with more than one channel

“The average digital consumer is active on 3.64 devices”

Multi-channel marketing customer outreach
Multi-channel marketing conversion rate

Improved engagement and conversion rate


“72% of consumers would rather connect with a brand on multiple channels”

Increase customer base with lower acquisition costs


“52% Marketers that adopted multi-channel marketing usually achieve their financial targets”

Multi-channel marketing customer base
Multi-channel marketing competitors

Stay ahead of your competitors


“51% of companies use at least 8 marketing channels”

Build lasting relationships with positive brand experience


“Brands that adopt multi-channel strategies achieve 91% customer retention rates”

Multi-channel marketing relationships
Multi-channel marketing sales revenue

Increase sales & revenue


“Businesses with multi-channel marketing have observed a 9.5% increase in annual revenue every year”

Improve marketing potential


“Customers who can shop across multiple channels have a 30% higher lifetime value.”

Multi-channel marketing potential

How can DataCaptive™ help you with multi-channel marketing?

DataCaptiveTM gives businesses unrestricted access to customer insights that support multi-channel marketing with successful outcomes. To know more about our marketing services and to strategize multi-channel campaigns, schedule a one-on-one call with our executives today or write to us at [email protected]!

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