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Top 5 B2B Database Providers to Obtain Accurate Contacts

B2B Database Providers

Over the years, B2B database providers have become the game changers in the B2B industry. Data is a vital investment every business must make if they want to fuel their revenue engine to run smoothly. Having all the required information will help you in targeting and engaging with your prospects.

Anyone from the sales and marketing team will tell you that maintaining high-quality data is the only thing that will help you identify, target, and connect with their target prospects. Sales data is necessary as it gives you a better chance of converting leads, simplifying outreaching activities, and increasing sales & revenue. If your contact database is outdated or inaccurate, you might waste your budget on creating marketing campaigns.

When choosing from the list of database providers, consider factors like finding out where the information comes from, checking the sample data, and freshness of data. Many B2B companies are now achieving their sales targets, increasing their ROI, and generating higher leads with the help of a high-quality B2B database providers.

Have you ever wondered where these companies get their data and what makes their database better than the others? Therefore, we have come up with a blog where you will understand the qualities of B2B data and also be able to find the right B2B contact database provider for your B2B company.

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What is a B2B Database Provider?

A data provider is a company that provides a wide range of business services such as sales intelligence, pipeline predictions, data hygiene, and CRM management, among others. The B2B lead providers help B2B companies with end-to-end data solutions that allow their entire sales teams to identify and engage with qualified buyers.

Most B2B data services are not a one-size-fits-all solution as they are customized based on the sales goals, industry, target audience, price point, tools, and strategies used. If you want to know more about the factors in choosing your database provider, look into “The 8 signs to consider while choosing a good data provider“, to get an idea of the steps you must follow while choosing the right B2B database providers for your B2B company.

top B2B databases for companies

What is a B2B Marketing Database?

A B2B database is a systematic collection of information about your prospective clients. Also known as the B2B database and B2B contact database consists of their contact information like email addresses, name, phone number, profession, industry, company location, etc.

When it comes to B2B marketing database, it mainly targets the decision-makers of a particular industry as it helps the marketing and sales team influence their purchasing decisions. You can also customize your marketing campaigns based on the customer information you get from the sales lead database and increase your chances of cultivating relationships that lead to conversion.

5 Ways to Boost Your Sales with the help of B2B Database Providers

cloud storage

Have centralized systems

A high-quality contact database will help your company manage all its data in a central system that is safe and secure. It will also help you keep track of all your leads and get more insights on improving your marketing content.

client care

Grow your customer relationship

A good customer relationship management (CRM) database can act as a lifeline for your business. Having access to CRM data will help you track your campaigns and give you insights into the interaction history of your prospective client.

GPS navigation

Track your inventory

While tracking inventory, it is essential not to make any mistakes while entering numbers. You can use an inventory tracking database to avoid those risks and minimize lost sales.

product reliability

Have a reliable database

Your leads can provide you with incorrect contact details; having a reliable contact database will help you avoid that. A database provides you with sales data that is accurate and up to date with the latest information.


Planning for growth

With a high-quality contact database, you can plan B2B marketing strategies that will help you achieve your sales goals. By analyzing data and productivity tracking, you can plan a strategy to grow your company and get an idea about future trends.

Role of B2B Database Provider in the Modern Day and Age

In the current marketing world, there is no room for mistakes as it ruins your marketing team’s ability to achieve success. Over the years, data collection and management have become vital in every modern company. This is why it is extremely important to have an accurate database that is up to date. Most companies now automate maintenance because data changes rapidly as phone numbers change, companies may merge, people change their jobs, etc.

Your email drip campaigns depend on the kind of database you have. If you have a reliable database, you will have a higher chance of reaching your sales goals, making buyer personas, and understanding your prospects pain points. Account-based marketing is one of the top marketing strategies and needs reliable data as it helps you reach out to your prospects in a personalized approach.

Many companies also prefer to purchase contact databases since it saves time from creating their own and the responsibility of data quality and maintenance will not fall on your sales team. And lastly, only a third-party contact database will be able to help you reach the industry standards and keep your company compliant.

Most marketers nowadays lack the knowledge on how to convert leads into customers with the right email marketing strategies. Having the right knowledge of email marketing can help you deliver targeted messages, generate traffic, increase customer retention, turn leads into customers and improve sales. 

Types of B2B Data

  • Demographic data

This type of data gives you all the necessary information about your target audience’s age, email addresses, contact number, location, and skills.

  • Firmographic data

Focuses on information about the client’s business or company details. It can include their company’s name, location, number of employees, annual revenue, etc. This way, you can segment prospects into personas suitable to be in your customer base.

  • Technographic data

This type of data discusses the software and hardware your potential customers use. You can customize your marketing campaigns based on the tools or software they use.

  • Chronograph data

Chronography data focuses on the company’s environment, IPO, major transfer, product launches, funding, losses, etc. With the help of this data, you can identify favorable parameters for your company to act while sales prospecting.

  • Intent data

This is the most important type of data because it helps you get a glimpse of your target audience’s behavior that shows their intention. It also shows the buying signals and their readiness to engage or buy. This can include their social media engagement, form fills, time spent on your website, etc.

Key Factors to Consider While Choosing a Contact Database

leading database providers
Freshness of database

Many customers lead databases are inaccurate, not verified, and old contact information that wastes all your marketing efforts. But if you choose one of the right data-providing companies, you will get access to the real-time data customized as per your business needs.

list of top b2b database providers

Make sure it matches your target criteria

The critical factor in picking a database is that it should match your target criteria because B2B companies need to reach the right set of audiences and high-level decision-makers. So, you can ask the providers to customize your dataset on your requirements.

leading database providers

Email deliverability accuracy

While purchasing a database, you can ask for the sample data to check if the email deliverability is over 85 – 90%. If the email deliverability is not high enough, then choose another database company.

Price of the database
Price of the database
The price of a database depends on the cost per database and keeping it within a budget. Check out the different prices and choose the best one for your company.
Follow your set standards

Follow your set standards

Before going out and choosing the database, be sure to set the type of firmographics, buyer’s persona information, target audience, niche or industry, and the sales goals. Set a few quality standards and go for it.

business monitoring

Check if they offer a monitoring process

Your data can change every day, so it is important to monitor your data’s health and update inaccurate information with fresh details. Data providers usually do this process to save your time.

How to Choose a B2B Database Provider?

1. Conduct your research

Check for factors such as data source, industry coverage, cost, features they provide for their clients, add-ons, integrations, customization options, etc. You can talk to the sales representatives and get the answers to your queries before making your decision.
2. Set your goals
Every company sets its sales goals and requirements when it comes to business data. Your goals will help you meet the data provider that will meet your particular needs.

3. Look for positive feedback

When choosing B2B database providers, look for positive mentions around the web. Do a little research on the company to check if they have a good reputation online.

4. Get in touch with them

You can start the conversation by asking them basic questions like where they source their data, how they keep it up to date, check what firmographic and demographic information they provide, etc.

5. Look for unique features

Most B2B database providers offer you the same set of information packages, so you need to find a provider that will offer you more than just information. Extra features like geo-targeting or live data updating will be an added bonus.

6. Check out their customer service

Customer service policy should be good because if you face any issues regarding the contact database, they are the ones that help you. You should also ask if they have any type of guarantee and check out their terms and conditions.

7. Request for data samples

You can either request a free trial or a data sample. With the sample data set in hand, you can inspect for the total size of the list, the criteria you requested, and lastly, put the data to the test.

Since checking the sample data is so important! DataCaptive also offers sample data with customizable options.

Top 5 B2B Database Providers for Effective Outreach

Over the years, DataCaptive has earned its place by providing one of the most accurate, reliable, and up-to-date B2B databases for companies across the globe. You will be able to create email marketing campaigns with their most responsive B2B contact databases and best-in-class services.


With the all-in-one email marketing platform like ReachEngine, you can enhance your business and keep thriving through the marketplace with actionable insights, easy access to targets, increased revenue, and ROI.



Lusha is one of the best B2B company database providers since it eliminates guesswork while building a B2B marketing database. The company offers many features which are accessible, accurate, and provide fast ways to build a concise database. Their contact database will help you reach out to the decision-makers of your target audience.



ZoomInfo is among the top ranks in the data providers list as it provides you with a suite of applications and technologies needed for email marketing. The company is a top B2B database provider in the USA as it helps you with targeting sales and marketing your products or services.


With their data, you will be able to find and bring in relevant leads for sales. The company is also known to provide the most user-friendly sales intelligence solution for a team of any size.



Leadiro is a well-known data-providing company that is popular for sales intelligence solutions that are ideal for enterprise companies. The company focuses on sales, marketing, and enterprise executives that provide them with actionable data to reach their target audience. It is a good choice for a beginner but can also help medium-sized and large enterprises.



Vainu is one of the upcoming data-providing company that helps B2B companies achieve personalization at scale in sales and marketing. Vainu is an expert when it comes to collecting raw data from millions of public and private sources and providing B2B companies with databases that are in-depth, reliable and actionable.



Data is the one thing that fuels nearly all day-to-day sales activities. Selecting the best B2B database providers is not easy for any company’s sales representatives. Make sure to set a few objectives and key factors that you should look into while choosing the database provider that will cater to all your requirements. With all the advantages that B2B database providers offer we can rightfully conclude that they play the role of game changers in the B2B industry.

So, if you want to save time from building your database, look for B2B database providers that help you reach your sales goals. We hope you use some of these tips and strategies to make the best out of your data provider.

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