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Top 20 B2B Sales Statistics That Are True Eye Openers

B2B sales statistics that are true eye openers

Statistics often awaken our minds to the trending realities of the marketplace. Cracking B2B sales is a fairly tricky task as compared to closing a B2C deal. B2B Sales is based on a lot of factors other than the buyer’s preferences. Considering all these factors and keeping a watch on their market dynamics is the key to successful marketing.


Let’s look into key B2B Sales Statistics that can help you tweak your current strategy for guaranteed returns:

Sales conversion statistics

1. 79% of all marketing leads are never converted to sales: You want more sales out of your leads? Isn’t these statistics enough to motivate you to work harder?


2. Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads (The Annuitas Group): It doesn’t come as a surprise, does it?


3. Lack of resources, such as staff, funding, and time, remains the biggest obstacle to successful lead generation for 61% of B2B marketers (BrightTALK): Sure, you don’t want to lose a sales prospect because of the lack of these resources!


4. Cost per lead ranges from $150 to $350 on average, with larger companies paying higher costs per lead. (HubSpot, Demand Generation Marketing Survey 2017):

cost per lead

5. Businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects see a 451% increase in qualified leads (The Annuitas Group): 451%! It is huge! Marketing automation saves time and makes tasks much easier.


6. The top demand generation priorities for 2018 are: 

  • focusing on lead quality over quantity,
  • improving conversion rates and results, and
  • generating increased lead volume. (2018 Demand Gen Benchmark Survey):

Buyers purchasing decision statistics

7. 65% of customers are lost because of indifference, not because of mistakes: Reason why responding to your customers is so important! You do not want to lose a valuable customer, do you? Go ahead! Improve your data and understand your customers better!


8. 95% of buyers chose a vendor that provided content to navigate each stage of the buying process (Demand Gen Report): Help your customers to navigate through different stages of the buying process!


9. Almost 60% of the buyers want to discuss the pricing on the first call. (Buyers Speak Out): Get straight to the point!


10. 70% of purchasing decisions are made to solve a specific problem (Impact Communications): You want to solve the problems of your customers, anyway! Keep yourself updated and come up with creative and quality solutions!


11. 74% of B2B buyers do half their research (or more!) online before they buy. (Forrester Research): Your buyers are tech-savvy. Create relevant and quality content that will help your customers understand your product/service.


12. 57% of email recipients consider a message to be spam if it isn’t relevant to their needs, even when they know the vendor well (Adobe): Always make sure your content is relevant.


13. Suppliers that make buying easy are 62% likelier than other suppliers to win a high-quality sale (one in which the customer buys a premium offering): Make the buying process as easy and smooth as possible.


14. Referrals are the most effective form of advertising since 84% of consumers trust recommendations from people they already know: Another reason you want to improve your customer relationship! Customers are more likely to recommend your product/service if you have a good customer relationship.


15. Adding videos to your email can increase click rates by 300%. (Martech Advisor): Just a little extra effort of adding videos can prove to be so beneficial!

Customer relationship management statistics

16. 22% of salespeople don’t know what a CRM is (HubSpot): Customer is the king of the market and maintaining a good relationship with him is so important. Make sure you are not just aware of CRM but also have the most effective CRM.


17. For every dollar spent on CRM, the average company sees an $8.71 return. (Nucleus Research): Invest in good CRM software and multiply your ROI. Company’s objectives statistics


18. 54% of B2B marketers measure success via revenue-based quotas, while 45% measure success through lead-based quotas (NetLine): It is almost 50/50. Give importance to both the quotas!


19. Almost half of the deals are lost because of budget. (Hubspot): Take your time and plan your budget well.

reasons stated by prospects on lost deals

20. Closing more deals were found to be the top priority of the salespeople. (HubSpot): Around 28% of salespeople believed that closing more deals was their top priority.


There you have them! The top B2B sales statistics, analyze them, and use the valuable information for your benefit!

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