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The Power Of Connecting – Chief Executives

Connecting CEO's

Chief Executives

Connect with people, share your knowledge and stay tuned with trending technologies to meet your desired goals!!


Whenever people meet or connect with each other, there is a possibility for exchange of ideas, thoughts, visions and knowledge which aids individual growth at a faster pace in terms of both professional and personal life. Earlier, people worked together with limited potential due to lack of communication channels, geographical limitations, time constraints and so on.

However, ever since the arrival of internet and online communication channels like social media, emails and so on has eliminated the barrier among the people across the globe. Well, the phenomenon of connecting people over the world has paved better path for individuals both in terms of business as well as personal life. Let’s dig in further to understand the power of connecting people in this global market for better marketing results.


Today, most of the adults across the globe spend time on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and so on. According to Statista reports, Facebook gets 2.23 billion visits per day, LinkedIn gets 1 billion endorsements per day. Well, these social media sites remain beneficial for all business marketers in various sectors.


As they connect with their potential customers like C level executives, and other decision makers who play crucial role in marketing programs. Yes, it’s true that connecting with chief executives has a considerable impact over marketing revenue. Moreover, in the best seller book named Selling to VITO, author Anthony Parinello has clearly defined that targeting C-level executives will result in:


  • A shorter sales cycle
  • Larger deal sizes
  • More adds-on business

Decision Makers like CEOs are busy folks and they take key decisions for the company’s better future. To connect with these professionals or to engage them is a challenging task for any business marketer. However, there are various channels and strategies to connect and engage these professionals. Most of the business marketers rely on social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to reach their Top level executives. And here are few key marketing strategies for a business marketer to reach their potential C-level executives.

  • Build a precise buyer persona – Buyer persona is nothing but a precise description of an ideal customer. The main goal of buyer persona is to help business marketers in performing better audience analysis. This in turn helps marketers in customizing marketing campaigns that result in higher marketing revenues.
  • Pick an effective marketing channel – In this digital world, there are a wide range of online marketing channels to reach potential customers. But most of the business marketers prefer to pick social media strategy. As their potential customers spend most of their time over social media sites. Additionally, social media sites eliminate the time constraints and geographical limitations to market their products and services.
  • Launch a productive marketing campaign – Every marketer aims to launch a productive marketing campaign that results in higher ROI. And this can be achieved with help of accurate customer data, precise buyer persona, and clear insights on marketing trends. Marketing campaigns with higher ROI is a clear indicator of a successful marketing campaign.
  • Connect with your C-level executives – C-level executives are the key decision makers in most of the organizations. Connecting with key decision makers will definitely help every business marketer to shorten their sales cycles. And it even helps to fetch deals with larger size and more add-ons.

For better understanding consider a scenario where in a business marketer is looking for a list of CEOs to sell their healthcare products. Then, initially the marketer has to apply a few marketing strategies to capture the attention of CEOs who are looking for similar healthcare products. Next, they have to connect with these CEOs over social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. This helps marketers to shorten the sales cycle as it provides direct connection with C-level executives. In addition to this, marketers can avoid passing through gate keepers. In fact, it also helps in achieving better marketing results with larger deal sizes and more add-ons as they connect with the key decision makers of an organization.

Today many Bank officials, professional service firms, marketing agencies aim for the C-suite executive’s attention as they hold higher rank in B2B marketing programs.  But, only few succeed in reaching these C-suite executives due to existing chaos in between the marketing channels and their pain points. In addition to this, it is very hard to get their attention through conventional marketing channels and strategies. However, smart marketers apply smart tactics to reach their C-suite executives and build a productive marketing relationship.


Thus, in this competitive B2B marketing world connecting with C-suite executives is the key for higher marketing revenues. And this is possible by reaching the right prospect on right time, any sort of incorrect contact data of these C-level executives can lower your reputation in the marketing industry. So to help these aspiring business marketers we at DataCaptive have derived an accurate and clean contact database of C-suite executives. For any queries and assistance reach us at

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