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Everything You Need To Know About Technographic Data

Everything About Technographic Data

What is technographic data?

Data segmented based on different technologies used by consumers in the market.

Technographic data helps understand a company’s technology usage behavior.

What purposes do organizations use technology for?

Why must you care about and use technographic data?

The amount of data is constantly increasing, and markets are expanding. There is a constant demand for new technological advancements.


This calls for research to develop new products and services.


A better understanding of a prospective customer’s technology usage behavior enables marketers to personalize a customer journey.


Here’s a fact that might interest you.
Over 90% of the world’s data was created in the last three years alone, and by next year it’s predicted that each person will generate 1.7 megabytes of data per second!

Who can use technographic data?

Any B2B company which is willing to-

Almost everyone who provides services or solutions around IT already uses technographic data to a degree.

Benefits of using technographic data

Improve Account-Based Marketing Campaigns

Technographic data improves the quality and reach of marketing campaigns by personalizing them. It also helps companies target organizations based on their tech stack and creates ads or emails that address the concern of the prospects. Learn more about the detailed guide to ABM in 2021.

Personalize sales approach

Technographic data helps the marketers understand the prospect on a deeper level. As the competition in the market is soaring, companies need to rely on data-driven decisions and sales approaches for boosting ROI.

Improve customer retention

Proper application of technographic data can improve market forecasting and drive product development. You can use it for alternate marketing activities to retain the customer by offering customized solutions.

Target new markets

Segmented data helps in regional market analysis. By collecting the technology database of a niche location, marketers can mold their product and strategy accordingly to boost acquisition.

Increase sales

Accurately segmented technographic data enables marketers to approach the right target and plan the ideal way to market a product or service. This helps the sales and marketing team to boost SQLs, avoiding wastage of efforts.

Effective management of resources

By prioritizing your audience by leveraging segmented technographic data, marketers can effectively utilize marketing resources for best results.

Explore highly accurate data for high-yielding results with these technology data cards
technology data cards

How can you source technographic data?

3 best ways to source technographic data-

1. Surveys

Sourcing information using questionnaires and surveys.

2. Data scraping

Extracting data from websites. However, it comes with limitations.

3. Buy technographic data

Purchasing a database is the easiest way to acquire usable technographic data.

Here’s a segmented technology database, just for you
segmented technology database

What data fields can you access?

The best source for technographic data?

DataCaptive ranks as the best database service provider.

Some unique features are-



Data-policy compliant

Verified using AI and human intelligence

Updated with the most recent information

CRM-friendly files

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